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Comment Re:And IMDB cares about this *why*, exactly? (Score 1) 148

No reason those jobs have be in Santa Monica though. Or anywhere else in CA. Move them to Seattle like the rest of the company.

Maybe this Google query will give you a hint as to why they have an office in Santa Monica.

Hint: It isn't because top networking specialists and PHP programmers are best found in Los Angeles.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 315

> Assembly language usually normally contains conveniences ...

Minor quibble. FTFY.

On the Apple 2 computers you can use the mini-assembler built into ROM -- which IS the raw assembly it generates.

300: LDA $C000
  BPL $300
  STA $C010

The OP is ignorant of what assembly language even is.

Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 315

Mod parent -1 incorrect.

> "Assembly" is not a programming language.

You keep using this phrase "not a programming language." It doesn't mean what you think it means. Methinks you need to review what a programming language IS because your definition is incomplete.

Your mistake is assuming "assembly language" refers to one canonical language. The truth is Assembly language refers to a family of languages.

As someone who still programs in 6502 assembly language (I work on an emulator in my spare time) then tell me my WHY does my Apple //e have a mini-assembler built into ROM if assembly is not a programming language??? The 6502 mnemonics are stored, compressed, in the ROM of ALL Apple 2 computers, along with a dis-assembler.

I could program in machine code (either decimal or hexadecimal):

300:AD 00 C0 10 FB 8D 10 C0 60

I could use the mini-assembler:

300: LDA $C000
  BPL $300
  STA $C010

Or I could use full canonical assembly

; Stupid /. unindents first line
  ORG $300

So yes, "Assembly" is a programming language. It comes in many flavors. There are even two flavors on x86: GCC assembly and Intel assembly.

Apostle Paul the Perverter, 1 Corinthians 11:14

Comment Re:What's wrong with this? (Score 2) 184

Crimea was generously "given" to the Ukrainian SSR by Khrushchev - who, oddly enough, was himself from Ukraine - in an impulsive act which was probably illegal under Soviet law.

Lots of things were probably illegal under Soviet law, like forced mass starvation and mass deportations of Tartars from Crimea.

Ukraine proclaimed itself an independent nation in 1991.

And Crimea promptly decided they wanted to be Ukrainian.

Please understand clearly that this was the very first time in the whole of history that a Ukrainian nation had existed. The name "Ukraine", itself, means "borderland" - that is, the borderland of Russia. For many centuries, long before the USA existed, Russians spoke about "Great Russia" (which became modern Russia, based on Moscow), "White Russia" (which is still known as Belarus today), and "Little Russia" (the Eastern part of Ukraine).

I wonder how my ancestors emigrated Ukraine ~120 years ago? Were they time travellers or does the question of what an independent nation is get very confusing once you start going back through history?

After the violent, illegal coup d'etat which overthrew the legally elected Ukrainian government in 2014

If you don't want a forced resignation don't open fire on protesters.

- of which George Friedman, founder and CEO of Stratfor (, said: “It really was the most blatant coup in history"

A coup followed by an open election which the coup leaders lost.

the Kiev regime instigated extreme violence against Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

As exclusively shown on Russia Today (and I mean exclusively).

The population of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to become part of Russia again

"Do you want to join Russia?
a) Yes I want to join Russia.
b) No, I understand you're not really asking.
c) Are you even going to bother counting this or do you already have the results typed up?"

and the Russian government agreed.

How generous of them.

Putin did NOT "annexe" Crimea. He allowed the people of Crimea to become part of Russia again, after a relatively brief period in which they were subjected to a freshly-created foreign power by a series of administrative freak events.

Like Putin sending in Russian troops to take over Crimea, installing a former mobster from a fringe party as a puppet Prime Minister, and then holding a fake vote vote to join Russia.

Comment Re:I'm just guessing they won't study the fraud (Score 1) 536

in scientific research. For example, what is this "hide the decline" all about?

Figuring out how to present data in a way that doesn't mislead readers in sections where the data gives misleading results.

Why would scientists want to hide their data? Why wouldn't the CRU (Climate Research Unit at UEA) release their data sets as required by reputable journals such as "Nature."

Because (if I recall correctly) of a lot of the data was proprietary data they weren't allowed to release.

Why would they deny FOIA requests and conspire to find a way around them?

Because they knew people would go quote-mining for things like "hide the decline". Not perfect behaviour but understandable.

I'm not going to go into the rest because it doesn't matter. You've seen the answers before and you'll see them again, you don't care because those facts don't fit your conclusion to global warming being a fraud.

