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Comment Musk is just delusional. (Score 2) 221

All the things he talks about need intense human maintenance. Which means the humans must come first. But they can't come first without the infrastructure he talks about. Which means the robots must come first. But they need intense maintenance so the humans must come first. But they can't until the infrastructure comes first, so the robots must come first. But they can't until the humans come first.......impossible on the face of it.

Comment Musk is an argument for education... (Score 1) 497

There is nothing on Mars to support the murderously naive idea of a "colony." Everything would have to come from Earth at great, increasing, and continuing expense. In return for what exactly? Billions to support ONE person on Mars. How much to support a million? But that just presupposes that it can work for argument purposes, which it cannot. We are the Earth, not Mars. They would die on the way to Mars or shortly after getting there. There is no separation possible. But, most importantly, the most fundamental of human rights is the right to be born, live, and die on the Earth. You may be able, as an adult, to give up your right to live and die on the Earth, but you can never willingly give up your right to be born here and so be able to consciously make the other two decisions. We need the United Nations to declare the fundamental human right to be born, live, and die on the Earth. Your parents do not have the right to strip from you the most fundamental of human rights.

Comment More alarmist nonsense from Hawking (Score 3, Interesting) 280

The likelihood that another life form traveled the 4.5 billion year path to intelligence, as we did, is close to zero. It assumes that there is a bias toward intelligence in evolution, of which there is no evidence whatsoever. The dinosaurs ruled the Earth for hundreds of millions of years and probably still would if the Chicxulub asteroid had not hit the Earth 65 million years ago, part of a very particular series of events over 4.5 billion years. Chimpanzees, who share 99.9 percent of our DNA are not us. They build no cities, write no great books, land on no moons. Hawking has a teenagers' science-fiction understanding it seems outside of Black Holes. And as far as the "Fermi Paradox" is concerned, it is not a paradox at all. We are not living on the Earth, we ARE the Earth. We are not going to settle the Galaxy, or even the Solar System. We can live nowhere else. We are not mere visitors to the surface of the Earth. We are an intrinsic part of the Earth. It would be the same for any "intelligent species." End of question.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 284

Googling "Sault's Law" turns up no obvious references to this "law".

Of course.

"This actually sounds a lot like Creationist propaganda.."

I don't believe in gods or demons, except as thought-behaviors springing from the inborn Human Motivation Array.

"in fact evolution - including artificial genetic algorithms - have no problem doing this.[create greater complexity]

What about "artifact" is so hard to understand?

Comment This kind of behavior should not surprise people (Score 3, Insightful) 81

The education industry part of the macro-parasite (comprised of government, finance, and business - and which has as one goal: the gathering to itself of all the assets of the mass of people), has identified and targeted the college education as an asset of the mass due to the increase of future earnings that can be expected with a college degree. I've read that increase in future earnings can be a million dollars over a lifetime. Universities and businesses want that money and they will engage in any immoral or illegal activity they have to in order to get it. Tuitions continue to rise in a time of low inflation and low interest rates. There is now over a trillion dollars in student loan debt. That is more than all credit card debt. The mass is being preyed upon with an avidity and efficiency never before seen by man.

Comment My experience with this (Score 1) 51

I went to a sleep test ordered by my doctor and I believe they used electronic stimulation also. It occurred over a year ago. The receptionist just shoved papers at me to sign while smiling innocently, saying they were "just routine," and I signed them without reading them thinking I was having just a sleep test. But, when they tested the electrodes they attached to my head and body I noticed that my calf leg twitched a couple of times. I knew immediately that they were testing OUTPUT, NOT INPUT. But I was exhausted and didn't mention it. I was an electronic brain stimulation Test subject apparently. The sleep test lasted overnight and then they bums rushed me out the door still strangely very groggy. For the next two days I was EXTREMELY irritated. I mean MURDEROUSLY irritated. I felt that if the right situation came along something violent would have happened. I had never felt that irritated before in my life. Fortunately, nothing came up that set off the rage and I was myself again. I believe, based on my one experience that this treatment applied to the wrong psychology could lead to violent acts.

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