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Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 2) 126

Anyone? Even people who put 100+ hours into the game? It shouldn't take that long to determine that the game doesn't live up to expectations.

Oh my dear god, not this all over again? We discussed this here already, and it's been discussed why that's wrong. Please go back to the prior discussion and read about it.

Comment Re:I think you're wrong. (Score 2) 103

No citations or evidence to support my viewpoint. Such a shame common sense isn't.

No, it is. You've just explained why nobody is taking you seriously. There's nothing to support your viewpoint. It's common sense to ignore it until such time as there is. He's useful tp Russia even if he does nothing but speak occasionally and rile us up, keep us arguing amongst ourselves. If he gets caught being involved in espionage then he loses all credibility, and it's easy to leak information in that fashion. It makes more sense to assume that they're just using him to nettle us.

Comment Re:This Is How They Raise Money (Score 1) 349

Everyone benefits if each group can have Nationalism, and preserve itself.

Well, that suggests the question of whether each group can have nationalism and preserve itself, especially when a number of them clearly have directly opposing ideals and want to inhabit the same space. I submit that nationalism is bad for both the Zionists and the Palestinians. Absent their irrational bullshit beliefs, of which the nationalistic ones are only part, they could live together — and they'd probably both benefit from throwing away the dumb parts of their cultures even if they didn't do that. That doesn't make them unique in the world, they're just currently an extremely visible case study.

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 1) 349

Evolution tells us that different environments create selection pressure for/against different traits, which causes species to differentiate into distinct haplogroups or entirely different species.

Science tells us that "species" as a term is highly overrated and grossly misunderstood. But by no definition are different kinds of humans anywhere near to being different species. You might describe them as different varieties, at most.

Most everyone agrees that modern humans left Africa and spread throughout the world between 50,000 - 100,000 years ago. Now if I were to take any other animal, say a canid, and stick a bunch of them in northern europe and a bunch of them in Africa and then ask if you if it's possible that after 100,000 years we'd get very different animals descended from the common ancestors, you'd agree.

The things about them that needed to change will have changed. The things that didn't mostly won't.

But if that animal is man instead of a dog you'd call me an evil racist to suggest that perhaps the cold climates of northern europe selected against those humans who weren't intelligent enough to make long-term plans while the year-round abundance of food in Africa selected against the weak and slow but not against the unintelligent.

That's because it's an unintelligent argument. Intelligence is good for you no matter what your situation, and strength and speed don't preclude intelligence. Also, stupid people have intelligent children, and vice versa.

For instance, in the United States the average IQ for blacks is 85, 92 for Latinos, 100 for whites, 108 for asians, and 115 for Ashkenazi Jews. This correlates very well to income levels for each group.

Correlation, he said, is not causation. That's a sophomoric error. Is this just a kiddie troll?

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 1) 349

SJWs rarely work that way, opting to mete out their own version of justice by harassing and finding ways to ruin the victims lives by getting them fired, evicted, etc.

While no doubt there's plenty of so-called SJWs who behave that way, those tactics are used a lot more by the dickheads they fight with. You're surprised when they take up those tactics? See: Gamergate.

Comment Re:True for most "confidential" databases (Score 1) 146

And it's worth noting that it's pretty cheap to get access to a crapload of those databases at once through one crappy web search, and all you need is a business license. Whee! You do have to promise not to misuse the results, but [obviously] nothing technical prevents them from storing and perhaps reselling your data, or misusing it in any other way you can imagine.

Comment Re:Antarctica (Score 1) 448

You need an endless supply of money to keep restocking the base. It is not that it would be insanely expensive to get people there, it will also be insanely expensive to keep them alive.

So? We do lots of less sensible things which are senselessly expensive. Why shouldn't we send people to Mars? Or the Moon, or both. It makes more sense than an iPhone without a miniplug

Comment Re:Karma is dead on arrival (Score 1) 55

With those foldable propellors it looks a lot more portable too: not just small, but safe to carry around in a backpack or bag without breaking.

Those are the most interesting part of the whole design, and I look forward to being able to buy something similar in a 10 inch prop for not too much money. Right now folding props are expensive.

Comment Re:Certainly the work of heroic Russian hackers . (Score 2) 103

(I couldn't resist - or is anybody here naÃve enough to believe that Mr. Snowden is not being, er, *asked* to help with their efforts in this regard?)

Why would he even be useful in that regard? He accomplished what he accomplished because at the time he had access. Now he doesn't. He's only useful to Russia as a PR symbol.

Comment Re:I do not care a shit about this... (Score 2) 349

Has slashdot become the outlet of political correctness gone wrong and pussies of the world united?

No, it's just the outlet of wrong, since the headline is inflammatory bullshit. The ADL did not declare Pepe to be a hatemonger. They mentioned that some people are making Nazi Pepes, and that some of these are symbols of hate. (Obviously you can make Nazi characters without promoting Nazism, by using them as targets of humor or what have you.)

Isn't pussies of the world united a lesbian film? Talk about V2V

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