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Journal Journal: YouTube key words, maybe I just don't get it

Back in March I finally posted a video ( and got a decent amount of hits. Less than 100, but that is more than decent to me.

A few days ago, I got a "hit flood" of more than 100 in a day or so and it took me a while to figure out that the Equal Pay topic was in the news and the video was of Batgirl talking about equal pay back in ancient times.

I added the key word "Paycheck Fairness Act" so more people might find the video and guess what? It is back to the original rate of viewing. Added "Executive Order -- Non-Retaliation for Disclosure of Compensation Information" which is President Obama's most recent executive order, which amends EO 11246 of 1965, but the White House powers that be have not decided to number this one yet. At least I could not find a number for it and the WikiPedia editors are a few EOs behind too.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this just one of those things that flew right past my key words?
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Journal Journal: Holy government lie Batgirl! 2

Hi all! You Batman fans probably already know that 2/3 of the cast did a Public Service Announcement in 1973 for the US government. It was an equal pay for equal work piece. One thing that makes it so funny, besides being funny anyway, is Batgirl's complaint about not getting paid as much as Robin. in the series, Yvonne Craig made over 3X per episode what Burt Ward made! See the links in the video description on YouTube for more details.

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Journal Journal: Mises Blog shutting down

The Mises blog is shutting down after almost a decade of stellar economic thought and comment. All is not lost, there will be an archive.

The Mises Blog went live on May 5, 2003. Since then, it has hosted 16,647 posts and 234,839 comments and become one of the highest-ranked economics blogs on the internet, thanks to a fantastic slate of authors and an eager, informed, and intelligent community of readers, commentators, and friends. Thanks so much to all of you for making this possible.

As use of the blogosphere, Facebook, Twitter, and similar tools has exploded in the last few years, the need for a large, diverse, and busy group blog hosted at has diminished. We all have many channels for sharing news and views, and the formal, âoetraditionalâ organizational blog has become a little old fashioned. Therefore weâ(TM)ve decided to close the Mises blog and replace it with smaller, lighter, more focused, streams â" a news feed and a streamlined opinion blog, the Circle Bastiat. The Mises blog archives will remain on the site now and forever.

Thanks again for being part of the Mises community!

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Journal Journal: Andrew Breitbart, the noted Internet publisher and author, has died 3

Andrew Breitbart, Publisher and Author, Dead - ABC News "Andrew Breitbart, the noted Internet publisher and author, has died, according to a source at Big Journalism. He was 43.

A statement posted on his website said that Breitbart died "unexpectedly from natural causes" this morning.

The Los Angeles Coroner's Office confirmed to ABC News Radio that Breitbart died shortly after midnight at UCLA Medical Center.

The following statement was posted on Breitbart's website today:

"With a terrible feeling of pain and loss we announce the passing of Andrew Breitbart.

We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior."


Journal Journal: Gogs in reality

Some neat tech here

According to insiders at Google, glasses that run Android are being developed that allow the wearer to see a Head-Up Display. The glasses have their very own 3G/4G connection, meaning they can potentially replace a smartphone. Navigation is also novel and requires head movements such as tilting to perform actions. Thereâ(TM)s sure to be voice control too.

If that doesnâ(TM)t sound futuristic enough, Google is also embedding a camera and GPS into the glasses. By combining the two it will be possible to enhance what the wearer is seeing. Your reality will be augmented to point which direction you need to travel in to reach a given destination, or which shops have deals on you may be interested in.

Almost identical to the "gogs" from the Suki series (that I helped with as a character developer and proofreader). Later, in a fanfic story I wrote, the visual part became contacts and audio was through earbuds inserted deep in the ear canal.

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Journal Journal: That Heartland Institute Smoking Gun was loaded with blanks

Whole story here

Peter Gleick, an Oakland, Calif., climate scientist and activists confirmed late last night that, as suspected, he was the source of documents purporting to reveal the budget and strategy of the Heartland Institute, a conservative and libertarian public policy think tank. A few weeks ago, Glieck had anonymously sent to reporters some budget documents he'd obtained under false pretenses from the Chicago-based group along with a doctored document that someone else had created purporting to show the group's strategy. The latter was an obvious fake, having been written almost as a parody of those who critique climate alarmism (and personally going after people whose work didn't support Glieck's activism). But many media outlets reported on these documents.

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Journal Journal: Do you know who taught all the other Socialists how to exterminate people? 7

If you guessed those mean old Germans you are pretty far off, but they were some of the first students of the Russian system:

The Reich Security Head Office issued to the commandants a full collection of reports concerning the Russian concentration camps. These described in great detail the conditions in, and organization of, the Russian camps, as supplied by former prisoners who had managed to escape. Great emphasis was placed on the fact that the Russians, by their massive employment of forced labor, had destroyed whole peoples.
- Rudolf HÃss

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