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Comment Re:Not the place we buy things that sucke (Score 3, Insightful) 78

What exactly are you saving for? If you die at 89 year old tomorrow with $10 million in the bank, what good was that $10 million to you?

This is a straw-man. You presuppose conditions that are not only of your own devising, but are highly unlikely and exceedingly rare. Most don't even live to 89, and most that do aren't sitting on that kind of a pile of cash, or if they are it's because they're still earning through their investments and are living the way that they want to, they're not denying themselves.

Most people that make a point of planning their long-term finances do so with an eye toward maintaining a comfortable standard of living throughout their lives, including during retirement. They do not want to lose quality of life when they no longer have an income. This means hitting peak savings at retirement age, where the money plus any further interest or growth will last for the remaining years in roughly the same amount as when one was working.

Saving for the future does not mean having to live like a pauper unless one has a job that pays incredibly poorly, but it does mean having discipline to avoid squandering one's money frivolously.

Comment Re:But.... (Score 1) 78

what if it causes autism?

We had malaria on the ropes and nearly wiped out. Then the propaganda piece "Silent Spring" with a bunch of bad science, bad data, outright lies, and heartstring-plucking was published and picked up by environmental groups who screamed at the government to "do something!", and so they did. They worked to ban the use of DDT as widely as possible and gave malaria a reprieve. The DDT ban was based on lies and those lies and the ones who knowingly used those lies in their political/ideological causes anyway are responsible for all the deaths, suffering, and economic losses from malaria since then.


Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 178

Yes Sir, that's another one of our great hits! Between you me and the fence post, we're also looking into commissioning a pilot for a new show called NCIS:Cyber, featuring the Naval Criminal Intelligence agencies that protect our brave Marines from hackers.

Also, I don't know if you like to laugh (who doesn't?) but we're looking for some top notch comedy writers for our humorous look at the "science" world, The Big Bang Theory. If you think you have what it takes, and are familiar with the kinds of shows nerds watch, like The Star Trek, and Firebug, send us your resume and some samples of your work, and maybe you can join our writing team!

- LM

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