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Comment Re:The Reality Distortion Field. (Score 3, Informative) 106

Sure, but put it into perspective of Apple's overall sales.

2106: $215B total revenues

Apple would have to sell $2B of just smart watches for it to be more than 1% of gross revenues, or a rounding error. Which is bigger than the entire smart watch market.

Does every large company report on every line of sales that's less than 1%? Or do they often just roll it into 'Other' or some larger product line?

Criticizing Apple for doing the same just shows a level of ignorance that is most likely based in blind hatred.

Comment Re:New Apple spx: Donald Trump (Score 1) 106

Actually, they've been carrying debt for the last couple years when it became cheap to do so, and they couldn't repatriate their earnings w/o huge tax losses.

Nothing major (for their scale of business), but it is somewhere on the order of $50B. That may sound a lot to you, but it's a couple weeks of sales to them.

Comment Re:I always thought (Score 2) 106

You would really suck as busienss.

Apple is the most profitable company in the phone industry (104% profit while at ~20% of sales)
Apple is the most profitable company in the computer industry (~25% profit while at ~5% of sales)

Apple has zero recognition in the 'bread-and-butter' computing. They tried it for a while, couldn't cut it, so they got out. Everyone only wants the cheapest CPU/RAM/storage per $.

So, try to justify from a business point of view why they would move somewhere else, that doesn't involve losing money. Because everything you mentioned is a money losing prospect.

Comment Re:The Reality Distortion Field. (Score 2) 106

Financially, it is an immaterial part of the company. Just like monitors, printers, routers have been in the past. Not worth the effort to break out.

It's almost like you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

At least you're willing to admit that you're only in it for the cash

Are there other reasons to be in the stock market?
Are you a philanthropist & do it to lose money to others so they're able to retire better?

Comment Re: Better up the Military Budget (Score 1) 331

Yes, they are.

But we know this is happening. So we can deal with it in two ways:

1. Reduce output of pollution/heat to reduce greenhouse effect & rising seas
2. Start to move stuff away from the ocean. The rise is happening slowly, so require new infrastructure to be 20 feet, or whatever, above sea levels.

Or I guess we could just keep hoping it goes away, or the idiots on the House Science committee pray it away...

Comment Re: Better up the Military Budget (Score 4, Informative) 331

You do know there decades of scientific fact about actual rising seas, right?

Or that 2 quadrillion pounds of ice melted off Greenland alone in 4 years, right? A quadrillion is a thousand trillion.

Like to the point that municipalities have to deal with that actuality coming soon:

Or, you're yet another Troll. I'll go with that.

Comment Re:Seal level rise is slow, time to adjust, not ne (Score 1) 331

Well, someone disagrees with you:

First sentence:
Sea level rise has been estimated to be on average between +2.6 millimetres (0.10 in) and 2.9 millimetres (0.11 in) per year ± 0.4 millimetres (0.016 in) since 1993[3] and has accelerated in recent years.[4]

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