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Comment Re:Most people believe that they are above average (Score 1) 353

And those peasants produced food, not robots. And for much of history they worked as serfs, they were able to use land to grow food in exchange for a portion of that food. (and typically it had to be wheat or something else easily traded and not whatever the serfs felt like growing)

If you want to draw parallels to history, great, I'm very interested in that. But at least get the details right instead of waving your hand at the changes that have occurred in the last five thousand years.

Comment Re:Most people believe that they are above average (Score 1) 353

If only 1% of the population has jobs, then money probably becomes a worthless medium of exchange. If the overwhelming majority of people have nothing to offer that society values, not even manual labor, then we'll probably be facing riots.

Most likely we'll be willing to hire human beings to do the same jobs that robots do, but we won't want to pay humans and more than what we're claiming as depreciation on our initial capital investment for the robots. So likely business will be willing to pay a human a few cents an hour to dig a ditch or run a cash register.

From there we can develop a culture that considers anyone unwilling to work for $3/week to be feckless layabout that is only looking for free handouts from the government.

I recommend revolution if we get to that point, but hopefully it will happen long after I'm dead.

Comment Fits in with other American logic (Score 1) 353

It's the same logic that drives a lot of other choices in American culture. All Americans believe they'll be rich one day, if only they work hard enough or become famous or get lucky with the next big idea or win the lottery.

We don't want high taxes on the rich because we all think we're going to be rich one day.

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