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Comment Re:Missed Opportunity (Score 1) 178

it already has a mortal enemy that is right WINTER IS COMING! Let me tell you about a little place I like to call: the southern hemisphere.


Down here in New Orleans, its so damned hot, all you can do to avoid heat stroke and play is to roll about in your car and play with the AC on high.

Down here, the AC in my house doesn't usually cut off from about April till November. I'm looking forward to cooler weather starting to hit in the next couple months.

I guess there's a lot of people up in the Northeast of the US that think they are the only folks on the face of the earth that matter.

Comment Re:The Future Society (Score 1) 79

So, you just invented this, right? In a story that tells us that recycling phones is a great thing instead of just throwing them into a toxic landfill. No, you can't think of anything nice, you just create a ridiculous strawman argument and then proceed to tear it apart. Fucking seriously, +4 Insighful? A strawman?

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 1) 329

A capital idea! Why don't you just stay the hell out of a country you hate and avoid them entirely.

The world would be a better place if more people thought like you. Unfortunately, a lot of them would very much like to come to America because they shat in their own countries and now they're unlivable.

Comment Re:Busywork (Score 1) 329

Hello, dumbass. If you lie on the customs form and blow up a bus full of Jewish children, you can be charged with lying on the form and easily deported. Without this offense, there are a million ways that tricky asshole lawyers can keep you from leaving America. You know, the country you desperately wanted to come to since your home country is a shithole.

These laws have been a thing for a long time now. There is a checkbox on tax forms that say, "did you earn any of this money from criminal enterprises?" That's how the nailed Al Capone in the 1930s.

Comment Re:No Shit. (Score 1) 178

The game is a massive tredmill. There is no way that someone with little time can be competative except for bots. Unless you live in NYC or someplace similar you can't get enough pokeballs to play without paying a fortune buying them from the store.

Man, in New Orleans, and the suburbs there are Pokestops every other block, often multiple ones right beside each other...easy to get stocked up on poke balls and such.

The other night, I had to keep throwing stuff out of my 'bag' to make room for more things I wanted.

Comment You wouldn't know it was declining here.... (Score 1) 178

You'd not know it was not he decline here in New Orleans.

Geez, the other night, driving through City Park about 3:30am on a Friday night, the place was packed with people slowly cruising around in cars with their Pokemon playing on their phones.

It wasn't just major sites all over town all last weekend, I saw a surprisingly LARGE amount of people out all times of day and especially late night playing it...

Comment Re:Would they believe (Score 1) 329

I'm 22 and I don't have any social media account and no account anywhere that uses my real name (possibly excluding my bank account and/or any government-related services if you count that).

Ditto. I'm a few years older than you (still in my 20's). It seems like oddballs like us will be treated as suspects in the future, the way things are unravelling.

I'm a good bit older than both of you, and I don't do social media either like FB or twitter, etc.

Never have, and not planning to any time soon..

Some of us have been privacy concerned from the get go on these things.

Seems sad the govt assumes everyone has one or more of these accounts.

Comment Re:Don't confuse stupid with malicious (Score 1) 502

It's astounding to hear educated people try to excuse Hillary like this. If it were a Republican candidate that pulled the same shit, you'd be all over it like stink on shit. And then pull Trump into it and make a false equivalence, a well-known logical fallacy.

Nobody "chose" Crooked Hillary for the Democratic nomination. She stole it with fraud. Didn't you read the emails? Let me guess: no. Because they'd shatter your precious worldview and we can't have that.


North Korea Unveils Netflix-Like Streaming Service Called 'Manbang' ( 156

North Korea has unveiled a set-top box that offers video-on demand services similar to Netflix. The service is called Manbang, which translates to "everywhere" in Korean, and allows consumers to stream documentaries about Kim Jong Un and other "educational" programs, as well as five live TV channels. "If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer [...] this is two-way communications," according to NK News. It reportedly works by plugging the set-top box into an internet modem, then connecting an HDMI cable from the cable box to the TV. A very small number of North Koreans will actually be able to use the device as "only a few thousand [...] have access to the state-sanctioned internet, in a nation of 25 million people," reports New York Daily News.

Comment Re: Rape sympathizers (Score 1) 221

Isn't it hilarious that a far leftist like Assurange was laid low by his own buddies, the Swedish radical feminists? I laughed for days. Moreover, a man who spent his entire life fantasizing about being a personal enemy of the USA and he finally gets his wish. What does he immediately do? He falls for the oldest trick in the book: the honey trap. LOL.

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