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Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 360

> You can't serious spin this as some kind of politically correct overreaction

It is, so there's no need for spin. You went on to characterize Disney, which is wholly irrelevant to the issue...

> So expecting a video with guys holding "death to Jews"

To be correct:

Death to Jews, subscribe to Keemstar

It's a joke that cleverly doubles as political satire. It is still misrepresented by the WSJ, and has snowballed into some equivalent of "fake news" about a non-existent anti-semite. It's particularly interesting that his economic and social position was not enough to stop a focused media onslaught, without merit.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 2, Insightful) 360

Youtube's highest paid content creator (and conversely highest earning content creator for YouTube) was cut over pressure from a partner corporation (which in turn came from the ironic, , via a pessimistic (mis)interpretation of an entertainment video? It is geek news. The trolls implying that he might possibly be antisemitic are just perpetuating the status quo, in promoting that there are more than seven words you can't say.

Comment That's not hard (Score 1) 114

If you package something for sale, you are responsible. Here's a box filled with stuff for 49.99, oops the box exploded one or 10 times. The boxing vendor is responsible, regardless of the interaction that caused it. There is no specific law, but tort law generally plays out that way. A separate boxer? Not that guy's problem but he always has to go to court to be found, not at fault. Nothing here about software liability applies excepting between the packaging vendor and the development team. Will we see the US make a rational decision to this end? No. Will it result in this chain of responsibility eventually, yes.

Comment Re:How large?!? (Score 3, Informative) 308

Google: asteroid belt mass

The entirety of the asteroid belt is just over 4% of the moon. There are very few large chunks by any sci-fi standard. Why anyone would go to the very far and dangerous belt, when you can just strip mine the moon (which has caught a very large number of asteroid impacts over the millennia). This is the same as the humans living on Mars nonsense. It's impractical and currently impossible.

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