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Comment Re:Nope, no wealth inequality here (Score 2) 176

No, the real problem with socialism is not the harm it does to the economy due to the direct action of taking money from savers and giving it to spenders. That is bad enough, but the true problem is that those transfers due terrible things to the human psyche:

If you change the reward structure of society and make it random, moral behavior stops. If you take from workers and give to non-workers, not only do people stop working they also start stealing, raping, and killing at higher rates.

Socialism is the death knell of human societies.

On a side note, the intuition that transferring money from the rich (or savers) to the poor (or spenders) helps the spenders is false. It seems true because if you personally steal money from someone, it does make you better off. But the fact is that if everyone like you stole a million dollars from the Fed, the number of pizzas you could buy would not change. The number of pizzas being created per year cannot fluctuate that easily, but the price can. So when you take money from savers and give it to spenders two things happen:

1) There is inflation of the prices of things the spenders like to buy in order to soak up the money (you haven't increased supply, you haven't changed demand, so the only thing that can change is the price)
2) There are fewer savers, at the very least because you have confiscated some savings. This means fewer jobs available.

So, socialism is not good for anyone, even those it supposedly helps!

Comment Re:Does anybody really doubt it (Score 4, Insightful) 706

A bungled robbery NEVER results in a double tap to the back.

In a bungled robbery, the gun goes off while the victim and perp face each other most often, and there is not a second shot to confirm death. That's the whole point, the perp panics and forgets to take the stuff - he doesn't calmly put another round through the heart.

Comment Re:Beautiful by the numbers launch / deploy / land (Score 1) 103

The space shuttle sonic booms were lethal, but only in a contained area over the ocean. That's why they had to clear that area of ships before launch.

The issue is that the shuttle (like most rockets) didn't fly straight up, it went in a curve. That creates a focus point for the shockwave, which makes it MUCH bigger.

Comment Re:A bit much for parody? (Score 3, Interesting) 565

You are, of course, completely wrong in every respect.

Gun control laws were put in place to take guns away from black people. Democrats didn't want the blacks to be able to defend themselves when they had lynching parties. Republicans disagreed. (

If you really believe that cops are "out to get" African American people (most cops were I am seem to be African American themselves?), black people having guns is even more important. Cops are a lot more respectful when the suspects and witnesses might be armed but are behaving themselves...

Comment Re:Predictably, they think their citizens == idiot (Score 1) 634

So you are advocating allowing vote-buying?

Seriously, in order to get that data you would need an economic system of some sort. The best one we have is capitalism. So if you want people to vote the strength of their preference, charge per vote and allow multiple votes.

If you don't want the voting biased towards people that are successful at making the economy work, give everyone 100 votes when they are born, and 10 votes per year.

Comment Re:Like most of Earth's existence? (Score 1) 331

This, a million times this. Humans cannot think logarithmically, they are linear creatures. We always aim too high in the short term, and too low in the long term, since that is how nature lets us convert logarithms to linear problems.

In two hundred years we will be terraforming Mars, not worried about the paradise park called Earth. And we will be using 0.0001% of our resources to keep the entire planet "perfect", or whatever the guys in charge think is perfect. "Rain is on Tuesdays, people, close your dang windows!"

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 301

In addition, consider that if Gawker had done something evil/illegal to you (a person that cannot afford a lawsuit), a person in Thiel's position may decide to bankroll your lawsuit for their own purposes.

So this isn't only good for the rich, where Gawker like companies can't piss them off: it is good for the little guy, because hurting the little guy illegally can now get you sued even if the little guy can't afford a lawsuit.

So rich get a benefit of 5x, but the poor at least get a benefit of x. This is a win-win, I don't see the issue. (Though I agree it would be better if the little guy could defend themselves without a rich benefactor)

Comment Re:Senile? (Score 5, Interesting) 951

OK, people seem to be getting down on Elon here...

Personally, I don't think we are in a game. I think that the primary use of such simulations will be to have "children" (those under the age of 1,000) experience the "bad old days" back when resources were bounded. So this is school, not a game. I guess we'll know if I'm right in about 50 years, on average.

As for those that think this level of simulation is impossible, it isn't. There may be limits to hardware that prevent exponential increases from going on forever. But there are no such limitations for software. You can optimize the simulation by doing things like dropping information whenever you don't need it (quantum mechanics), and removing redundant calculations (as in, after a quadrillion people go through the same sim, it is unlikely they are actually coming up with anything original...)

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 120

A CCTV can prevent the second murder, not the first. But preventing the second murder is arguably better than preventing none at all.

It depends on your assumptions. You seem to be basing your reality predictions on the premise that all people are equally likely to commit murder. Most measurements of objective reality seem to indicate that a tiny minority of the population commit most murders, and most crimes are committed by repeat offenders. A CCTV can prevent a repeat, or at least decrease the frequency of repeat, as the pattern seems to be murder -> arrest -> jail -> release -> murder -> arrest -> jail -> release -> murder -> arrest -> jail -> release -> etc...

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