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Submission + - Joyent breaks abandons lifetime account holders (

samnorsk writes: I've been a long time lifetime account holder of an old textdrive (now Joyent) account. I remember purchasing the account back in college for a few hundred bucks when I really didn't have the money to spend. At the time, I thought that the opportunity to have a persistent lifetime shell / web hosting account would be valuable. This would be a resource I could fall back on no matter what my current situation was. Now, I just received an email stating that Joyent intends to shut down my lifetime account.

"We appreciate and value you as one of Joyent's lifetime Shared Hosting customers. As this service is one of our earliest offerings, and has now run its course, your lifetime service will end on October 31, 2012."
They do offer a 512MB cloud machine for one year, but presumably if we don't take that, we're done. In any case, our lifetime commitment would still be dropped in one year if we take that offer.
How is it fair or legal for a "lifetime account” to end when it is no longer convenient for the company?

For reference, this was the original offer in writing:

In the original offer, they state: “How long is it good for? As long as we exist.”

Submission + - Spanish superjudge to represent Assange (

ccguy writes: Spanish ex-judge Balsazar Garzón will represent wikileak's Julian Assange in his extradiction case.
In the past 30 years Garzón has led the most important investigations in Spain: Against drug cartels, against terrorist groups (ETA), and against corruption. He's also famous for his attempt to extradite Chilean dictator Pinochet to Spain to judge him for crimes against humanity.
In his last investigation Garzón ordered in-prison conversations between corrupt politicians and their lawyers to be monitored. This is legal in Spain if the goal is to prevent further crimes to be committed (such as the inmate telling his lawyer to destroy evidence, or offshore funds). This caused Garzón to be disbarred as a judge. The president of the Supreme Court that signed this disbarment (Carlos Dívar) has later on made to resign, after it was discovered that he used taxpayers money for deluxe vacations.


Submission + - A Program Learns Oriental Ink Painting (

mikejuk writes: Using reinforcement learning to make a computer paint like an oriental Sumi-e artist isn't just a matter of shouting "well done" — and yet when you look at the results that's what you want to do...
Three researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have attempted to teach a computer how to do it using standard reinforcement learning. When the program used the brush to create a smooth stroke then it was rewarded. After it had learned to use the brush it was set to rendering some photos and the results look very good — one even looks like a sketch from Angry Birds but I'm sure this is a cultural thing...


Submission + - Boston Use IBM Engineers to Look at How to Solve Traffic Woes (

vu1986 writes: ""Boston won the opportunity to pick the brains of six IBM engineers — including one from Tokyo — who flew in to check out its traffic situation and figure out a way to consolidate, analyze and use existing traffic data feeds as well as new data sources including (of course) Twitter feeds, to ease the city’s notorious traffic jams.""


Submission + - Researchers have shown off a means to spray-paint batteries onto any surface. (

Warmlight writes: "'Their batteries, outlined in Scientific Reports, are made up of five separate layers, each with its own recipe — together measuring just 0.5mm thick.

To demonstrate the technique, the team painted batteries onto steel, glass, ceramic tile and even a beer stein.' What so you think this will do for future form-factors? Maybe a form fitting PipBoy style device, that doesn't weigh 30lbs?"


Submission + - Write BASIC, run Java (

An anonymous reader writes: BINSIC allows you to write BASIC code, as though for an old Sinclair machine, and run it anywhere you have Java. Source code is available and it comes with code to run Conway's Game of Life.
BINSIC is actually written in Groovy, which runs atop the JVM but is supplied in JAR form and so can be used just as a Java JAR.


Submission + - MariaDB and MySQL Authentication Bypass Exploit (

JohnBert writes: "A security bug in MariaDB and MySQL has been revealed, allowing a known username and password to access the master user table of a MySQL server and dump it into a locally-stored file. By using a tool like John the Ripper, this file can be easily cracked to reveal text passwords that can provide further access. By committing a threaded brute-force module that abuses the authentication bypass flaw to automatically dump the password database, you can access the database using the cracked password hashes even if the authentication bypass vulnerability is fixed."

