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Why Didn't Sidecar's Flex Pricing Work? 190

Bennett Haselton writes Sidecar is a little-known alternative to Lyft and Uber, deployed in only ten cities so far, which lets drivers set their own prices to undercut other ride-sharing services. Given that most amateur drivers would be willing to give someone a ride for far less than the rider would be willing to pay, why didn't the flex-pricing option take off? Keep reading to see what Bennet has to say.

An Algorithm To Prevent Twitter Hashtag Degeneration 162

Bennett Haselton writes The corruption of the #Ferguson and #Gamergate hashtags demonstrates how vulnerable the hashtag system is to being swamped by an "angry mob". An alternative algorithm could be created that would allow users to post tweets and browse the ones that had been rated "thoughtful" by other users participating in the same discussion. This would still allow anyone to contribute, even average users lacking a large follower base, while keeping the most stupid and offensive tweets out of most people's feeds. Keep reading to see what Bennett has to say.

Comment Anecdote! I almost quit my job over this. (Score 1) 70

On Tuesday afternoon, GMT-6, I could do exactly zero of my job functions, as none of my remote server connections would stay up for longer than 5-7 seconds. Not knowing what was happening, I did hours of troubleshooting on my own connection, before finally just calling it quits for the day.

I was about ready to just walk away out of frustration before things just seemed to magically fix themselves the following morning. So yes, I think this did affect parts of the internet as a whole, and not others. I am not surprised by this.

Comment Re:life-long updates (Score 1) 687

The fraud was reported the day after and STILL it took over TWO MONTHS to give my money back

That sounds like a debit card, and not a credit card. Don't send money to the credit card company for fraudulent transactions. They are liable, not you, other than a few hundred bucks, which most CC companies waive for customers.

Comment Private Company (Score 1) 471

Apple isn't a private company. It is subject to its shareholders. Though I suppose it is private in the "private vs. government" sense...
They have always gone the route of killing off anything that I, personally, might find useful to purchase. Looks like they are keeping the streak alive.

Comment Online Backup (Score 1) 499

I am a huge fan of online automatic backups. Things like Backblaze, Crashplan, etc are neat. If, in many years, technology is changing to make your file types obsolete, you will have everything available to convert during that time. If your backup company of choice goes out of business, then choose a new one. As long as you keep something current, you will be set. I bought backblaze for all of my family members for Christmas last year. It sure does feel good to not have to worry about grabbing my PC if my house is on fire....just my wife.

Comment Video Game Suggestions (Score 1) 458

So I have read through a lot of the decision, and I have come out of it with some video game "recommendations" from the Supreme Court:

Not Safe For Work, most likely:

15 Lah, “RapeLay” Video Game Goes Viral Amid Outrage, CNN (Mar. 30, 2010), game.rape_1_game-teenage-girl-japanese-government?_s=PM:WORLD.
16 Graham, Custer May be Shot Down Again in a Battle of the Sexes Over X-Rated Video Games, People, Nov. 15, 1982, pp. 110, 115.
17 Scheeres, Games Elevate Hate to Next Level, Wired (Feb. 20, 2002),
18 Thompson, A View to a Kill: JFK Reloaded is Just Plain Creepy, Slate (Nov. 22, 2004),

Have fun!

Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 1) 339

You are missing the point. For many poor people, a cellphone is the only access point they have for the Internet outside of public computers in public buildings, with often-restrictive operating hours. (Libraries, etc.)

Not everyone can afford to have home computers and internet connections. Get a little perspective.

Comment Backblaze and other online backups. (Score 1) 266

I have been using Backblaze for the last year or so, and it has increased my calm by a lot. It is cheap, unlimited, and doesn't require me to think about files.

As I am not a shill, Carbonite and Spideroak offer similar plans at similar prices. I am just a HUGE fan of encrypted (private key) offsite backup.

I have only had to recover a file once or twice, but it is so nice to know that all my stuff is available if "something bad" happens. I have actually removed my tower from my "Things to grab if the house is on fire" list. I haven't told my fiance that she was #2 on the list before I had my offsite backup set up....

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