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Comment Re:And people say Apple is arrogant? (Score 3, Interesting) 511

I'm going to upgrade your car next week. Nothing you can do about it.

It'll look shinier, but I pulled a few cables, and put your old engine & tires in it.

Hopefully, I didn't pull too many cables.

It's just good for you, and free.

Don't whine if it doesn't work as well as your old car, you were stubbornly refusing to upgrade.

Comment Re:Yay hype! (Score 1) 54

Except that Apple's sales flattened over years, from >150% to 75% to 25% to flat, over about 6 years. Xiaomi's went from 150% to 0% in 1 year.

But yeah, it's the same thing as your explanation of what happened. Which was China is saturated....riiiiight.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 2) 558

So, some maybe future, hydrogen might be possibly safer.

Hydrogen requires cold and/or pressure vessels and delivery mechanisms. All which will need replacing regularly as they become brittle. Also, hydrogen is much more explosive than gas, so will require extra vapor controls. But gas is more expensive? Right.

Upfront, hydrogen won't make it because the infrastructure for electricity is already there.

And then let's not ignore the 40-50% loss in extracting & using hydrogen.

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