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Comment Re:What the actual fuck (Score 2) 255

More than likely you're a functioning pothead just holding on like a lot of functioning alcoholics. And the common trait of both is that neither recognise they have a problem.

I've smoked marijuana before. Can't say I liked it all that much, or that I think it was very addictive. It certainly never turned me into a dangerous asshole like alcohol does with a lot of people. I do have a problem with nicotine and caffeine though. They don't turn me into a dangerous asshole either. An extremely strong argument can be made that alcohol and nicotine are both far more dangerous than marijuana. They are legal, while marijuana is not only illegal, it is a schedule 1 drug but has demonstrable medical value and is blatantly safer than alcohol. Whatever society gains by preventing a certain number of people from turning into potheads, it loses by transforming otherwise productive members of the community into criminals, militarizes the police, and puts a large financial burden on the tax payers to imprison and capture users. It's stupid, pot is not worth all the effort.

Comment Re:Gotta love brutal honesty. (Score 1) 474

Musk is just pimping the fantasy that this is a bold and perilous endeavor that only those who dare to be remembered as heroes will join.

He doesn't have to, frontiers do this all by themselves. Humans are wired for wanderlust. Some more than others--some climb mountains and some sit at a computer all day arm-chair-quarterbacking every human endeavor to make sure everyone is nice and nannied.

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