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Comment Re:The basest, vilest (Score 1) 447

Those emails were sent to other servers. Most of which are still up. And many of which are government email servers.

Russia may or may not have copies of all of them. Trump didn't ask them to go through their records.
He's asking Russia to go find them today. Not a year ago.

No other conclusion to make, based on his words, that he's asking them to hack other mail servers. And that's a basic form of cyber war.

Comment Re:Also, hustle? (Score 1) 343

Generally everyone should have a side job of some scope-- it is how you become a "1%er", but more importantly it is how you diversify mentally and financially.

I guess I am in that position. I will help my brother-in-law out with his business as apparently finding someone who can solider 2 pipes together and have them not leak who is also dependable is almost impossible. So once a month I work a weekend for him so he as the owner and only real worker (like I said I work for him 1 weekend a month) can have a weekend off. I'm on call 24x7 and he pays me $5 bucks and hour to have the phone on and then I get $30/hr min 1hr to go fix something.

Comment Re:ludicrously low (Score 1) 418

Weak. I have gone on some binges where I have pulled in over 100GB in a few hours, granted that was doing GIS with multiple large data sets some of which were high res aerial photos. Then there was 2 weeks ago when I wanted to play around with fire walling and securing various OSes so I downloaded a number of OS install ISOs in a few hours. Granted that was only like 10 different ones but it was still in the 10s of gigs and then there were the updates (VMs are fun).

Comment Re: So funny (Score 2) 174

Then you're clearly not paying attention.

Also he is overestimating his customer base for cars

Well, except for the 325,000+, $14.5B+ in PREsales for the model 3. That those people KNOW won't come for 1.5 years.

releasing a half baked solution that will kill them if they don't follow the instructions

As opposed to the non-semi-automated car I now drive? Will it save my life if I swerve into a truck?

So far I haven't seen anything smart there.

I'm pretty sure that's not a commentary on Musk....

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