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Comment That is confusing, who is "Android"? (Score 4, Insightful) 69

Why is it HTC's responsibility to patch it? Why not a global patch from Android.

Who is "Android"? Do you mean Google?

If so, why should they be responsible - after all, HTC is the one who took a build of Android and customized it for your phone.

In fact between HTC and Google, really HTC *should* be responsible since they are the ones that customized it in a way that you could not just take straight patches from Google.

The problem is of course, that none of the phone makers are serious about security at all (they are making noises, but I'll bet it's just to placate the howling internet). So not only do they not patch Android themselves, they don't want to do the work to even fold in the fixes Google makes.

What would be refreshing is to see a handset maker that really took ownership of the whole system. Sure they would build on Android to start, but they could do so much more - they could have their own security QA team looking for problems, fixing what they found and responding to security vulnerabilities even faster than Google.

They could contribute that work back to Google even, safe in the knowledge it wouldn't even help competitors since they are unable to incorperate Android patches.

Samsung *could* be that company. It's a mystery to me why they are not... they also are making noises about being serious about security but there has been so much hot air in the past around Google and phone makers cooperating "for real" that I refuse to take any statement at face value.

Comment Your Hatred, based on what? (Score 2, Interesting) 97

I find it the hight of irony that Apple would be so blatant in their copying of hardware and calling it "inspiration"

Do you find nothing rather silly about your remark given that Apple is not selling a smart-watch nor has said they are going to?

I mean, Apple-Haters have kind of ignored reality before, but never have stopped to the depths of complaint that something that doesn't even exist is not innovative.

Comment The real dark ages - physical matter for ideas (Score -1, Troll) 168

What the FUCK ever happened to science?

Well apparently "science" decided to hide data behind paper walls, making it accessible to a small elite.

The plan backfired when they couldn't pay the storage dues - any loss of data falls on them, and them alone, for us not being able to simply mirror the data to hard drives around the world.

Frankly I am not sure much of value was lost, the secretive sorts also tend to be the people fabricating data/results, and with records this old who can say what is true from what was studied?

Comment Not complaining about Google fighting back (Score 1, Interesting) 446

I totally agree Google should fight back.

I just think it's bullshit to complain about Apple's abuse of patents because they seek to ban SOME devices from ONE manufacturer, while Google seeks to prevent the sale of EVERY Apple computer and iOS device.

If you're going to be mad about patent abuse be mad consistently, is all I ask.

Comment Control not whole story (Score 1) 220

However, if your primary objective is control, rather than failure tolerance, reducing the number of things that your device is good for when severed from the mothership is entirely sensible

The problem with that thought is, there are two motherships.

Every other device on the planet (that I know of), talks to the Netflix mothership.

Only the PS3 software (that I'm aware of), introduces another player in that chain. The PS3 Netflix app responds to not one, but two motherships - Netflix and the PSN.

That's the problem. What you say about control makes sense but every other player already does that, without an issue. Only when you start having too many motherships, do you have an issue. Even from a pure control perspective the PS3 netflix player is not "doing it right".

Hopefully it's just badly written on the part of Netflix and they can re-work it to be more fault tolerant of PSN going down - it seems like that would be possible since it kind of works already for some people.

But until it's clear those strings are cut I cannot trust it as a primary Netflix player and will move away from it.

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