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Comment Re:HTFU (Score 1) 671

How you you leap from "its happening right now over there" to "its offensive to people"? Sorry to inform you, but news and current events arent important just because you think they are. Some are more important than others absolutely, when viewed from a rational point of view, but that doesnt necessarily have any bearing on whats important to the global society, nor any one person.

On the contrary, I think providing an accurate Taliban point of view is a good thing, as it will lead to a more informed cross section of the community - in this respect, gamers. Whether or not this game hits that mark is definitely debatable, and should be the focus of discussion, rather than outrage that the Taliban side of the conflict can be played.

Would you be offended with a game portraying the hypothetical resuming of the Korean war (minus, for arguments sake, American/UN intervention)? Which aspect would offend you?

You should be happy that the story of the conflict between these states is being told at all, and in a way that is engaging to a niche community.

Comment HTFU (Score 4, Interesting) 671

I dont want to hate on Americans, but seriously, you have no problems with a game where Russians are the enemy, despite the fact that Russian gamers might be interested in the latest new FPS. The same could be said about any number of WW2 games, where Germany is the enemy. I know that it was based on a different era, political climate etc, but get over it - there are two sides of the story, as EA says, and you need to accept that. Dont like it? Dont play the game. Or dont play that part of the game. And in the process, stick to your beliefs that America is always right and only evil people have opinions contrary to yours.

Newsflash: life isnt fair, neither is war.

The Internet

The Puzzle of Japanese Web Design 242

I'm Not There (1956) writes "Jeffrey Zeldman brings up the interesting issue of the paradox between Japan's strong cultural preference for simplicity in design, contrasted with the complexity of Japanese websites. The post invites you to study several sites, each more crowded than the last. 'It is odd that in Japan, land of world-leading minimalism in the traditional arts and design, Web users and skilled Web design practitioners believe more is more.'"

Comment Re:Big fucking deal. (Score 1) 402

Maybe so, but what I meant by "scientists" are people not it not in their time off. I have nothing against them finally getting some funding to study it properly, but credit is due where it is due, and chasers have as much right to be out there as they do. Giving way would be nice, and yes, I would probably do so in the interest of science, but they shouldnt expect a perfect route - because there isnt one. Storm chase 101 right there.

Comment Re:Big fucking deal. (Score 1) 402

Lets see.. maybe because storm chasers have been doing it for far longer than scientists (on the order of many many decades), and have it down to a fine art. They have contributed greatly to our understanding of severe thunderstorm dynamics, more than most scientists have, Im afraid. Im talking about real storm chasers here, the ones that know a thing or two about atmospheric physics, reading the weather signs, and taking appropriate action. Scientists, seeing their success, are now jumping on the bandwagon, and claiming a divine right to the roads - get out of town.

They may have a (weak) point about the real amateurs, but they really do not have any right to claim the roads, nor the storms.

Comment I believe this (Score 4, Interesting) 218

I have seen it in myself just recently.

Having been a fairly intellectual person, in the past 5 years or so I have noticed a distinct lack of patience, memory, and attention, and also find it hard to really sit down and get into something - at least until Ive forced myself to and have done it for a while, then I dont even think about it. Quite often now I sit at the PC here intending to browse the web for something relevant to my interests and just have no idea what I want to search for, so Ill instead browse the recommended lists on youtube, or randomly browse wikipedia. Ill let the internet tell me what to pursue instead of thinking for myself.

Its a dangerous tool. In some respects, in the earlier days, its enabled me to push my personal boundaries, but if youre not careful, it can lead to reliance. Its like an addiction, with all the negatives that a narcotic might have. Im not entirely sure what to do about it, short of ditching it completely - but then again, my JOB is the internet as well!

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