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Comment Re:Gotta love brutal honesty. (Score 1) 439

Musk is just pimping the fantasy that this is a bold and perilous endeavor that only those who dare to be remembered as heroes will join.

He doesn't have to, frontiers do this all by themselves. Humans are wired for wanderlust. Some more than others--some climb mountains and some sit at a computer all day arm-chair-quarterbacking every human endeavor to make sure everyone is nice and nannied.

Comment No surprise here (Score 2) 467

Teenagers whine about getting their money back more frequently than they masturbate. If the server goes down for a few hours, money back. If their character dies, money back. If someone griefs them, money back. If Joe has green armor and John can't get some too, money back. If they're bored with playing this game after a month, money back. I'm not even joking here. If you've ever frequented any MMO forum all the way back to Ultima Online (literally just pick any MMO) they're loaded with these kids whining about refunds.

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