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Comment Re:Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 327

Most people never expand their hardware, they buy a machine, use it as-is for a few years then throw it out and replace it with a newer one...

Apparently the poster does, since they mentioned this. Personally, I'm really fond of upgrading RAM myself, replacing the hard drive when it fails (or I need more storage, which is probably more likely with SSDs), or the battery when it inevitability loses its ability to hold a charge.

Well what updates would you like it to have? There's been nothing really compelling added for years to any os...

I'd be happy if Apple would stop breaking things that developers need. valgrind has been broken for two major OS X (err, sorry, "macOS") releases now, for example. Apple's major innovations on Mac appear to be pointless rebranding, grafting a tiny, pointless iPad to the top of the keyboard, and selling outdated hardware at premium prices.

I do like the TouchID system though, that's great for security.

I can't wait for the new MacBook Pro that'll just be an iPad Pro connected to an iPad (for the keyboard) by an expensive hinge.

Comment Re:1366x768? What is that, the Playmobil Edition? (Score 2) 128

I really wish PC laptop makers would stop with these ridiculous low-resolution screens. Especially up here in Canada, it's difficult to find laptops with reasonable resolutions... so many 15+" 1366x768 and 17" 1600x900 displays, both labelled "HD" or something to trick stupid people.

Either stop making these horrible things, or let me easily search for models based on actual screen resolution rather than just size.

Comment Re:Stateful Encryption Solutions (Score 1) 89

Obviously we feel the same way. :-)

Governments and financial institutions are definitely interested, but it's probably a 5-7 year project for big orgs, similar to the Y2K problem but without a definite goal post. Current best guesses are thinking we'll see a "useful" quantum computer by 2026, but that can't take into account any breakthroughs that might happen.

Comment Re:Stateful Encryption Solutions (Score 1) 89

Some people are already working on cryptosystems that won't be vulnerable to attacks by quantum computers; my company is one of them.

If you're interested, look into hash-based signature schemes, lattice-based cryptography, error-correcting-code-based cryptography, isogenies, and multivariate cryptography.

Comment Senator. Singular. (Score 5, Informative) 199

FTFA: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam B. Schiff"

Schiff is in the House, not the Senate. Furthermore, where did they get this rock solid information from?

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., cited a long history of Russian efforts to influence elections abroad, and said that âoeit shouldnâ(TM)t come as a big shock to peopleâ that Moscow might seek to use cyber capabilities for that purpose.

Clapper, the guy that lied to congress about intelligence activities.

I think that says it all.

Comment It's just ICANN (Score 1) 527

Who cares? It's ICANN. We just build a new domain system that doesn't have a central naming authority based on blockchain or something. Seriously, the internet blows now because all the domains are taken and every time ICANN creates new TLDs, they either ransom them off and/or it's a land grab by squatters. That system is already broken and garbage. I'd much prefer a proof of work system. Want a vanity domain? Go rent yourself an AWS compute farm for a few weeks.

Comment Re:Morons (Score 1) 321

Why do people think things like the Bechdel test are worth more than a fart in the breeze

A test is just providing some objective information about something.

What you do with that is your business.

The Bechdel test was presumably invented to identify movies that fail the Bechdel test as deficient, problematic, etc.

But the test can just as easily be interpreted the other way. Netflix might someday soon come up with a category called "Bechdel Failures" and learn that it is extremely popular with men.

I think it would be great if there was some kind of logo or something that indicated if a movie passed or failed the Bechdel test; feminists could look for passing films, and I could look for failing films.

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