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Comment Re: Translating for the rest of the world (Score 1) 120

Your point?

Some elements end in -um, some in -ium. If you complain about aluminum, then you're a hypocrite for also not complaining about all the others. Americans aren't complaining about all the elements ending in -ium; we have no problem understanding that some are one way and some another, it's only a bunch of dickheads who seem to think they should all end in -ium and complain about this even though a bunch of them don't, and haven't for millenia.

Comment Re:The Latest Innovations (Score 1) 516

Finance? It's go Quickbooks or go home. And they *only* make a Windows version. (No, that online crap doesn't count)

According to another poster here, Quickbooks doesn't work on Windows 10, only Win7.

So saying that we "chose" to use Microsoft is like saying that someone who lives in a cholera infested area "chose" to drink beer, and that attitude won't win you any favours.

I'm not trying to win any favors. I'm actually just laughing at you all as you suffer with all the stuff MS is doing lately, which are the direct results of your own bad choices.

Comment Re:Yeah so (Score 1) 164

If you expected Sanders to be non-compromising, you clearly haven't done your research on him. The man has a solid track record of a pragmatic idealist - he has clear ideals that he strives to fulfill, but at the same time, he is perfectly able and willing to work with people whom he disagrees with, so long as it gets him one step closer to his goals. Look at what he did in Congress - constant scheming to add riders to bills. Go even further back, and look at what he did as a mayor.

And it's exactly what made Sanders such an awesome presidential candidate. Most "revolutionaries" dismiss incremental change outright. This guy realized that it's the only chance that he and his platform has, and mastered it. I actually put more faith in his ability to navigate through the gridlock in Congress as a president, than Hillary's. Alas...

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 600

For one, we're talking about police vehicles here. They're not going to be chasing someone at high speeds and just cruise in a straight line. What if the suspect tries to run them off the road?

Secondly, just because your vehicle can go in a straight line doesn't mean it's safe at that speed. What if you need to swerve or take some evasive action? Now you're looking at a rollover. You really have no business driving that vehicle faster than 55. If you want to drive fast, get a car.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 600

Where is that? I've never seen a police car anywhere in the US that wasn't some type of American-brand car. Not saying it's impossible, but I've really never seen or even heard of it. Usually, for the cars, they use either Chargers or Impalas. I'm sure Passats are more economical than those two, but not by that much over the Impala I would think.

Comment Re:Trump Trolling (Score 1) 1004

I don't think that it is actually a tactic, in a sense that he's not consciously trolling. If that were the case, he would not be doing it when the story-of-the-day is in his favor - but that's not what's happening. Remember that judge thing? Everyone was talking about Clinton's emails then, and it was a good thing for Trump - and if he were the master troll that some claim him to be, he'd be throwing gasoline onto that fire. But instead, he made a bunch of stupid remarks that shifted attention elsewhere.

No, I really think he's just a child emotionally, in a near-constant tantrum mode whenever there's any visibility afforded to him at all.

Comment Re:Always question a study... (Score 1) 302

Are all (or even most) compounds and delivery devices made this way?

The major brands like Kanger, Innokin, ELeaf etc all seem to offer temperature-controlled devices.

The thing many may not understand is that when the temperature comes anywhere near the temperature required to produce toxic chemicals in any significant amount, the vapor tastes bad!

I mean, really, really horrible! That's one of the (other) things they never mention in these "studies" (along with precise details of the testing protocols/conditions etc). It's why people use and enjoy vaping on gear/devices with no temperature control, maybe just a voltage or voltage/wattage (selectable) control. The byproducts produced by even mild overheating taste extremely bad to the user and typically start to occur at far lower temperatures than where really possibly-problematic types & levels of toxins are produced.

People must remember that there are 3 big powers who would like the vaping industry and vaping gone. Government, as smoking brings in large amounts of taxes, particularly State taxes, although tobacco is also taxed Federally as well (plus it's another area to extend government control into and employ more government bureaucracy & enforcement to oversee it), 'Big Pharma' stands to lose from 'smoking-cessation' products they sell as well as all the drugs/products used in treating smoking-related diseases, and 'Big Tobacco' because fewer people will smoke and more will quit.


Comment Re:Year of the... (Score 1) 516

Hahaha!!! Maybe you don't remember, but they already had an anti-trust trial back in the late 90s. Nothing came of it, and that was back when MS had even more of a monopoly than they do now (back then, desktop Linux was basically non-existent and Macs were barely on the radar, and smartphones didn't exist).

There's plenty of alternatives now for people who really want to free themselves from MS's crapware. The problem is that they just don't want to. And I don't feel sorry for them one bit. They were warned about this stuff many, many years ago and they didn't listen and even ridiculed us; now their chickens are coming home to roost. I look forward to the next abuse MS heaps on them.

Comment Re:Year of the... (Score 1) 516

Considering Microsoft making exceptions to lockdowns, I think they are going to piss off a lot of minor businesses because Windows Professional will not get those exceptions.

Yeah, and what are they gonna do about it? File a complaint? bwahahaha

Everyone collectively deciding to hand MS this much power over their computing infrastructure has enabled MS to act this way, and the customers are now reaping the rewards of their decisions.

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