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Journal Journal: Interpretations of the Cerebral(part 1) 3

yes i did write this and no nobody helped me. It was 3AM and i had my sports bottle full of Mt.Dew, so this is what i came up with that i think discribes some interesting parts of the ceribral mind.
The Human Brain:
the input and output of our thoughts and desires, feelings and wishes, and many more. But what is the reason of why it works the way we do, and how can thoughts be interpreted.
Heart, Mind, Body, Soul. How these can be interpreted.
Everything that happens in the body is reported to the brain, and then interpreted. If this was not true then you would not know what was going on. There is no other part of the body that can interpret what is going on because the brain stores all the information. Take for example, the stomache growls when it is hungry. The stomache does not know it is time to eat and that it is hungry, it simply digests the food. But the brain knows that when the stomache growls, it means that it is digesting itself, and so it needs food in order for it not to damage itself. This idea works simular to the other parts of the body. So the "heart" is not really your heart that knows and feels and all the other things that we relate with the heart. The main function of the heart is to pump blood through the body and nothing else. The reason why the heart goes faster when you fall in love with someone is because the brain senses a desire. With the desire sends adrenhaline which causes the heart to pump more blood thoughout the body, because desire is what causes adrenhaline. Desire is the same with life and death. The reason why there is an intense adrenhaline rush in a life or death occasion is because the brain desires to live, and so does what it can to do so. This is why the heart does what it does, it is because of desire being the release for adrenhaline is why it may seem that the heart is the strongest part of a person. The "mind" is what stores our intellegence and information. The mind has the ability to overrule strong feelings and our id. Our memory is affected by our mind. Everything must go through it, such as physical and mental feeling, desire, and other peoples information. The mind will interpret what is passing through it as logical or irrational. If the idea is logical, it will act upon this thought, if irrational, then it will try to stop the thought. Factors do affect the determination of logical and irrational, such as pride, arrogance and even sometimes desires. An example would be martching into battle and certain death. Our mind says that it wants to live, but our pride overrules it sometimes. A second example is love and how we may not want to buy the person something expensive because it does not benefit us, we do for our desire in thinking that we will get something in return. The "body" contains the physical feelings and our health. Our brain interprets the physical feelings as pleasure or painful. The pain usually corresponds to the irrational side of the mind, making us want to stop, while the pleasure feeling corresponds to the logical side, and so the brain will want to continue to do that feeling. Pain will be felt as long as the nerve is there in the skin or body. This will make us want to have the pain stop, but if it is overriden in the mind, then we can endure the pain. An example is if (in some sort of ritual) you were to be cut by a knife across the hand. You would feel the pain, your mind would say it is an irrational pain, but your pride will override the desire to stop, and so you would let them cut your hand. The "soul" is where the pride, arrogance, desires, and other variables that would effect the mind come from. These are what the brain holds as its beliefs, and would usually defend to the most, and always affect what is to be done by the brain. An example is if there is an unusual object in some ways in a crevace. You know your arm will barely fit between the two walls, and so you will feel pain reaching for it. Knowing that your brain does not want to feel pain, it has the mind say it is an irrational thought, but your curiosity overrules that, and so you attempt to get the object. The variables that can override the mind have their set limits. If you are a curious person, then you may reach for it. But if you will feel an insane amount of pain. than most likely the curious side will be neglected. As the mind does grow, it will change what is logical and irrational. So if you already know what the object is, then the mind will make the decision that reaching is irrational because the object is useless to get. These four components of the brain effect each person in what there decisions are to do.
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Journal Journal: Why there are problems...

why the hell do we have problems in our world? Its the thing in our head called pride and arrogance. We feel that because we are better than other people that we dont have to listen to them or what they have to say. It annoys the shit out of me that we have to deal with these types of people. Although someone may be smart in a certain subject does not mean they they are an expert and can flame whoever the hell has an opinion on the subject. This is why we have wars and hate people. Naturally the assholes feel it is their duty to piss somebody off and obtain some level of joy out of it too. If people were calm and collective, and were able to fucking talk without some dumbass saying hes queer, then we would not have to kill or hate. I am not a religious person but i feel that this is what Jesus was just trying to say. I dont believe in all his miracle things, i just think he was saying to be good to each other, and dont worry about all your problems because if you are all good to each other, then it will be solved. But of course there's the guy that has to say hes queer, then were back to battling again. How the hell can we solve the problems of getting people to listen to each other? I think it should start little by little with people asking themselves this question and then eventually everyone will feel the same way and we will all be able to listen to each other. But until that hopeful day comes, we will always hate everybody. And only on this thought alone are the reasons why most humans are naturally evil. I am not and that is why i am able to freely think...
United States

Journal Journal: Peace Sells... 1

"Peace Sells, Who's Buyin" by Megadeth. Good song yet all too true. We are still at war with the middle east, WMD's are still in North Korea, and no matter what, nobody seems to give a shit that people are dying. Why do we as the public still believe that the word peace has any value? Politicians might as well say while being elected, "I hope you as a nation are ready to see some shit blow up", because no matter what crap may come out of their mouth, it all leads to that. I say that all the smart people should rise up against the assholes and create a superintellegent society! Maybe then we will have some people in our government that can make an actual decision, and not bullshit. Or am I just too much of a visionary...

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