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Comment Re:futurist (Score 2, Interesting) 522

Your faith that ingenuity will solve all problems before they happen is a little ridiculous. And frankly, a panicking electorate is probably the best way to mobilize government to hedge our bets against a potential disaster. If the government doesn't do something, who do you think will? You think the market will miraculously self correct? BS. The market brings us unstable bubbles with violent and sudden collapses. The government mitigates or prevents these disasters.

Comment Re:Maybe they shouldn't be using the largest... (Score 1) 127

And don't kid yourself that your OS of choice is intrinsically more secure simply because it's not Windows.

If you don't see a problem with letting the common user have administrative permissions, then perhaps you're not the best judge of security. Windows has made some big improvements here, but it's still got some issues. Don't kid yourself into believing that rarity is the only reason why Linux is safer.

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