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Submission + - Buy your own Mechwarrior ( 1

Sparticus789 writes: Suidobashi Heavy Industry, based in Japan, has designed a 12-foot tall robot that is piloted by a person situated inside the chest cavity. Priced at US $1.35 million, it comes customized with "paint schemes, upholstery options, and other options." Fortunately for us, it is currently only armed with water cannons and a BB machine gun.

Submission + - Army creates a directed lightning bolt weapon (

Sparticus789 writes: Army researchers at Picatinny Labs in New Jersey have developed a prototype weapon which uses a directed lightning bolt to destroy vehicles and unexploded ordinance. The weapon works on the premise that "A target, an enemy vehicle or even some types of unexploded ordnance, would be a better conductor than the ground it sits on."

Are we one step closer to C&C:Red Alert Tesla coils?


Submission + - US government spending $19 million to assign contractors a number (

Sparticus789 writes: A GAO report shows that "The government handles more than $1 trillion a year in contracts and grants. Washington needs to assign a unique number to each one of them, to track all the businesses and other entities it deals with. For more than three decades, it has turned to one company — Dun & Bradstreet — for its numbering needs." The article goes on to say "the government is now spending roughly $19 million a year on the system that cost just $1 million annually one decade ago."

The database only contains 625,000 entries, how many better ways are there to store this same amount of data?

Submission + - New Green Lantern is Gay (

Sparticus789 writes: "Coming out of Kapow!, headlines formed across comic book media when Dan Didio made an off-hand remark at a panel about the introduction of a new gay character in the DC Universe – an established, “iconic” character that used to be straight. DC Comics has officially revealed that character to be Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern"

Smart move by DC or is this just an attention grab?

Submission + - Terrorism charges for molotoc cocktails? ( 1

Sparticus789 writes: Authorities in Chicago have arrested 3 men for "terrorism conspiracy charges Saturday stemming from allegations that they tried to make Molotov cocktails ahead of the NATO summit" So this begs the question, what constitutes terrorism? When I think of terrorism, I think of WMDs and something much more dangerous than a Molotov cocktail. What else can the U.S. Government say is for "terrorism" purposes? Web proxies? Remailers? Tor exit nodes? A CS student making a new encryption method?

Submission + - GAO study shows 3 trillion barrels of recoverable oil in U.S. (

Sparticus789 writes: A GAO report starts out by saying "Oil shale deposits in the Green River Formation are estimated to contain up to 3 trillion barrels of oil, half of which may be recoverable, which is about equal to the entire world’s proven oil reserves." The Green River Formation is located in the Colorado/Montana/ Wyoming area. Is this the way to stop OPEC?

Submission + - Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Sho (

Sparticus789 writes: The day after the Trayvon Martin shooting, George Zimmerman went to his doctor was was "diagnosed with a 'closed fracture' of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury". The article goes on to say "Zimmerman's three-page medical report is included in those documents that the defense could use as evidence."

Submission + - Vulnerabilities in SSD Forensic recovery. (

Sparticus789 writes: Want to keep your information private and not accessible by law enforcement? Buy a solid-state drive. Experimentation has shown that SSDs "appears that the garbage collection that took place within a few minutes during Experiment 1 had affected every file on the disk, had deleted metadata supporting the existence of 99.66% of files, and had prevented recovery of 99.997% of file data." Write blockers were ineffective at preventing this, as the garbage collection is a firmware process and only requires the drive to be powered on.

The article further goes on to say that "Solid-state drives of all types and data stored on such drives should be immediately and henceforth considered to be a 'grey area' as far as forensic recovery and legal validation are concerned until extensive studies have been made of drive and data behaviour."

Submission + - Bearing Sea Ice sets record (

Sparticus789 writes: In another blow to the Global Warming alarmists, "Arctic sea ice has persistently dwindled over the last three decades, yet sea ice set record highs in waters around Alaska this past winter." The article goes on to say "Alaska's mainland spent this last winter in the grip of bone-chilling low temperatures and record-high snowfalls, the result of cyclical climate conditions that kept much of the lower 48 states at record high temperatures, while plunging Alaska into a deep freeze that helped keep the ice frozen.

Submission + - Stealth Ship for Sale ( 2

Sparticus789 writes: Looks like the Navy is doing some housecleaning and selling off failed experiments, "Yup, the Lockheed Martin-built Sea Shadow is being auctioned off from its home in the Suisun Bay ghost fleet in California." Bidding is right now at $100,000 and it even comes with the dock.

Don't get your hopes of an evil hideout, the fine print says "THE EX-SEA SHADOW SHALL BE DISPOSED OF BY COMPLETELY DISMANTLING AND SCRAPPING WITHIN THE U.S.A.

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