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Comment Gynocentric crappola (Score 3, Interesting) 213

More anti-male blindness, demonizing, and beyond-the-pale gynocentrism. It doesn't seem to matter that everything we have as far as science, industry, technology, and government comes from male agressive creativity -- testosterone mediated inventive behaviors. The passive "doership" of the estrogenoni seems to be the only good and useful thing in our politically correct society. I guess James Watt, Maudsley, Edison, Ford, Einstein, Jobs, Gates.....were all making bad testosterone-filled mistakes. Far from mistakes, they made good, aggressive, risk-taking decisions driven by testosterone. It is more likely that the half of the human population that does not do these things is poisoned by its estrogen into being passive to the point of making NO decisions than possibly wrong aggressively creative decisions. Researchers, stop the constant male bashing.

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