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Comment Re:killers (Score 1) 392

"We have industrial accidents all the time." You could have worked for Andrew Carnegie as a steel mill manager in the 1800s. He had the same cold disregard for human life.

"The question is will we have fewer and less-fatal vehicular collisions with such systems as autopilot than with straight manual driving?" And you are willing to run experiments on millions of Americans to find out. Didn't the Nazis run experiments on people?

"If your 7-year-old daughter dies in a situation made possible because of a policy change that saved 357 working-class Americans, 20 retirees, and that one old lady in a wheelchair from such a horrible death, simultaneously preventing thousands of injuries and an enormous amount of property damage, well..."

"If...." And I love how people make up numbers to support their want or need. How about 3,578 working-class Americans, 200,000 retirees, and that one old lady in a wheelchair with a cute puppy on her lap....

I work with dangerous multimillion dollar machines festooned with e-stops and interlocks for the protection of humans from your easily forgiven "industrial accidents." These expensive machines are put down, locked out, without question, instantly, at the slightest indication that a human being could be harmed by a machine. Our facility garnered half a million dollars in OSHA fines for safety violations that people like you would scoff at. Yes, Dorothy, we aren't in the 1800s anymore. We don't allow machines to kill people. And we must not allow computer-driven cars to either.

Comment Tricky Dick (Score 1) 801

Hillarious is just Tricky Dick in a pantsuit. Missing tape segment or missing emails. Didn't Nixon say that if the president does it, it must be legal? The thought process behind both is the same. And as for an "enemies list" and the use of government against her political enemies, expect the same. Get ready for a wild ride if she is elected president.

Comment killers (Score 1) 392

As I've pointed out before, Congress is going to have to allow machines to kill people in order for these to become widespread. Since the companies making these machines are very powerful and spread a lot of money around, you can be sure Congress will pass the requisite laws. Hop to, lackey Congress! Allowing machines to kill people crosses a line that we will never be able to go behind again.

Comment Sqreater's Law (Score 1) 951

A thing cannot make an artifact as complex as itself. It is an asymptotic goal. Like the speed of light, it would require more and more energy and effort the closer you approach the goal. That is what is wrong. Elon Musk makes straight-line projections into the future, which are almost always wrong.

Comment Don't listen to reasons, excuses etc. (Score 1) 1023

This is what is happening: The Macroparasite, comprised of government, finance, and business, identifies and targets all assets of the mass of people in order to absorb those assets. Those assets are time, money, jobs, and anything else you can think of as an asset. The Macroparasite has been trying to turn them into money in its own pocket since the beginning of time. However, there have always been inefficiencies in identifying and absorbing the assets of The Mass. But with the advent of advanced computer and communications technology the Macroparasite has become extremely good at taking your assets. If you plot the advance of high tech against the wealth gap you will see what I mean. American industries could not have gone overseas at the rate they have been in recent decades without the revolution in computers and communications technology. Why did they go? They were transferred overseas to absorb your job asset and put the money in it's own pocket. The fast food industry would eventually absorb its jobs by way of robots even at a 3 dollar per hour rate eventually. It is not about the cost of workers; it is about the money workers take from the bottom line at ANY pay and benefits level. They are transferring the job asset of the mass into their own pockets and blaming The Mass for its greed to have a decent life....or any life at all. As for money, tuition increases are far beyond inflation and interest rates. The future debt load of today's graduate is unconscionable. The education business part of the Macroparasite, in its overarching greed, has realized that future earnings are an asset of a significant part of The Mass and it wants them. Student debt is now over one trillion dollars, more than all credit card debt. It used to be that an education was something you bought and paid for and the benefit accrued to you and your family over your lifetime. Not anymore. The benefit is rapidly being transferred into the pockets of the Macroparasite. Also, interest rates in this country have taken 400 billion dollars a year away from depositors in interest and transferred it directly into the pockets of the finance community part of the Macroparasite. And now it wants to take what you have in the present through NEGATIVE interest rates. Effectively saying that all you have belongs to them. As for your financial future, you don't have one. The U.S. Government part of the Macroparasite, by way of the Congress, Treasury Department, and the Federal Reserve System, has saddled you and your children and grandchildren with about 100 trillion dollars of unsustainable debt and obligations. As for the rights asset of The Mass, look around you. Rights are under relentless assault by the Macroparasite on all fronts from free speech to gun rights etc. What can you do? Not much. Hyperliberals intent on saving everyone from everything, including your rights, and the smug, fatcat lobbyists of smug, fatcat corporations in conspiracy with a corrupt and incompetent government have stripped you, the citizen, of practically every form of influence. We even have a President who, in his recent State of The Union Address, referred to the American People as "noise." But you still have the vote. And if a sledgehammer is all they leave you to express your anger, perhaps you should swing it.

Comment Given up. (Score 1) 183

I've given up trying to figure out who is listening to what, when, and what they are doing with it. I've gone "dumb home." I use a double-pole single-throw knife switch like they have in the old Frankenstein movie to turn my burner on and off. The crackle of electricity and the smell of ozone is very invigorating in the morning (and I get to yell "It's aliiiive" for the neighbors). I don't think Google has figured out a way to monetize it yet, but I hear they are working on it.

Comment Cowards, all. (Score 2) 546

This is the same president that called citizens trying to influence their elected representatives "noise" in his latest State of the Union Address. This is the same president that called the United States military, "my military" during the Syrian crisis. This is the same president that tries to rule by Executive Order because he doesn't understand or accept the legislative power of Congress. Now he tells us we must allow the government to access every communication we have in case we are child pornographers or terrorists. This is a man who doesn't understand or accept personal rights, freedoms, and privacy, and their cost. This is a king.

Rights and freedoms are defended not just on the battlefields of our nation's wars, but in our daily lives. And when we can no longer pay the daily price for freedom and rights we can no longer have them. We have become a nation of cowards unwilling to pay the price of rights. Because of hyper-liberals like the president we must raise the suffering of individuals, however few, above the rights and freedoms of the 320 million Americans who live today, and the perhaps billions to come. Rights and freedoms are controversial because they cost. And rights and freedoms, once lost, are only regained by blood. That is a lesson of history..

You cannot save the last life without destroying every right and freedom we have, and not even then. This is a sad truth that adults in a true democracy should understand.

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