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Comment A little late... (Score 3) 229

This battle has already been lost. Cameras are everywhere and growing in number. Everything you do or say on the internet is parsed now. Your data is stolen on a regular basis. I've had Amazon Echo since the beginning and it is integrating itself into my life skill by skill. What's the weather? What's my commute time? What's on my calendar? Put this on my calendar. Buy this; buy that. (I have a mountain of TP sent by just telling her to buy it since it is already on my list, for example) Music. Lights control. Heat and air. And more skills are coming. She learns things using AI. When it comes to my car I'll have it even better. Put down that crank mentality and get a car with a starter.

Comment Another possibility (Score 1) 299

Supposedly there is a 7% difference between the machine tally and the paper tally. They ascribe this to voting machines being hacked. I suggest it might as well be thought that the machines are correct and that the traditional ways of "hacking" paper ballot totals are responsible for the difference.

Comment Madam Curie (Score 4, Insightful) 266

Madam Curie won two nobel prizes, one in chemistry (1911), one in physics.(1903). She didn't need "women's privilege" to do it. She did it the old fashioned way, she earned it. All women's privilege does in any area is debase it. But if the Dutch wish to debase their science for reasons of gender pandering and political correctness, that is their right. Too bad. They can kiss goodbye to respect for Dutch scientific achievement.

Comment I usually see things differently (Score 1) 164

I see the Big Bang as a one-zero event during which something that wasn't comes into existence. That one thing was just "space." So I see the universe as composed of different densities of space coming into existence according to when during the Big Bang they came into existence. "Matter" then is just a very dense form of space. What we call "space" is just the "lightest" form of space. But there may be simply a "denser" form of space that came earlier in the Big Bang. Gravity being a property of space. And when a nuclear reaction takes place, what is actually happening is the conversion of a denser form of space (matter) into its less dense form and expanding, the analog being what happens in a conventional explosive when it detonates. The movement that is produced by this being called "energy." So, Dark Matter may be nothing more than the gravitational effect of dense space and there is no space of the density to be called matter in its conventional understanding causing the gravitational effects they are trying to explain. Perhaps our universe is nothing more than the result of a splitting "ATOM." I see the universe as a cauldron of condensing and expanding space. (E=MC^2 may actually be Space = MC^2)

Comment Work is more than a money producer. (Score 3, Informative) 426

Work gives one a sense of pride in accomplishment and soaks up our time. It is a social activity that matures us through forced interaction with many other different people. It gives a sense of belonging and inclusion. It stabilizes us. And when did a "basic income" afford anyone the means to enjoy life, to do "other things?" Will we all go deep sea fishing? How about taking up flying? Travel the world? No, more likely we will end up eating biscuits of indeterminable composition and sitting in our tin-roofed hovels in our burlap sacks. It takes much more than merely food and shelter and clothing to satisfy the broad human motivation array, and a basic income will not allow that. Thus, there will be massive discontent and violence. Not to be religious, but how long have we known that "idle hands are the devil's workshop."

Comment Re: The basic assumption.. (Score 1) 128

A chimp has 98-99 percent of our dna and has never developed a written language or invented a significant thing. As for other animals being "intelligent" I deny that their simple behaviors qualify. You set the bar far to low to declare something intelligent. And spending millions of dollars to provoke "intelligent behavior" to prove other species are intelligent doesn't prove it. What does a species do naturally is what matters.

Comment The basic assumption.. (Score 2) 128

The basic assumption is that there is an evolutionary bias toward intelligence and that intelligence can exist in physical forms other than ours, which developed over four billion years. Of the infinite number of possible evolutionary paths ours is just one and I don't think it has any special place in evolution. I certainly don't think there are intelligent squirrels, fish etc. It is all just a tremendous waste of time and energy. First prove that there is an evolutionary bias toward intelligence, then go looking for "aliens." That would make more sense to me. But even then, because of the spans of time and space, the likelihood that we will exist at the same time and proximate is small. Is there an evolutionary bias toward intelligence?

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