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Comment Re:Okay, so they've been spying (Score 1) 63

Now what?

Intercept NSA/GCHQ communications and/or hack them back? DDoS all their IP ranges? What's good for the goose is good for the gander? Crowd-source the gathering of any identifying data/biometrics of those working for NSA/GCHQ with phone apps and host an open/searchable database online? Why would they stop if there's no cost/push-back?

They have to come to understand that spying on everyone as they have been will cause a backlash that will seriously impair their ability to do *actual* national-security duties.


Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 9

Well, I'm talking about the American one you're so valiantly defending...

Trudeau? Eh, another centrist... Not much will happen...

Do you wear plaid and stripes together too?

Why yes! I do! Sometimes with an Hawaiian shirt and a carnation. The colors are beautiful, and it's easy to find a dance partner.

It's one thing to pine for some generic 3rd party candidate, another to think either Stein or Johnson are worth a good god damn.

Better than Clinton or Trump, at least worth the shot. But, I guess you would rather people not vote and take the chance... Fine, live with Trump then, and don't complain too much.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, the conversation is a little more nuanced.

Yeah, well, it's all mumbo-jumbo bullshit. The Animal Planet explains it much better.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions that you are, in fact, a Republican!

No, thank you for confirming your irrational bias that makes this conversation a wash! Democrats are just as beholden, and act accordingly, just like the republicans. In addition to your obvious bias you are only blaming the object of desire and not the desire itself, where the real problem is. And still, the blame lies with the voters who (re)elect the bling. Only they can turn all that money into confetti.

Because the requirements for amendment are so high: 67% of both HoC, or 75% of all States.

A good safety valve to prevent a simple majority from being the dictator. In other words, something closer to an actual consensus, which is much more valuable than mere polarizing 'democracy'. I fully agree with those requirements.

Hehehe, spoken like a true conservative.

Makes no sense, but, whatever. Your so-called 'liberalism' is subject to opinion and seems highly doubtful with your tendency to appease. But then using the Canadian party definition could explain that.

Comment Re:Another one to add to the list (Score 1) 21

Laugh it up, monkey boy. You reflect no ideology except that of appeasement. You are more 'establishment' that you will ever know, or accept when revealed to you. In other words a weaselly centrist, safely staying in the middle of the herd.

you're still a capitalist

Exactly how is that supposed to be offensive? I'm not sure what you mean by that. Is it some kind Trump angst thing? Care to explain, or are you just going to say I'm too dumb to understand? Let's see what you got there, if anything at all....

I mean, for your edification, I rest very comfortably and consistently very near the bottom left corner of that little political compass there, for what that is worth. So of course I stand alone. But looking at Canada, I can see your difficulties. Your Overton window is only a tiny bit wider than the US. What's up with the Greens? More right wing and authoritarian than NDP... And 'Liberal', what a horrible misnomer.

But go ahead, precious little snowflake, tell yourself how awesome you are.

:-) This is why I love you, man. You can twist anything into quite an impressive knot. Seems to be how you build the pedestal you put your own self on.

Comment Re:The democratic party is a lost cause (Score 1) 9

Nice deflection, I guess.

That would be your department.

I'm not bitter. I am laughing, at you... You put up shitty candidates, you should expect to lose and expect people not to show up at your party. The simplicity is confounding you. That is maybe why the lesson is lost on you.

You have zero evidence for this claim.

Nonsense. The bank bailouts including the whole Wall Street whitewashing, taxes (especially the horrendous bureaucracy), war, patriot act, gutting Social Security, welfare 'reform', prohibition. mass incarceration, ACA, compromise, appeasement, instead of opposition in everything that matters. The democrats have to coalesce with conservatives all over the country to win their seats, the presidency (Carter, Clinton) or pass anything in congress. They draw all their money from the same 'big business' trough as the republicans, merely different sectors. There is no difference between Soros and Koch. Both sides take their orders from Kissinger and Brzezinski, while you obsess over Cheney, which I still find truly hilarious. Their 'liberalism' is entirely fake, existing simply to divert 'lefty' money away from any real opposition. Again it is you, the apologist, that is in denial. You cannot accept that this is *good cop-bad cop*, but it is exactly that. It's not a 'conspiracy' (another of your deflections), it is just common interests. There are liberal people in the US, but they have no representation. The democrats only give false hope. But they are strictly machine politicians. If they were for real, voting rates would go way up.

