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Comment Re:Myth: Mayer didn't do well for Yahoo! (Score 1) 102

21% growth rate? Per annum? Is it really a big deal? When the first baby is born the family is growing at a dizzying rate of 50% per annum. Adding up all the families growing at this rate, I am sure the world population is going to exceed three quadrillion by the end of next quarter.

Comment Re:this isnt a surprise (Score 1) 42

if (!foo){break;}

the hidden goto :-)

if (!foo){break;}

So, with nested while, how do you exit ???

Actually my statement was more that people *effectively* use goto without even realizing they are.
functionally my example is no different than:

//begin block
if (!foo){goto CLEANUP_BLOCK;}

^/. is absolutely intent on making my colon prefix collapse up all the whitespace to the curly... no idea why.
Now, in my example case there is no condition, as the do-while construct is not actually being used as a loop, thus would not (validly) match your example.
in your example case I don't know that I would even want to do a goto escape as you're doing some double loop stuff that might leave things fairly inconsistent... but if I was confident that it was okay (maybe you're walking a pair of trees for something and you break when you find it?) then it would be simple to just use the goto above.
not sure if it's just my employer's style or more global, but we *always* lexically scoped our protected block in curlies (even though it's not syntactically required, it sure helps the human brain).

Comment Re:But.... (Score 1) 79

what if it causes autism?

We had malaria on the ropes and nearly wiped out. Then the propaganda piece "Silent Spring" with a bunch of bad science, bad data, outright lies, and heartstring-plucking was published and picked up by environmental groups who screamed at the government to "do something!", and so they did. They worked to ban the use of DDT as widely as possible and gave malaria a reprieve. The DDT ban was based on lies and those lies and the ones who knowingly used those lies in their political/ideological causes anyway are responsible for all the deaths, suffering, and economic losses from malaria since then.


Comment It is a dream!!! (Score 1) 146

It is the dream of every ambulance chasing personal injury lawyers.

They completely killed the personal aviation industry with liability lawsuits. The precedents set are like, "the manufacturer is liable even if there was no way they could have known such an issue could exist when the flying machine was manufactured."

So the relatives first guy to die in this will become millionaires. The sugar daddy vulture capitalists will flee.

Comment It is astonishing number! (Score 1) 74

67% is such a large portion, people should be shocked that it is this high instead of being disappointed or dismissive.

Discount small children, very old people with failing eye sight and arthritic fingers, this is probably as large as it gets. In USA voter turn out struggles to reach 67% and cracks 60% only in presidential elections.

Comment Re:I don't expect action on this (Score 1) 49

recycling Aluminum is much cheaper than refining new aluminum.

Thus Al is expensive.
The more expensive a material is, the more impetus there is to recycle. More specifically, the larger the delta between using raw feedstock vs recycle existing OR the more rare the initial feedstock is, the more impetus to recycle

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 2) 189

no, that's not why it was taken out.
It shares quite a bit with other disorders on the autism spectrum.

An apt analogy:
there is a group of people that don't like lots of little tools in the linux kernel, so they aggregated the stupp into systemd.
Now there are those of us who prefer the more granular control (identification) of our systems (neurobehavioral) issues and take exception to that.

Sadly unlike linux, the psych community only supports the systemd version.

Yes I'm an aspie, yes I still identify as such even though DSM-V says I should identify as "autism spectrum"

Comment Re:Hubris Much? (Score 0, Flamebait) 103

So your proposal is... do nothing?

Since coral polyps are one of the hardiest creatures on the planet, having survived over millions of years through both tropical and ice ages, yes. "Nothing" is the logical and scientifically-sound action to be taken.

Of course, "nothing" doesn't get scientists and universities grants, get corporations government contracts, nor gain politicians more money and power, so expect a massive government-funded program that wastes obscene amounts of people's tax money while accomplishing little, possibly even causing additional problems that the government and scientists can spend even more of your money on.


Comment Re:More science (Score 1) 261

It's basic physics man. This has been understood for over 100 years. Welcome to the 19th century.

As another reply above points out, this is about making predictions about specific behaviors and trends in a super-massively-chaotic system. The number of variables able to substantially change outcomes is staggering in a system as massively-chaotic as the Earth.

When we have the computing power to model and predict the precise orbits of every bit of rock in the asteroid belt bigger than a basketball, you *might* have sufficient computational muscle to be able to create a model accurate enough to make life-and-death decisions for billions of people. Until then all you have is hand-waving, and that's with a 'gimme' assumption that the proper data is able to be acquired to construct such a model and that the algorithms work properly.

Sorry, but humanity does not yet possess sufficient understanding of global climate nor the computing power necessary to create models with sufficiently-small margins of error to justify many of the extreme actions/measures that are being called for by alarmists.


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