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Comment Re:Had my first order cancelled by Amazon last mon (Score 1) 68

I live in Toronto, Canada, their warehouse is in a sister city. I don't think this is how it works out here, maybe has different operating guidelines compared to I always choose free shipping and the order is at my door the very next day. I am not a Prime member.

Comment Why it's important (Score 1) 107

There is a political aspect to it. Solid fuel rockets are ideal for ballistic missiles because they can be kept on standby with little to no maintenance. This is a dual-use technology that means Japan could produce intercontinental ballistic missiles if it wanted to. This is the exact thing North Korea was forbidden to do by the UN.

Of course more whining from North Korea is not likely to be noticed, but it won't help relations with China either.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Disables RC4 In Internet Explorer 11 and Edge ( 40

An anonymous reader quotes a report from WinBeta: Microsoft released KB3151631 as part of today's Patch Tuesday set of updates that will disable RC4 in both Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 and later and in the Edge browser on Windows 10. As the company describes things: "RC4 is a stream cipher that was first described in 1987, and has been widely supported across web browsers and online services. Modern attacks have demonstrated that RC4 can be broken within hours or days. The typical attacks on RC4 exploit biases in the RC4 keystream to recover repeatedly encrypted plaintexts. In February 2015, these new attacks prompted the Internet Engineering Task Force to prohibit the use of RC4 with TLS. Previously, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 allowed RC4 during a fallback from TLS 1.2 or 1.1 to TLS 1.0. A fallback to TLS 1.0 with RC4 is most often the result of an innocent error, but this is indistinguishable from a man-in-the-middle attack. For this reason, RC4 is now entirely disabled by default for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer users on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10."

Comment Re: That radar really worked well in florida eh el (Score 1) 166

It's a little more than that. Autopilot combines adaptive cruise control (matches speed of traffic ahead), lane-centring assist (automatically turns to keep you in the middle of the lane if you drift around), automatic emergency braking (if you get too close to something at speed and it will automatically hit the breaks if you don't), and automatic lane changing (hit the signal and it changes lanes for you).

Except for the lane changing trick, none of these are new things. Adaptive cruise control has existed since the 90s (Mercedes' Distronic system), automatic lane centring since 2003 (Honda's Lane Keep Assist System), and automatic braking also became available in 2003 (Toyota's Pre-Collision System). The latter is also going to become mandatory for all new cars in the USA and EU in 2022.

Comment Foreign content (Score 1) 103

Well, I am here in Canada often looking for DVDs of Bollywood movies. The only place I can buy then are $1 DVDs at ethnic grocery stores.

So yah, I have paid in the past, now its more online, some sudo legit IPTV/streaming providers stream movies netflix style, but its grey as a lot of streamed movies have no Copyright registration here in Canada.

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