Submission + - Wind Map project brings Americas hidden winds into view (

techfun89 writes: "They say seeing is believing and that is just what the Wind Map does. The Wind Map is an art project found on that was founded by Fernanda Viegas and Martin Wattenberg who also lead Google's "Big Picture" visualization research group in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Wind Map shows the winds as they flow across the United States. Surface wind data is taken from the National Digital Forecast Database. The data is revised once per hour. This effectively makes what you see a live portrait."

Submission + - Ray Bradbury has died (

dsinc writes: Ray Bradbury — author of The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked this Way Comes, and many more literary classics — died this morning in Los Angeles, at the age of 91

Submission + - Alan Turing papers on code breaking released by GCHQ (

peetm writes: "Two 70-year-old papers by Alan Turing on the theory of code breaking have been released by the government's communications headquarters, GCHQ.

It is believed Turing wrote the papers while at Bletchley Park working on breaking German Enigma codes.

A GCHQ mathematician said the fact that the contents had been restricted "shows what a tremendous importance it has in the foundations of our subject"."

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Hackers Dump Credit Card Info - Daily Beast (

Daily Beast

Hackers Dump Credit Card Info
Daily Beast
Hacker collective Anonymous is continuing its campaign to embarrass the security think tank Stratfor, dumping the names, email addresses, and passwords of around 860000 customers, as well as credit card information for 75000 clients. ...
Hackers release credit card, other data from Stratfor breachCNET
Anonymous Hacks Military Gear Web SitePC Magazine
Hacking Group Releases More Stratfor Subscriber DataPCWorld
all 259 news articles


Submission + - Arise SIR Jonathan Ive ( 1

mariocki writes: Steve Jobs' go-to design man Jonathan Ive, the creator of modern computer design classics such as the iMac, MacBook Pro and iPod/iPhone/iPad, has been awarded a knighthood in the New Year's Honours list taking him from plain old "Mr" straight to "Sir" in one fell swoop. This now puts him in the same league as Paul McCartney, Michael Caine, Bob Geldof and Bill Gates.
Ive said "I discovered at an early age that all I've ever wanted to do is design" and even for Apple haters his designs have done more for personal computer design than the mainstream PC manufacturers could imagine, taking the PC from the geek den into the living room of even the most painfully trendy fashionista.


FDA Backtracks On Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Proposal 172

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "The FDA recognized, 35 years ago, that feeding animals low-doses of certain antibiotics used in human medicine — namely, penicillin and tetracyclines — could promote antibiotic-resistant bacteria capable of infecting people who eat meat, and proposed to withdraw approval for the use of those antibiotics in animal feed. Instead of acting upon the proposal, the FDA has now withdrawn it. Although admitting that it continues to have 'concerns' about the safety of the use of antibiotics in animal feed, the FDA says that it will just continue to rely on 'voluntary self-policing' by the industry, the same method which hasn't worked out too well during the past 35 years, as antibiotic use in livestock and antibiotic resistance have continued to rise throughout the entire period."

Submission + - China reveals its space plans up to 2016 (

PolygamousRanchKid writes: China plans to launch space labs and manned ships and prepare to build space stations over the next five years, according to a plan released Thursday that shows the country's space program is gathering momentum. China's space program has already made major breakthroughs in a relatively short time, although it lags far behind the United States and Russia in space technology and experience. The country will continue exploring the moon using probes, start gathering samples of the moon's surface, and "push forward its exploration of planets, asteroids and the sun."

Some elements of China's program, notably the firing of a ground-based missile into one of its dead satellites four years ago, have alarmed American officials and others who say such moves could set off a race to militarize space. That the program is run by the military has made the U.S. reluctant to cooperate with China in space, even though the latter insists its program is purely for peaceful ends.

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