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Comment Re:So basically visa's for sale (Score 1) 131

One of the reasons for having an immigration policy is so that the government-provided services don't get overwhelmed, as seems to be a major fear in Europe with the Syrian refugees. To that end, only a certain number of immigrants are allowed in, to reduce the shock to those services. A wealthy foreigner is less likely to have a large burden on those services, and by spending money in the US and paying taxes to the US governments, may even contribute more than they cost.

It's not fair, and it assumes a large number of variables, but it's not necessarily wrong.

Comment Re:To get more lunatics, I suppose (Score 2) 131

There are certainly easier places, with far less regulation. In some cases, if you have a sign, you have a legal company.

That said, those places aren't "better", because your suppliers and customers are also little more than signs and promises. If a supplier takes your money and disappears, you have no recourse. If an engineer copies your trade secrets and starts his own competing business, the law doesn't protect you.

Every restriction exists because someone abused the system at least once already.

Comment Re:Weird waste of time (Score 2) 145

The key is to find the people who aren't looking for anything, and show them logic first. Then when the quacks come talking about mind control and weather engineering, it sounds as absurd as it really is.

An added bonus is that there's always that one kid who asks "Why not?". We hope that he goes on to do real science in the field of weather or psychology, advancing the state of the art.

Comment I'm quite ignorant of the KKK (Score 1) 2

All I know about them is they hate blacks, Jews, and Catholics (presumably all non-protestants, but as I said, I'm ignorant). What views do they have that aren't hateful? I'm curious.

As to BLM, the entire reason that movement HAD to happen was because there really ARE people who think black lives DON'T matter, including black gangsters and bigoted whites. You have some citation for BLMers advocating hatred or violence?

Like the late humorist Will Rogers said in the 1930s, "all I know is what I read in the papers" and I have a LOT more newspapers available than he did, thanks to the internet.

Comment Re:I read the version with the photos (Score 1) 4

Yes, it was. I had the maid show me how to work the coffeemaker later. I'd have known if I'd bothered to read the coffee packet.

Some of the blur may have been because I was so shaky after hiking outside with all those books and falling down. That last photo is bad because there wasn't much light,

Comment Re:I read the version with the photos (Score 1) 4

The blurry pics are from Patty's new Samsung. I reduced resolution as well, because when I run out of hosting space at mcgrewbooks.com where the photos actually are (they won't fit in the mcgrew.info's 10 megs) it will cost a lot more. The Sith is cropped way down, he was across the room.

That first picture, the worldcon logo, came from Google. The covers to "Random Scribblings" are GIMPed photos I took with the same phone I took to Worldcon.

I would have probably made a fool of myself if I'd gone to the first Midamericon in 1969 in St. Louis, but I was seventeen.

Comment It's because drugs AREN'T fine. (Score 1) 2

Most of today's junkies are far different than they use to be, although old school junkies still exist. These days, the drug pushers are doctors and pharmaceutical companies who are handing out very potent, addictive drugs like candy. Once the oxycodone gets you, you discover that heroin bought on the street is a lot cheaper than what "Doctor Pusher" is pushing.

So your garden variety "would never take drugs" upstanding citizen winds up dead of a heroin overdose. Having a place like that might save some lives and get addiction treatment for some of them.

It's hard for people to be rational about drugs.

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Journal Journal: The 2016 Hugo convention 4

(Version with photos and without slashdot's patented text borking is at My web log)
I had more fun this weekend than I have in years! Patty and I attended this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City.
Patty had said that she would be at my mom’s house in Belleville around one, and I got there a little before.
She got caught in constru

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