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Comment Re:What in the blue hell are you talking about (Score 2) 834

A lot of what you are talking about are a misnomer, based on old realities. The far east coding areas, we are seeing pay rates slightly below or comparable with US rate, outside of the Silicon Valley crapfest. We are seeing issues with our coders from India:

  • Hyper-specialized which leads to having to get 3 or 4 coders for the same task as 1 to 2 in the US. In addition, hypers-specialization increases cost per employee.
  • Lack of generalist capabilities
  • Lack of self-direction / need of significant supervision
  • Out right incompetence and lying on their resume
  • Significant racist / sexist behaviors - leading to increased supervision
  • Chilled effect - lack of will to raise concerns

Signapore has a much higher quality of coder, with better English skills and self-direction, Ethics are fantastic. However, they are expensive because of it and we still have hyper-specialization issues.

South Korea are cheap grunt coders. We have many of the same issues as India with some regulatory/employment issues.

China, write a rock solid employment termination clause. They are cheap but need significant supervision and the corruption is epic. PMI evidently caught teams of professional certification takers and remove certifications en mass there in the late 2000s - I forgot the number, but it was thousands by my recall. India had a smaller issue around the same time, but nowhere near that level.

Comment Re:Not smart business (Score 1) 100

Most of the rebuild happen due to changes in design between the module being constructed and assembly on site. Who the hell subtracts the consideration of a bolt being in the way between the plan for the module when the marrying module been already placed? Why not make work packages cumulative, just showing the changes made in rev 1, rev 2, etc... not considering that some poor craft has to figure out what the hell to build? But hey, that is the Westinghouse way. How can you meet INPO principle 7 - Build as designed, if you are not designing it.

Comment Re:Not smart business (Score 2) 100

I think the issue is the building as it is being designed and the poor engineering controls at Westinghouse. Add in the issues related to improper N&Ds by Westinghouse's quality engineering, it just means ballooned cost.The work is solid, but the rework due to poor engineering controls and wastage is MASSIVELY expensive from the people I know on the sites.

Comment Sooo (Score 1) 219

PMI China isn't a chapter of the Project Management Institute... it is a use of the PMI license and part of the communist party... and is patrolled during meetings by the PLA. That is a significant discourager of talent.

Comment Re:It was a joke to begin with (Score 1) 280

I was teaching some students as part of a public / private partnership. Saw one of the results of this system, a big rolling cabinet full of computer equipment. It sat in a corner not being used since it really wasn't tied to the curriculum and the students were not that far along to appreciate it. Lot of money being spent not teaching 2nd graders.

Comment Re: And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

Not working full time is the underemployed stat. I am very sure about these issues with BLS stats. My research professor for my grad degree did work in econometrics and always commented that the BLS unemployment series was manipulated to hell and back.

But what the hell do I know, not like the labor force participation rate is at historic lows... wait a minute, they are. At least, we aren't seeing a downward sloping Labor force participation rate that walks in step with a downward U3 and U6, indicating discouraged unemployment over 12 months. Oh wait... we are. Not like we are seeing increases in food stamp and public housing... oh we are.

I am not the first to notice this problem with unemployment rate.

Comment Re: And to think the DNC wanted to face Trump... (Score 1) 2837

1 - Labor Force Participation Rate, US Oct 2016 (62.8%: anyone over 16, not including your grand daughter or son... raw is 57.9 btw) + US Unemployment rate (4.9%) = 42.1%

Removing the 65+ years age rate (13.5%) lowers it to 28.6%.

This slightly lowers the rate, since a portion of the 65+ is working, but I am too lazy to look that up. But, 28.6% of the population above 16 and below 65 are not employed. Doesn't take in effect stay-at-homes, disabled, etc... Yet, I do not like the U-6, since it only considers those not working but say that they are willing to work and have looked for work in the last 12 months. It eliminates the long-term discouraged. However, isn't that a surprising number, variance of 28.6 to 9.5%.

Are you saying that 19.1% of the potential workforce are disabled, stay-at-home, etc? I can't find a good translational metric for stay at home (29% of mothers but not a good test for current population.. how many are applicable mothers) or disability that would apply, especially since I am slapping this together.

FYI - Underemployment rate is 12.9%

Source is the BLS and the Census

Comment Re:State sponsored corporate spies (Score 1) 469

Sorry for the late reply. Metrics are problematic within themselves. If I manage exclusively by metrics, then I have to explain why. Eventually, you will have to explain why your metric based program is causing substandard performance, discrimination against another group, and the flight of employees who see previous potential. You set requirements, put in outreach programs, and check point your processes and policies. That is the actual law and serving it protects you better in the Affirmative Action space.

Comment Re:Remote work (Score 1) 269

Yet, my large city has couple hundred of you, willing to come in the office, network with employees outside of work that are outside their team, and is a crap load more flexible. Let's be honest, why should we hire you?

Not trying to be cruel here, just honest. I have a mortgage in another city. I pay a company to manage it for me. I moved because it needs to happen or I could stay in my little crappy town, with 20% less mortgage cost and a 40% less salary, along with 80% less opportunity. Weigh the benefits and negativities in moving.

Comment Remote work (Score 4, Interesting) 269

As someone who works for a large multi-national, trying to hold someone accountable that works for home is a pain in the rear. If they work in a remote office, I can ask someone to walk past their office and ask them to call or email. There are a lot of people who are good remote workers. However, almost none of them seem to work as developers and system admins. The couple of dozen or so that I have worked with while they have worked from home have been absolute pain in the neck, since they are passive aggressive little twerps.

If you want to work from home. Prove you can work in the office, that your skillset is significantly better than others who could do you job and are willing to show up, and give a cost/benefit that matters to your management, not to you

Comment Re:State sponsored corporate spies (Score 1) 469

A company should spend time looking at their affirmative action programs, not just metrics. The metrics can lead to issues with creating quotas. However, we need to set guidelines and programs that target recruitment across minorities, protected veterans, and disabled. Likely, Palantir needs to develop job descriptions and requirements. For example, I don't see a requirement for security clearance, but considering some of their projects, that could be a limit. If I am an immigrant or child of an immigrant, there is significant impact to my chance of getting a security clearance, as would be bad credit or other issues.

I would hold recruiting events, specify specific hiring criteria - including clearances, and set some guidelines into positions. I would also recognize issues with cultural norms and hold training and expected behavior. For example: Palantir values teamwork, but that means different things to different cultures. Maybe the focus on team selection and referrals, which has some benefit to team dynamics, but can cause group think. It is a hard line to walk

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