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Comment Re:Spain is different... (Score 2) 183

...and a little bit retarded.

If only this were about making a stand against Google, but it's not.

You guys are missing the whole point of this law. It's not about the news corporation making money, really. At all. This is what the law is about:

- Whenever any news article is linked from anything (except "social networks") that "anything" has to pay to the media association. It doesn't matter if you link to a newspaper that doesn't want to be paid. It doesn't work that pay. If there's a link, payment to that association is mandatory.

So the expected result is that there's going to be less links, which means that the small newspapers, blogs, and so on will be less read. Which is the whole fucking point - prevent information "roaming free" as it's happening these days.

This isn't about the media corps taking money from the fee. That's irrelevant. It's about them controlling the flow of information by preventing smaller sources being known by the public.

So how are the old newspaper going to survive if they don't get paid via this link shit? Same as always - they'll take government money (and lot's of it) while they talk about being liberal.

Comment On Banco Santander reports (Score 4, Insightful) 50

As someone living in Spain and doing business with Banco Santander I can assure you they're experts on bullshit reports. Whatever this report says (It's not my go potty time yet so I haven't read it) don't worry much unless you are in Spain. If you are then just expect a law on BitCoin to be passed soon.

Comment Re:Not everything that shines is gold... (Score 1) 158

First of all: Valencia is the most indebted region of Spain in relation to it's GDP (and second in monetary value) . Having spent billions on ill-fated projects (F1 track, Americas Cup, Arts and Science City) that have failed to meet economic returns. The former President resigned over corruption charges, Majors being investigated for contract mishandling and enrichment, a former governor in jailed this same week, etc... No thing that comes from this region is out of suspect.

Thank fuck someone replies knowing what they are talking about.

The last thing Valencia needs is someone putting it as an example of how to do things. Valencia is a corrupt region, and one where corruption is pretty much impossible to eradicate because voters continue to support corrupt politicians election after election, with justifications like "yeah, he stole a lot but he also built a great hospital", and shit like that.

If they moved to linux most likely is because they can't pay for Windows anymore. Or worse - they haven't paid invoices from Microsoft for years and MS is just fed up.

Comment Re:Is this a big deal? Don't we want it? (Score 3, Interesting) 111

The bigger bonus to this is that it teaches children that constant surveillance is OK and expected.

To be honest I think doing this to children is a lot better than doing it to adults. I mean, adults are doing nothing about it, but children will quickly learn that they are under surveillance at all times and will take extreme measures to counter it. I don't know of any child who isn't an expert on defeating their parents control techniques, whatever they are.

Comment Re:The only features ... (Score 1) 243

My phone needs to, in order of decreasing importance
1) Play Ingress.

I can live without the voice calls.

I have the same problem with my oven. In decreasing order of importance it needs to

1) Print both sides
2) Have a fax
3) Scan documents

Seriously...Have you considered the possibility that what you need is not a phone?

Comment Re:Yea, because glassholes will have learned (Score 3, Insightful) 363

That you even need to ask clearly indicates that your moral development as a person has failed. But by all means, try it, break common decency and see what it gets you.

So far no issues. Not everyone is a real asshole worrying about what I do or don't. Everyone that has approached me about Glass just wanted to try it out. Only time I was asked not to carry it (at a posh restaurant where everyone was taking pictures with their phones) I just took it off (note: Now I wouldn't, because I have prescription lenses - if I can't wear glasses at a restaurant I just go somewhere else).

Anyway the fact that you think my moral development has failed because I wear Glass really says a lot about you. Wearing Glass is enough for you? Nothing else matters?

Comment Re:Recording where you are look challenges P7 (Score 1) 363

Glasses possibly recording anything when someone is doing something people do naturally (just looking around) is what creeps a lot of people out.

If you are on the street and I record you with Glass, not only I need to be close but I also need to be stopped and looking at you. Directly. You are going to notice for sure. The option of course is that I just walk by and get a useless shot. You probably won't notice though. However if I take my phone out of my pocket and fake it a bit I can probably get a lot of video before you realize I'm recording you.

About surveillance, I must say I prefer there's lots of cameras on the streets controlled by regular citizens than lots of cameras controlled by the government.

Comment Re:Yea, because glassholes will have learned (Score 0, Troll) 363

I expect that getting beaten up, arrested and the like will make even the worst glasshole realize that what they are doing is completely unacceptable.

Can you elaborate on what you think, exactly, Glass users are doing other than carrying a device on their face? What do you think a Glass user can do that a phone user can't?

Really - the camera on Glass is not useful at all to record or photograph someone without them knowing. If I take a picture of you at 10 meters the picture is useless. There's no zoom, no flash... however if I take a $99 camera with a 8x optical focus I can easily take the picture from a distance and no one is going to look at me funny because I'm taking pictures on the street.

So to sum it up: Get a life. If you see me with Glass just ignore me. I'm not taking pictures of you (or anyone else). I just like the convenience of not taking the phone out of my pocket.

Comment Re:Freeloaders (Score 3, Funny) 120

Who, happen to be who? That's right, users(consumers)! :* At the end of the day, open source was made to attract people who can improve code, and in order for i to happend, they need to use code in the first place! Oh, and btw, you are also wong about developers. I am no developer, but I submit bugs to Firefox, etc, so I am part of development progress. I suggest ideas too! So define freeloader. User != freeloader. If I sugget someoen OSS, am I still freeloader? I do marketing for developer too?

I think the first thing you need to do is chill, then install a spell checker :-)

Comment Re:"Class Divide"? (Score 1) 292

I wish I had mod points. This is the fundamental problem with Google Glass.

The fundamental problem is people assuming that if I'm wearing Glass I must be recording them. Eventually this fear will go away. Glass is the worst possible device to record/picture anything without being noticed. There's no zoom, you can't really aim (you must be looking at the target, and you will just get a picture of the general area you are looking at).... really, sucks for that.

Glass is a nice toy, but not because it makes spying easier, which as I said, it doesn't.

In general, if you see someone with Glass, you can bet they're actually playing with it and totally ignoring you -or anyone else for that matter-, at least if they just got it. If they've had it for a few months then nothing is happening, except that they might get the occasional notification.

I think we will get used to it, same as we do with cell phones, and an acceptable etiquette will develop.

Comment Re:Ready or not (Score 0) 469

knowing my name will not be a positive thing for you, as you obviously do not give a monkeys about me just

I don't give a shit about your name until you already told it to me in the past and for some reason you are again close to me, possibly about to say 'hey, do you remember me?'

You do not want to be known as the creepy socio-path with Google glass.

You really haven't used it, have you?

I could complain to the event organisers who would probably ask you to remove your google glass or have you ejected from the building if you refused.

That's fine. I probably don't want to be with you anyway if you can't leave me alone.

There is no need to get involved with you in a physical confrontation. In fact if I really wanted all I need to do is mention to a female colleague that you are scanning her with google glass and you will be ejected and possibly police called.

WTF do you think Glass is?

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