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Comment Senator. Singular. (Score 5, Informative) 199

FTFA: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Adam B. Schiff"

Schiff is in the House, not the Senate. Furthermore, where did they get this rock solid information from?

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr., cited a long history of Russian efforts to influence elections abroad, and said that âoeit shouldnâ(TM)t come as a big shock to peopleâ that Moscow might seek to use cyber capabilities for that purpose.

Clapper, the guy that lied to congress about intelligence activities.

I think that says it all.

Comment It's just ICANN (Score 1) 527

Who cares? It's ICANN. We just build a new domain system that doesn't have a central naming authority based on blockchain or something. Seriously, the internet blows now because all the domains are taken and every time ICANN creates new TLDs, they either ransom them off and/or it's a land grab by squatters. That system is already broken and garbage. I'd much prefer a proof of work system. Want a vanity domain? Go rent yourself an AWS compute farm for a few weeks.

Comment Hey GNU, we need open data, not code (Score 1) 95

Machine learning is software generated by statistical algorithms fit to lots of data. Without the training data, the algorithms alone are quite useless. Pre-trained networks are essentially closed source, because the source is the training data.

There's lots of open source code for this work already. It boils down to who has access to the data. Tesla can turn on autopilot to collect data from its entire fleet for millions of miles traveled. Google doesn't have a fleet, so it wants to collect so much data with Android Auto, automakers are walking away.

GNU, well, they've got some algorithms, just like everyone else.

Comment Re:Why is everybody drawing a line at their phones (Score 1) 546

I don't see anybody protesting that if I lock my house, government can't come in, even with a warrant

That's not an accurate analogy. It would be more accurate to say the government wants a copy of the key to your house. Not only that, but they're not responsible for what happens to your stuff and your family if that key is stolen, copied from them, or misused by someone working for them. They also plan to use it, in secret, without your knowledge. A government agent will be in your house planting cameras and microphones, using the key you provided.

Still okay with that?

Comment Re:He basically said "give us a back door" (Score 4, Informative) 546

If we give the government a back door to our data, it's only a matter of months before criminals and other nation states have that key.

I'm not even concerned about that. If the US Government has the key, that alone is bad enough. This is the same government that has systematically attacked developers as a group. Not terrorists. Software developers. They've launched the digital equivalent of a drone strike on users of this very site. They've developed malware that looks like developer tools. Coincidently, just such malware showed up to attack Chinese developers.

I am just gob smacked that Obama can show up at SXSW for any other reason than to apologize to us. He wants us to dig our own mass graves. Here is your shovel developer. Start digging.

Comment Re:That's one of the biggest problems with OSS (Score 1) 77

Everybody wants the cool job of being one of the original coders. Nobody wants the not-so-cool job of actually maintaining it over the long-term, writing documentation for it, supporting it, etc.

I don't see it that way at all. I find that the maintainers are there because the code is useful to them. It's far easier to take what's there and fix a few bugs than start a whole new version just for the sake of having written it yourself.

Sometimes starting a project is simply implementing something from one language in another. The 'starter' is only interested in getting it to the "good enough" stage that he can use it. I don't consider that cool at all. That's just work. And the starter is just a porter. I'd rather have an existing library that does what I want to do in my language.

Starting a project can happen for more reasons than, "Look at me! I'm reinventing the wheel!" Sometimes, there's one bug that simply can't be fixed in an existing implementation, because it would break literally all the code. Take the '+' operator, for instance. What's 100 + 100? -56 of course! You can't just fix overflow in C or Java or whatever. You have to start something from scratch that does things differently.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 390

It could be so much more fun than this though. Think about it. They are MAILING the letters. Anyone can stick something in the mail. So drive your car down prostitute lane until you get one on purpose. Once you get one, scan, shop, print, mail to all the people you don't like. Hell, get one just to put together a web app and charge $5 to send them. Just enter a name and address of an LA resident. Web app will handle the rest.

Comment Re:Low calorie noodles already exist (Score 1) 159

It's only expensive if you buy it there :) Go to an Asian grocery and look near the tofu in the fridge. You'll probably find the Konnyaku there. It comes as noodles or in a brick that you slice. It's a hard jelly.. a bit like agar, but more firm. It doesn't really have any taste unless you have one of those delicate Japanese palettes, unspoiled by sugary American snacks and hot sauce.

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