Comment Re:hal (Score 1) 536

Physicist Hal Lewis; Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara:

There are 1.7 million post-secondary teachers in the US. Certainly a few hundred thousand full professors in the sciences.

The fact that one 87 year old retired professor called it a scam a year before he died is hardly an effective appeal to authority.

(and yes, I read his actual reasoning, it doesn't hold up)

Submission + - New formula massively reduces prime number memory requirements.

grcumb writes: Peruvian mathematician Harald Helfgott made his mark on the history of mathematics by solving Goldbach's Weak Conjecture, which every odd number greater than 5 can be expressed as the sum of three prime numbers. Now, according to Scientific American, he's found a better solution to the Sieve of Erasthones:

In order to determine with this sieve all primes between 1 and 100, for example, one has to write down the list of numbers in numerical order and start crossing them out in a certain order: first, the multiples of 2 (except the 2); then, the multiples of 3, except the 3; and so on, starting by the next number that had not been crossed out. The numbers that survive this procedure will be the primes. The method can be formulated as an algorithm.

But now, Helfgott has found a method to drastically reduce the amount of RAM required to run the algorithm:

Helfgott was able to modify the sieve of Eratosthenes to work with less physical memory space. In mathematical terms: instead of needing a space N, now it is enough to have the cube root of N.

So what will be the impact of this? Will we see cheaper, lower-power encryption devices? Or maybe quicker cracking times in brute force attacks?

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 4, Interesting) 536

Climate Change is not a religious issue for those who "deny" it. (The other side, arguably yes...) You're confusing it with Evolution.

But interestingly, the "reasoning" and rhetoric of global warming denial is almost identical to that of evolution denial.

E.g., both promote the notion that they are up against a global conspiracy of scientists.

Comment I'm just guessing they won't study the fraud (Score 1, Interesting) 536

in scientific research. For example, what is this "hide the decline" all about? Why would scientists want to hide their data? Why wouldn't the CRU (Climate Research Unit at UEA) release their data sets as required by reputable journals such as "Nature." Why would they deny FOIA requests and conspire to find a way around them? Why would they seek to marginalize the "Climate Research" journal because some scientists had a contrary opinion, and why did they describe this as "plugging the gap" (their words)?

Why did a hockey stick emerge from their data no matter what "red noise" was input to the program? (White noise is random; red noise is random from the last iteration, like stock market quotes) And why did a hockey stick emerge only when the data was confined to the results of a single bristlecone pine tree? And why was the fact that contemporary tree-ring data showed a DECLINE in temperature in contrast to very accurate modern thermometers conveniently hidden? Was it because if they don't work accurately now there is no reason to suppose they were accurate thousands of years ago, thus putting the lie to the paleoclimate temperatures?

When you read about these shenanigans it reads like a political backroom dealing attempt to hide shoddy research. I implore you to read "Hiding the Decline; a history of the climategate affair" by A.W. Montford. isbn:978-1475293364, too avail yourselves of the degree of fraud perpetrated by these folks. Read the exposed emails sent back and forth which prove all this. Real the lamentations of the computer programmer assigned to try to make sense of all this as he says the data is a mess. One would think the members of slashdot could relate.

Why hasn't Al Gore been called to task for mixing up cause and effect on his giant graph showing correlation between CO2 and temperature? Turns out CO2 went up historically AFTER the temperature warmed. It's not a cause of warming temperatures, it's a result. But, as you may know, he won't debate anyone on the subject.

The climate may very well be warming. That happens when you are coming off an Ice Age, And it may be caused by us (or maybe not), but the degree to which these scientists sought to cook the data is unprecedented and one has to wonder why they went to such trouble to do it. They have made such a massive attempt to squelch opposing data that one wonders how they can look at themselves in the mirror and call themselves "scientists."

This is fraud on a massive scale, but who cares? The masses of people who aren't "scientists" won't be able to tell the difference anyway and we can just accuse them of being ignorant.

Comment Workaround (Score 1) 204

Apart from the obvious-but-snarky ("Install Linux! hoho I'm so clever!"), you can indefinitely postpone all Windows updates on all versions of Windows 10 by stopping (and disabling if you find a way) the Windows Update service.

Of course, you lose the security updates if you do that too. Whether that's massively important to you depends on how often you run executables downloaded from the Internet, and what TCP/IP services you run on your computer.

Obviously "No security updates" is a bad thing, but if Windows insists on installing an update that actually breaks your PC in some way, no security updates might be the better of two evils, especially if you don't use IE or Edge, run any externally accessible services, and don't run every executable you download from the Internet.

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