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Comment Record everything (Score 1) 195

Every conversation you have with the outgoing admin, record (with permission, of course). When they're showing you something a workstation, screen capture it. Write notes up for all of this the first while its still fresh. Have them walk you through each server, each device, and all the issue with it. You won't remember everything they've said, and they aren't going to do as great a job documenting things as you'd like during their last week, as they're head's already out the door.

Comment Re:Perception is reality (Score 1) 304

I agree, excpet thinking they have decent drive sleds. How do you make a server that lets you accidentally bump a drive and dismount it? Want to have that ejected drive come back online? Gotta reboot the server. Want to use the lock on the box to prevent those drives from accidentally dismounting? Sure you you explicitly picked a boot volume in the Startup Disk control panel, otherwise you'll get that lovely blinking question mark if you ever try to reboot it when locked.

The mounting/hardware of the Xserve lines seems like what you'd come up with if you'd never actually had to deal with servers before.

Comment Re:Perception is reality (Score 1) 304

You might want to take a look into Centrify and LikeWise's options for doing OS X management from an AD centric environment. We use Likewise open software for AD integration for our linux servers, and don't need the group policy type control for those, but the rest of thier feature set looks quite nice.

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