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Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 1) 255

According to economic theory, an older apartment complex should be charging less rent to compete with a new apartment complex. That's not happening.

Sometimes greedy investors are stupid, buy a complex for way too much, and eventually lose a lot of money. Their only way out is to find someone who has the same grand ideas, and pass the property off at cost and write the improvements off as a loss. Improvements cost them very little in the long run as they are depreciated on taxes, and can be written off as a loss at sale.

My apartment complex is down the street from but not directly on the light rail line. Old warehouses up and down the light rail lines are being torn down for mixed developments. Many of them already under construction.

That kind of mixed development has gotten really popular with city planners, so they are approved right away. We'll see more and more of this. We won't make much noise about it until they run out of warehouses and start rezoning and tearing down single family neighborhoods. But that's a long way away. Apartment complexes pay very little property tax per tenant relative to a single family home, and a commercial-industrial building pays less than any kind of residential. The city pulls in a ton more taxes with these new residential buildings.

Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 1) 255

As a Michigander who moved to the Bay Area, I have to say it's all relative. And the Bay Area has multiple urban centers that I find way more pleasant than the ones I had access to in Michigan. And for living in the country, I would much rather have a small hillside vineyard or a forested mountain cabin here in California than most of the boggy swampland turned into farmland that I grew up with in Michigan.

That said, the fishing and hunting is way better in Michigan than California and I do miss it.

Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 2) 255

If there is an offer to purchase the complex, then perhaps they are aiming to empty it out to some threshold (50%?) in order to evict the remaining tenants and renovate or demolish the building. You might be able to make an inquiry to see if anything has passed through planning, you might be looking at yet another mixed use upscale apartment-retail center like Santana Row, Rivermark, Homewood, Meridian at Midtown, etc.
I suspect a lot are condos being snatched up by foreign investors, yet are unoccupied. Which does smell of a bubble. My hope is that it's foreign investors that get soaked this time and not Bay Area locals.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 255

Half the homes in Santa Clara County are above $1m (and half are below that). If you are a single income household making around $100K, you will find it increasingly difficult to purchase an average home in Silicon Valley. The rents and home values in the rest of the Bay Area tend to follow along with the South Bay's increases.

For me, my below average home in Silicon Valley is preferable to a bigger home elsewhere. Weather is nice, lots of things I like to do nearby, and good job prospects.

Comment Local motion (Score 1) 239

Why don't the local ISP's host game servers ?
Things like that can really make a service stand out and playing against local competition at low ping is always more fun. I remember when DSL first became a thing and some friends of mine in Washington state had a T1 and I finally got a decent connection via a close DSL line vs my 56k modem. Life was good then :) Now a low latency cable connection is the standard and things are even for most of us.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 230

I never implied the subject wasn't newsworthy, or even boring, merely that varied pricing and merchants trying to milk the highest sale price was an age old practice that is common in much of the world. In fact only fairly recently has standardized pricing become a 'thing'. Prior to that barter and negotiation was much more common. Maybe I am just more used to going to a market and haggling with the merchant for my bread and meats, dickering over the value of the service I supply in return for the goods I am purchasing. How much of my labor is a chicken worth ?

Comment Re:Systemd! (Score 1) 351

I've used make makefiles for init before and runit is good at parallel startup as well. Sysvinit is still my favorite for kicking off health monitors. But lots of options out there.

There is not necessarily anything technically wrong with systemd. I think the controversy of systemd is that people felt they were not given much choice or input into the decision, especially with it being coupled with udevd.

Comment Re:It's in alpha, don't expect too much out of it (Score 1) 66

I paid for some Final Fantasy re-releases for Android as well as Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. I don't want to buy them again for PC (if they are even available).
There are Android games that are equivalent to browser flash games, except they perform better and have better music. I'm mostly thinking of the thousands of tower defense games out there.

So some little free project that lets me play the games I want and doesn't cost me anything except a little bit of my time sounds great.

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