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Submission + - Magician suing for copyright over magic trick ( 1

Fluffeh writes: "Teller, the silent half of the well-known magic duo Penn and Teller, has sued a rival magician for copying one of his most famous illusions. The case promises to test the boundaries of copyright law as it applies to magic tricks. A Dutch magician with the stage name Gerard Bakardy (real name: Gerard Dogge) saw Teller perform the trick in Las Vegas and developed his own version — then started selling a kit — including a fake rose, instructions, and a DVD — for about $3,000. Teller had Bakardy's video removed with a DMCA takedown notice, then called Bakardy to demand that the magician stop using his routine. Teller offered to buy Bakardy out, but they were unable to agree on a price. So Teller sued Bakardy last week in a Nevada federal court."

Submission + - Seinfeld Connection to Secret Service Prostitute Affair (

Suki I writes: "From the biggest Seinfeld nut that I know (full disclosure: I *like* Seinfeld): New video from the Secret Service prostitution affair. "Exclusive HD Video: Colombian Prostitute In US Secret Service Scandal EXPOSED! for Android" Includes Patty shouting "Now I wan't my money mister and I ain't leavin' 'till I get it!""
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Prof Taunts Sony Lawyers Over Geohot PS3 Hack (

Stoobalou writes: A US professor of computer science is prodding electronics giant Sony with the stupid stick by hosting a copy of the PS3's private key on his univeristy's web servers.

Professor David S Touretzky, who specialises in robotics and has been known to try to replicate the spacial awareness of rats in his spare time, has poked his head above the parapet as Sony's lumbering legal team grinds into action in an attempt to stop people spilling its secrets.

The whole sorry mess started when hacking crew fail0verflow discovered that Sony had left the private key to the PlayStation 3's innermost secrets under the metaphorical door mat.

Submission + - LucasFilm Sues Jedi Mind (

An anonymous reader writes: Apparently the force is strong with LucasFilm's legal department, as they've sued the company Jedi Mind for trademark infringement and breach of contract, among other things. While LucasFilm doesn't actually own a trademark on "Jedi," it claims that its related marks are close enough, and that Jedi Mind had agreed last year to phase out the use of "Jedi" in its name and product names.

Submission + - North Korea Linux (Red Star OS) Review (

JimLynch writes: There was an announcement a while back that North Korea had come out with its own version of Linux (called Red Star OS). I dropped by the official North Korean site, and found their contact information. I sent a polite email asking for a download link for their distro, but I never heard back from anybody. This was rather rude on their part, or perhaps they just don’t have people who can read English answering their email. Anyway, I wasn’t able to get a download link until today.

Submission + - Star Wars Fans ask NASA to Build a Hyperdrive ( 2

pickens writes: The Christian Science Monitor reports that fans and filmmakers at the Star Wars Celebration V convention in Florida have asked NASA representatives to develop a hyperdrive that can transport astronauts through space at light speed. "The idea of spending six months traveling to Mars doesn't seem very exciting," says Gary Kurtz, producer of the original "Star Wars" in 1977 and its first sequel, "The Empire Strikes Back." Turns out some NASA employees want the same thing. "We need better propulsion systems. Right now I'd say that would be the one invention that would really help us out a lot," says Joseph Tellado, a logistics manager for the International Space Station. "I believe 'Star Wars' and NASA have a lot in common," adds Tellado. "We're looking to the future. NASA is like the first stepping stone to ultimately get to that 'Star Wars' level."

Submission + - Black Hat video feed hacked (

netbuzz writes: Michael Coates, the head of Web security for Mozilla, discovered the vulnerability and says: "Now, to be fair, Black Hat didn't operate this video service themselves. But its still a bit ironic that the largest hacking conference in the world has this security hole in their video streaming service."

Submission + - FBI rings organizers over Defcon contest (

alphadogg writes: A Defcon contest that invites contestants to trick employees at U.S. corporations into revealing not-so-sensitive data has rattled some nerves.

Contest organizers have been called by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and seen warnings issued by security groups and the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center, (FS-ISAC) an industry group that provides information on security threats affecting the banking industry.

"The stories that I'm getting are a lot of financial people were really concerned that we were going to be targeting personal information and stuff like that," said Chris Hadnagy, the operations manager with Offensive Security, who is organizing the contest. These concerns are unfounded, he says.

