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Submission + - Canadian chief criticizes critics of antiterrorism (

selven writes: The director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service chastised those critical of Canada's efforts to fight terrorism. "Many of our opinion leaders have come to see the fight against terrorism not as defending democracy and our values, but as attacking them. Almost any attempt to fight terrorism by the government is portrayed as an overreaction or an assault on liberty" director Fadden explained. He believes that terrorism is the ultimate attack on liberty, and attacks the way the media supposedly treats terrorists as heroes, making terrorist connections a badge of honor in the fight against what Fadden believes the media believes is the real enemy — the government.

This lack of understanding of why modern anti-terrorist policies are often criticized is not excusable anywhere and it is vitally important that we criticize this ignorance before Canada's conservative government (the one that hired this director) puts more restrictive and misguided policies into law.

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