No alternatives.

Again you are full of it. I have recommended giving the already known alternatives just one chance. If you vote for democrats, or republicans, you are a loser, unless you derive a direct personal benefit from their corruption, and you deserve every kick you get from me and the rest of our tiny minority regardless your motivation.

Citizens United was a perfectly fair ruling. There is no law that requires you vote for the guy with the biggest expense account. It is very easy to tune them out. Voting for them is by your own volition and nothing else. You won't get away with blaming the money here. That is just another one of your bullshit deflections. It couldn't be more obvious that you get corruption because you vote for and reelect it over and over. That 97% speaks so very loudly.

Well, it's undemocratic, for starters....


Oh fuck me

No thanks... The constitution is an operating manual. Read the fucking thing. It is still perfectly serviceable to this day, and the procedure for modifying it is all spelled out very clearly, maybe too clearly for you.

humans aren't that bright

Gawd I love it. Be sure to include yourself.

Comment Re:Bluetooth Headphones (Score 1) 316

Plus Bluetooth on Android (may be true of iOS too, no idea) is fairly bug ridden and crappy. I've seen three relatively recent Android phones that crash if they try to connect to our minivan's BT system. Googling for "bluetooth share has stopped" (the error message the phones give) show this is a common problem and has been for some years. Looks like the 4.x series was the last version of Android that had remotely stable Bluetooth support.

You'd think, at the very least, Samsung would hold off until Google can put out a half way stable Bluetooth stack.

Comment Re:Wrong even if correct (Score 0) 227

Also keep in mind the fed was created because of one of these conditions.

If you want to know how & why and by whom the Federal Reserve was created, read "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin.

It' best, and the implications flowing from what's revealed are downright frightening, though it does explain a lot of what's happened over the years regarding the Fed, the economy, and the US Dollar.


Comment Re:Youtube is not just a Music service (Score 1) 195

Many Youtube users never use it for music covered by the RIAA so it is not fair to compare it to services like Spotify that are primarily for music.

Google/YT should try suspending all the record label and label-signed artists' accounts for a full business quarter and see if the labels/IFPI/RIAA change their attitude after they watch their bottom-lines take a plunge.

The labels and their stables of artists need YT more than YT needs them.


Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 195

This is absolutely nothing new.

Before he became a homicidal maniac, Phil Spector was a maniac responsible for the sound that many acts had. He was not ever considered part of the bands that he was ostensibly a Producer for, but he made lineup choices, made arrangements of the tunes brought by bands, and worked extensively in the editing booth after the tracks were laid-down.

If anything the only change is that modern technology lets the producer involve far fewer other people in crafting an act's sound, and makes it possible for the act to tour with what used to be only achievable as a studio sound.

It almost doesn't matter how an act is discovered, what the people in the group must be willing to let their act be subjected-to is what will define where the label is willing to market them and how much effort they're willing to spend.

Comment Re:Need a change of leadership (Score 4, Informative) 54

Jack Valenti, who shaped the modern era of the MPAA as its President for 38 years, was not Jewish. His parents were Italian immigrants, so it's fairly likely that he was Catholic.

On Valenti's stepping-down in 2004, Dan Glickman was made President of the MPAA. He admittedly was Jewish, but he doesn't appear to have changes Valenti's policies too dramatically.

Glickman left the MPAA in 2010 after only six years, to be replaced by Chuck Dodd, who is not Jewish.

So for the last fifty years, someone whose religion can be described as Jewish was the head of the MPAA only 12% of the time. This seems to rather invalidate your argument.

Comment Re:Another one to add to the list (Score 1) 21

That's not what we call the liberal party here in Canada

Yeah, real liberals should sue over the trademark violation.

Ah details... So obsessed, you don't see the forest. From inside the plane, you can't see the tail is on fire...

And of course you would also be obsessed with style. That certainly explains much of your shtick...

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