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Comment Re:So let's just forget about a fair trial! (Score 1) 571

I wouldn't say unique, but surely it's unusual for someone to be tried in a country he's never even visited? It seems unnecessarily prejudicial to his case.

Note also that it is the UK government that I was originally criticising, so the fact that it signed the treaty in question doesn't exactly excuse it from responsibility for the consequences. :-)

Comment Re:Once again (Score 1) 346

Pet peeve here. The company's name is "Apple" in the vernacular, not apPle.

I understand that your mis-typing of the company's name is perhaps some attempt at slighting them, and thus demostrating your higher moral position. However, your misspelling is both juvenile, and gives me a headache.

So, in short, stop. Thanks.

Comment Re:Read TFA... (Score 1) 138

You also don't have the same drug crime problem saturating the prisons that we do, and the extent of the drug pyramid and drug-related gang problems. We've invaded whole countries to pursue drug lords to whom we previously provided CIA funds and intelligence. (Manuel Noriega, check out his history.) I suspect that profoundly reduces your need for such programs, for which I applaud you.

Comment Lots of factors (Score 1) 2

Do you already know how to code, and how computers work? If no, take computer science. You're best starting early.

Do you have any economics education yet? If so, you probably know what you're missing.

OTOH, if the rest of your schedule is really heavy, you might consider taking the course you're already stronger in, to give yourself more time for the rest of your course load.
Both topics are really important and quite interesting, and both also tend to veer off into no-longer-business-applicable abstrusities at the higher levels.

Also, you might want to mention what university you're at. There is a huge ideological rift in economics right now, in a way that isn't true for computer science; the person who's teaching your economics course could have a pretty substantial impact on whether you come away with a warped view of how economies work.

Comment Re:HW buffer for drives (Score 1) 271

Right, but this won't be the same size as a "real" SSD which means if every file operation caches through this, the memory locations are going to wear out faster. On a full-sized SSD, you have enough memory locations to spread the load out.

Basically this is taking a disk cache and making it flash-based so (presumably) you can do true lazy-writes to disk because the data is safely tucked away on a flash. Flash is more expensive than spinny drives, so it makes sense I suppose, but it's a cheap fix - if performance is that important to you spend the dough and get SSD, and if it's not put in RAM and don't cache writes.

Comment Re:Ohh - maybe they could take it to the next step (Score 1) 271

This is why I keep hoping someone will produce a complete computer architecture designed to be virtualized, so that I can genuinely run Windows and Linux (for example) and have both have access to the hardware. I'm tired of deciding who can access the video card. On a system with unified memory it seems especially silly that I can't do this gracefully.

Comment Re:Had its interesting bits (Score 1) 8

Links to books on Amazon don't really clarify your position on the Frankfurt School for me.

I am personally not an adherent to that school of thought, but I do take issue with the idea of it creating generations of human wreckage. I definitely agree with the proposition that post-modernism has created a number of inane philosophies and been a hindrance to some extent to the progress of humanity. However, "critical theory" as put forth by the Frankfurt School seems hardly to be the key construct in the rise of post-modernist philosophies. Secondly, while post-modernist ideologues may have inhibited human progress, I do not see evidence that they have created generations of human wreckage, even if certain university professors believe that "rock and roll" proves that the current generation is soulless.

What is this contemporary devastation? Any specific things you are referring to, backed by any specific numbers from reliable sources?

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