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Submission + - Where is our Utopia?

Smoke2Joints writes: "So, it is 2008. We are now the future. I have two simple questions. Why arent we a global utopian civilization yet? And why do we put up with politics that is pushing us arguably towards a dystopian state? If it is in the interests of humanity to have a stable and happy existance, with no poverty, no wars, and no greed, with politicians who are actually concerned for the population rather than themselves, why do we put up with any less? Where is our Utopia?"
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Submission + - Latest EVE Online Patch Destroys Windows Systems

Smoke2Joints writes: The latest EVE patch is a big expansion of the game, introducing new environments, missions, ships, an overhauled graphics engine supporting DX10 effects, deleting your system boot.ini file, numerous bugfi- hold on, what? Apparently they have withdrawn graphics update patch because a vast crowd of people have been unable to boot up again after applying the patch. Vista is apparently unaffected, but XP users and below have had a nasty present left for them. Official statement here. Nice work guys.

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