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Comment Our machines do that sometimes, unfortunately. (Score 5, Informative) 169

I'm not saying it happened here, but many people do not understand that you have to put things in appropriate packaging for the machines to process. It saddens me every work day to see what is thrown out of the machines without the packaging it came with. No address, no delivery. Only paper goes in envelopes for example. Not hard items. Not keys. Not pens. Not coins. Not makeup you want your friend to try. Not anything but paper. And that is because it has to go around hundreds of steel rollers, held between high speed belts for sorting. If you have a hard item, put it in a flat bubble-wrap protected envelope for protection and processing through the Automated Package Processing System machines, or, better, in a well-taped box with an address written on the box. And NOT a tiny box. Heck, if you have ANYTHING that is very important, put it in a flat or a box and make it bigger than the item by far. And let me say that only a very tiny percentage of the 156 Billion pieces of mail the USPS processes every year is damaged, destroyed or lost. And most all of that is due to improper packaging of items. Think before you send because people don't route mail anymore, multi million dollar machines do, and at high speed and accuracy.

Comment More nonsense from scientists (Score 1) 159

We (humanity) don't even know if diseases ARE diseases from evolution's viewpoint. They may simply be an evolutionary vector, a change on the way to something else. But let's fix evolution for individual humans. And how many times have we seen this cycle? They have a serious concern. They have conferences and write papers. Then they do it anyway, because it is interesting to them.

Comment Downside (Score 1) 532

Eighty percent of schizophrenics smoke, and scientists have recently found that nicotine increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex of the brain, lessening some symptoms of the disorder. Are there other reasons for self medication with nicotine?

Comment Oh goody! (Score 1) 44

"... the algorithm scored 91% as well as the doctors, in terms of sensitivity (catching all the cancerous lesions)..."

Great, it only killed 9% of the people! Let's start using this magnificent technology! Think of the money that will be saved!

A fundamental problem with computers doing medicine is that it reduces the number of people in medicine and therefore the advance of diagnostics and technique. Computers don't push anything forward. Use too many computers and you will freeze medicine in place at some steady level of knowledge.

Comment Inevitable (Score 1) 537

This is bound to happen. But it is merely a thin veneer argument covering the real intent, and that is to reach into the future to pocket the future earnings of students seeking an education. The education business considers the value-added life of their students to belong to them. I point out that there is a Macroparasitic (government, finance, business) infection abroad in the country today of such virulence that I'm afraid it will not be stoppable short of collapse and violence by the mass of people. The Macroparasite, aided by technology, is targeting any asset of the mass to transfer it to its own pocket. The result of this will be the complete devaluing of a STEM education, damaging this country. Why would anyone get an education if no benefit can be expected from doing so? Do they expect people to go through the effort and expense of getting an education for the good of society alone, gathering to themselves crushing, un-payable debt in the process?

Comment A little late... (Score 3) 229

This battle has already been lost. Cameras are everywhere and growing in number. Everything you do or say on the internet is parsed now. Your data is stolen on a regular basis. I've had Amazon Echo since the beginning and it is integrating itself into my life skill by skill. What's the weather? What's my commute time? What's on my calendar? Put this on my calendar. Buy this; buy that. (I have a mountain of TP sent by just telling her to buy it since it is already on my list, for example) Music. Lights control. Heat and air. And more skills are coming. She learns things using AI. When it comes to my car I'll have it even better. Put down that crank mentality and get a car with a starter.

Comment Another possibility (Score 1) 299

Supposedly there is a 7% difference between the machine tally and the paper tally. They ascribe this to voting machines being hacked. I suggest it might as well be thought that the machines are correct and that the traditional ways of "hacking" paper ballot totals are responsible for the difference.

Comment Madam Curie (Score 4, Insightful) 266

Madam Curie won two nobel prizes, one in chemistry (1911), one in physics.(1903). She didn't need "women's privilege" to do it. She did it the old fashioned way, she earned it. All women's privilege does in any area is debase it. But if the Dutch wish to debase their science for reasons of gender pandering and political correctness, that is their right. Too bad. They can kiss goodbye to respect for Dutch scientific achievement.

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