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Comment Re:Sorry.. (Score 1) 184

also benefit in more tangible and socially acceptable ways.

Not sure which sanctimonious part of the world you live in, but where I live playing video games is perfectly socially acceptable. In fact, if you do not have a Console/PC and are unfamiliar with video games then you are classified as weird. So it is actually socially detrimental not to play video games here.

Comment Re:SIM tracking? (Score 1) 163

The IMEI cannot be changed since it is normally written in write-once memory, and it may even be illegal to change.

I just had to ask, even at the cost of modding a different thread again. You really think that a person who steals a phone would not change the IMEI (if possible) because changing the IMEI may be illegal? Really? I am struggling to understand the logical thought process which led you to this conclusion.

Comment Re:Couldn't we just charge them tuition? (Score 1) 689

One of the major reasons the US is rich is because the rest of the world has been using US dollars they receive to buy and sell oil instead of using them to buy US goods and services. It's like if I write a cheque to pay my landlord, who doesn't cash it, but uses it to pay his mortgage, and the bank uses it to pay their employees, and so on, without anyone ever cashing it. The wealth of the US comes at the rest of the worlds expense, for the most part, and they stablize and extend the system with their war machine.

I wish I could give all 15 mod points to you, but had to comment to say how many people do not realize this simple fact.

Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat Clarifies Doubts Over UEFI Secure Boot Solution (

sfcrazy writes: Red Hat's Tim Burke has clarified Fedora/Red Hat's solution to Microsoft's secure boot implementation. He attacks conspiracy theorist as — Some conspiracy theorists bristle at the thought of Red Hat and other Linux distributions using a Microsoft initiated key registration scheme. Suffice it to say that Red Hat would not have endorsed this model if we were not comfortable that it is a good-faith initiative.

Submission + - SPAM: Spreadsheet is the most widely used database?

An anonymous reader writes: Ragic is a way to build quickly cook up an enterprise application just like creating a spreadsheet form. You will now be able to design and use your database on a web-based spreadsheet UI.

It's been a known fact and joke that Excel is the most widely used "database", even though it gets really hard to manage when you have more than a few people and forms. We believe by leveraging the fact that business users love spreadsheets so much, Ragic can provide a brand new way for business to manage information and implement solutions like CRM systems.

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