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Comment Re:fallacy (Score 3, Insightful) 176

The problem with that approach is that you will tweak the algorithm until it works in 1996.

In other words, you will incorporate 1996 into the test set.

This is the big problem with almost all climate studies, and the reason why people that understand statistics really hate the current climate "science" as it is done. You really do need to make a prediction, and then test the prediction. If you get it wrong, you cannot re-try against the same data set until it works.

Comment Re:Small dick russians (Score 1) 264

You need to look deeper - it's not that Trump works for Putin; It's that Putin's organization is in competition with Clinton's organization. Putin does not want the competition, even in the US criminal market.

It's just business, it's not personal.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 559

Agreed - By the way, if anyone is considering not voting: please vote anyway.

Both these people are awful. If they win with only 40% of the popular vote because everyone voted for Fred, they will not be able to claim a mandate for sweeping evil changes. If you vote for a 3rd party, it weakens both bad candidates...

Comment Re:Really? (Score 5, Insightful) 244

Um, no. Niel Armstrong really did fly the lunar lander. He really did run it almost totally out of fuel, because he had to avoid a huge rock. If he hadn't done that, the vehicle would have gone splat.

By the way, the computer was completely spazzing out during the landing and was not giving good data. Fortunately it was written in a way that kept the important stuff going regardless.


Comment Support Time? (Score 1) 187

If the IT team grabs the equipment after the game, they have a whole week (at least 4 days) to reconfigure and test. And I imagine, given how much the NFL spends on things, they have their "Field communications equipment IT Team" to deal with the Surfaces alone, never mind the headsets and such which fall under the "Field Audio Equipment Team". There's always a chance they've skimped on IT and spent it on extra gatorade bottle holders, but that would surprise me.

Comment Re:State sponsored corporate spies (Score 1) 469

Sorry for the late reply. Metrics are problematic within themselves. If I manage exclusively by metrics, then I have to explain why. Eventually, you will have to explain why your metric based program is causing substandard performance, discrimination against another group, and the flight of employees who see previous potential. You set requirements, put in outreach programs, and check point your processes and policies. That is the actual law and serving it protects you better in the Affirmative Action space.

Comment Re:Remote work (Score 1) 269

Yet, my large city has couple hundred of you, willing to come in the office, network with employees outside of work that are outside their team, and is a crap load more flexible. Let's be honest, why should we hire you?

Not trying to be cruel here, just honest. I have a mortgage in another city. I pay a company to manage it for me. I moved because it needs to happen or I could stay in my little crappy town, with 20% less mortgage cost and a 40% less salary, along with 80% less opportunity. Weigh the benefits and negativities in moving.

Comment Remote work (Score 4, Interesting) 269

As someone who works for a large multi-national, trying to hold someone accountable that works for home is a pain in the rear. If they work in a remote office, I can ask someone to walk past their office and ask them to call or email. There are a lot of people who are good remote workers. However, almost none of them seem to work as developers and system admins. The couple of dozen or so that I have worked with while they have worked from home have been absolute pain in the neck, since they are passive aggressive little twerps.

If you want to work from home. Prove you can work in the office, that your skillset is significantly better than others who could do you job and are willing to show up, and give a cost/benefit that matters to your management, not to you

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 185

I used to think that as well, but in an Economics study I learned some unfortunate downside to legal prostitution. Unfortunately it seems that if prostitution is legalized, illegal forced prostitution increases. That sucks.

I'm not sure if the solution on balance should be to make prostitution illegal or just increase the resources expended against forced prostitution, but there is a downside I at least didn't know about earlier.

Comment Re:State sponsored corporate spies (Score 1) 469

A company should spend time looking at their affirmative action programs, not just metrics. The metrics can lead to issues with creating quotas. However, we need to set guidelines and programs that target recruitment across minorities, protected veterans, and disabled. Likely, Palantir needs to develop job descriptions and requirements. For example, I don't see a requirement for security clearance, but considering some of their projects, that could be a limit. If I am an immigrant or child of an immigrant, there is significant impact to my chance of getting a security clearance, as would be bad credit or other issues.

I would hold recruiting events, specify specific hiring criteria - including clearances, and set some guidelines into positions. I would also recognize issues with cultural norms and hold training and expected behavior. For example: Palantir values teamwork, but that means different things to different cultures. Maybe the focus on team selection and referrals, which has some benefit to team dynamics, but can cause group think. It is a hard line to walk

Comment Re:Just like Samsung, AT&T, Apple, Verizon, LG (Score 1) 97

Because the licensing agreement that you didn't bother to read said they can remotely update the software on your device at any time and without notice to you.

If it bothers you invest in a Nexus or another device with an unlockable bootloader and install the open source ROM of your choice. If you wish, you can even fly without the Google Play framework, using F-Droid and/or sideloading your own APKs. It's entirely possible to have a completely open source Android device if you so desire.

Comment Re:it's pretty simple (Score 1) 178

I'll give you a hint: I was disabled, and literally did not have enough money for food. I went to the government for help. I was rejected, while other people (of a more politically favored class) that were not disabled at all were given money.

Eventually, I found a job were I could work somewhat. I then had to pay taxes to support those favored by the government, when I could barely afford rent.

You trust the government, because you have never been abused by it. You're probably also pretty good at getting others to give you what you want by talking.

I sucked at that, though I got better. The government, and unions, help a certain class of people by harming everyone else.

To me, you union/government guys guys are simply either inexperienced or insane. The path you chose has never worked. It has been proven mathematically impossible via simple, well understood economics. Yet you persist in believing that if only we gave all the power to "person X", whether a union boss, a President, or a scientist, everything would be better.

Anything that does not increase production hurts the majority, and only benefits a more powerful minority.

Comment Re:it's pretty simple (Score 0) 178

1) The world does not owe you a living

2) If someone is willing to do your job as well as you for less money than you, they should have the job.

If the world followed these simple rules, people would quickly shuffle to the job where they produce the most benefit for society. Society as a whole would be better off, including the displaced workers once they find their niche.

When you have protectionism, such as unions, by definition you are stealing jobs from someone that needs it more. The whole argument about pay going up or down is a red herring; if pay decreased globally, then prices would also decrease globally. If pay rises, prices rise in step. The only thing that can make society better off as a whole is increased efficiency and increased production. Anything else is just theft from those weaker than you.

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