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Comment Reminded of a class in my high school (Score 1) 302

This reminds me of a class that was offered in my high school where the students were given a 10lbs sack of flour (it may have been salt) and that was their "baby" that they had to take care of for the quarter. One of my buddies took that class for what ever reason and got to cart that damn sack of flour around for 3 months our senior year. I forget who has the pictures but we tormented the hell out of him about that and tried to get him into trouble. We took Polaroid pictures with it posed holding a screw driver about to go into an electrical socket in the computer repair class, sitting on the 3 axis milling machine, having a heater while holding a oxy-acetylene torch. I believe he learned from that class to not leave kids with his friends unattended. He was the first one to have kids and the only one to have them outside of marriage (3 kids by 3 women) although he has full custody of the first 2 and is happily married to the 3rd woman.

Comment Re:That's bullshit (Score 1) 302

I had to get a signoff from my wife at age 29 for a vasectomy. I was told they wouldn't do it if i were single or if I had been married with no children.

This has always bothered me especially with the whole "It's my body you can't decided for me" line of thinking that is trotted out in the abortion debate. If a girl can be the sole decider about an abortion then why can't a guy be the sole decider about a vasectomy. For IUDs I don't know if there is some medical reason for a 16 year old couldn't get them especially considering that they are temporary but for thing like getting your tubes tied or getting a vasectomy done I would say as long as you are 18 and aren't under the legal custody of someone else, i.e. you aren't a nut case or have limited mental facilities, you should be able to get either done.

Comment Re:the could just give it to openstreetmap ... (Score 1) 59

More like up to date photos. I have added a bunch of new roads in my town using GPS traces, but having a non greenfield image of the area would help to better align thing as GPS isn't exactly perfect. I really need to reassemble my RTK setup and use my own base station as well as the nearby CORS station for error correction during post processing.

Comment Re:Obligatory Pentax Fanboy Comment (Score 1) 158

I have a lot more invested in lens kit than bodies

So do I but then I am still using an old film SLR and what I have is so old that to change at this point would require changing everything. Also an f4 that is awful I think the worst lens I have is a f2.8 and that is my 200mm (it has been a while since I used that one), but then I did say I have spent a lot on lenses over the years.

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 1) 158

This isn't the little shit sensor that comes with the cheap point and shoots, or cellphones which are all diffraction limited now and have shit lenses. Still I am not impressed with the cannon as something like this exists which has an even larger sensor. For a reasonable comparison (not actual size) of the different sensor sizes you can check this out. Most of the consumer cameras in phones and point and shoots have the 1/2.5 or 1/1.7 sized sensor in them.The hasselblad sensor likely isn't the 60mm X 60mm that film frame was but it is bigger than the 35mm full frame. The full frame sensor like what is mentioned for this cannon is the same size as a standard 35mm film frame.

Then again I only find this interesting from a technological perspective as I still use a film camera (go go Pentax Spotmatic F that never seems to want to die). Personally I like film I know how film behaves on the extremes (also known as how it fails), and have a lot of good lenses and accessories for taking the pictures I want with my film camera. When I was in Israel with work and went on a tour of Jerusalem I took some great pictures with my camera that while being made fun of by my co-workers who just had their phones as I had the antique. I also have taken a liking to slow black and white film (ISO 50) if I really want clear crisp pictures and for color I usually just stick to ISO 100.

Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 2) 152

if Apple found a loophole that allowed them to legally dump poisonous metals wherever they like, would you take the same stance?

Payment for double taxation is not remotely like polluting the earth.

You're right, the taxes I pay are completely fucking comparable to the taxes Apple doesn't pay by exploiting loopholes.

No, Apple's loopholes are exactly like you (and I) taking deductions for mortgage insurance, kids, depreciation on rental property, etc, etc, etc.

Comment Re:Who would have guessed? (Score 4, Interesting) 251

Accenture consistently drives high performance and has a history of satisfaction on projects for the worlds top organizations

No they have a history of bringing in piles of bodies that are only slightly more effective than a rotting corpse in the corner although the corpse may actually smell better.

What sets Accenture apart from the competition are its management.

Translation: We will blow more smoke up your ass than a stationary 2 stroke diesel Fairbanks engine with bad rings at load.

However Accenture Senior Management staff have shown consistently high levels of skill and communication.

See above a blowing smoke up your ass. Skills wise they suck harder than a black hole with daddy issues

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