Over the next three days participants will try their best to unearth data from an undisclosed list of about 30 U.S. companies. The contest will take place in a room in the Riviera hotel in Las Vegas furnished with a soundproof booth and a speaker, so an audience can hear the contestants call companies and try to weasel out what data they can get from unwitting employees.


Submission + - German-Japanese flight to Moon and Mars in 1945-46 (

An anonymous reader writes: The moon has allways held a significant place for humanity both as a source for romantic inspiration for poets and the like to outstanding curiosity for scientists. Allthough, it is said to be a shadowy place some say of Aliens others say of Top Secret Moon Bases that are supposed to belong to The Third Reich what do you think ? It is said that in the early nineties that Nazies landed on the moon using some sort of giant flying saucer type object. These Nazi flying Saucers were said to stand about 45 mtrs high, had 10 stories of crew quaters and had a diameter of 60 mtrs. Well here is videos and texts that links that story ........

Submission + - The Romancing of Google (

An anonymous reader writes: The Romancing of Google: Corporate Personhood and Marriage

Thursday February 4, 2010

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—Los Angeles-based media artist, Xárene will be delivering a marriage proposal to Google. The proposal, a beautifully hand-written artifact, delivered Thursday morning at the Googleplex, is addressed to Google and in care of Board of Directors, with an equally beautiful carbon copy sent in care of Mr. Kent Walker, Vice President and General Counsel.

A video proposal is also posted at:
For images of the marriage proposal, see:

The proposal, sincere in its message of love and commitment, is also a statement on personhood in the United States of America. Will marriage equality extend to legal persons (corporations with personhood)? Can a natural person and a legal person of opposite sexual identities carry the same rights as heterosexual persons?

The marriage of Google and Xárene will shed light on the perplexing journey of persons in love.

About Xárene:
Xárene takes on anything the situation needs her to: a builder in a range of mediums; a designer without boundaries; and a catalyst funneling anger and despair into creativity. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Design from University of Cincinnati, Department of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, and her MFA from Design|Media Arts, UCLA. Currently she is working towards her PhD at UCLA Architecture.

+1 213 538 2731

Submission + - Avatar banned in China ( 2

SimonTheSoundMan writes: Avatar has been banned in China for being too successful, according to Sky News. Instead, state funded 'Confucius' will take its place.

Sky News quote:

James Cameron's sci-fi blockbuster Avatar is to banned from cinemas in China — despite breaking box office records in the country. 2D versions of Avatar have been banned from Chinese cinemas. Non-3D versions of Avatar are to be pulled next week, in order to protect the nation's home grown films. The country's censors ruled that the epic had become too dominant and also worried about its effect on audiences, according to reports. "First, it has taken in too much money and has seized market share from domestic films," Hong Kong's Daily Apple said...

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - In other news Conan to sell Tonight Show on E-Bay (

stilldead writes: In what appears to be a bold move to make some extra money off the Tonight Show before Leno comes in with something that I'm sure will be completely different it appears that Conan will be offering the show to the highest bidder on E-Bay. Of course he may end up using Craigslist instead. Now all we have to hope for is that he'll add in Triumph the Comic insult Dog and the Gaseous Weiner to really sweeten this deal.
United States

Submission + - US Dept. of Labor Turns to $4,380-a-Year Coders 1

theodp writes: Et tu, Ms. Secretary of Labor? To power the Tools for America's Job Seekers Challenge, the U.S. Department of Labor tapped IdeaScale, a subsidiary of Survey Analytics, which is headquartered in Seattle with satellite offices in Nasik, India and Auckland, NZ. According to the Federal Register, an Emergency OMB Review was requested to launch the joint initiative of the DOL, White House, and IdeaScale to help out unemployed U.S. workers. A number of sites are among the current top vote-getters. Speaking of Monster, a cached Monster Ad seeks candidates to work on the development and maintenance of, but in India at an annual salary of Rs. 2,00,000 ($4,380 US). BTW, an earlier White House-sponsored, IdeaScale-powered Open Government Brainstorm identified legalizing marijuana as one of the best ways to 'strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness.'

Submission + - Wheelchair gunman surrenders to police robot (

DCFC writes: Police had negotiated with Taylor by phone, but he made no demands other than a request for a pizza. He surrendered after a day-long hostage drama at a US post office, which seems a suboptimal place to order Pizza from, but I'm only a Brit so what do I know ?
Warren Taylor, who had reportedly entered the building pushing the chair while claiming to be carrying explosives, gave himself up and released three people he was holding.

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