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Comment Re:Congrats anarchist dipshits (Score -1) 856

The right to slaughter six year olds in schools and terrorize lawmakers from the wrong political party shall not be infringe. This is a topic, like internet sales with state sales taxes, which just brings out the crazies. They do not learn, they do not listen, they will never learn, and they will never listen.

Comment Re:now we wait (Score -1, Troll) 586

"Scientists claim Europe must surrender to the European Commission or starve."

To surrender to a corporate tyrant is just as bad as to surrender to any other sort of tyrant.

I am a fuckwad and have lots of troll puppets with mod points.

Fixed that for you. You fucks don't get it. FTFY is trolling and I have plenty of karma to fight this out.

Comment Re:One way to restore my faith in humanity (Score 1) 326

You clearly have not the smallest understanding of the Commerce Clause and have not read Quill. The federal government has plenary power to regulate interstate commerce, and can therefore grant to states the right to collect excise levies on particular acts of interstate commerce, or forbid them from doing so.

Learn to use Google, it's catching on, I hear it may be a big thing some day.

Comment One way to restore my faith in humanity (Score 2) 326

Is to read a tax thread on slashdot, that the rest of the world isn't this burblingly insane gives hope.

Yes states can collect excise taxes, and yes this bill is constitutional. "On a computer" or "over the internet" do not make fundamental law vanish. Whether state sales taxes are a good idea, is a different question, one of policy, not law.

Comment Re:Speculation (Score 1) 293

Incorrect, the number of days of that level of volatility in a major currency since world war II is small (the Yen crash, the attack on the pound, a few other big days) this is normal for BTC, which is a thinly traded and volatile by design. That 9% of the economy was taken down by that volatility shows the reason for stabilizing mechanism in a trading system.

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