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Comment Re:MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 1) 238

The headline makes this sound much worse than it actually is - a lot of this is fallout from the sheer amount of testing and driver development one needs to do to make legacy OS work on a modern CPU/Motherboard - and the slow and steady move to secure boot and efi.

Intel's 7th generation cpu's and motherboards aren't even going to let you run Windows 2000 or XP either.

It's the equivalent of trying to run OSX 10.6 on a Macbook you just bought today (Apple also denies you from doing this, and yes 10.6 is the same vintage as Windows 7 - and it's long since been end of lifed).

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 566

Use google much? Yeah its a broken promise, but gitmo had 242 prisoners in it when he took office - congress did everything they could to block the closure of that base. Trump then made promises to keep it open - so we don't have icky terrorists living on US soil.

Its shocking too it costs 11 million dollars per inmate - but they don't care.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 1) 566

I'd hate to pin a percentage on anything Trump says about business - because we don't actually know the extent of his financial empire (or ruin) as he never released the necessary documentation :(.

Documents 6 bankruptcies, and 13 businesses that closed up shop - at the very least suggests he doesn't know what he's doing.

Comment Re:Well, that's one thing (Score 1) 295

I was a tam at a company really large software company (you've used their products - even if you only use OSX or Linux) - they offshored all the support work, and then justified it by forging the customer satisfaction surveys. They'd only send survey's to customers on calls they'd knock out of the park. So the front lines/tier 1 would get something like 4000+ phone calls a day, and we were getting like a hundred surveys a month.

Anyhow the guy who's brilliant idea this was - still works there and gets accolades and bonuses for everything he's done, but the fallout is - hundreds of people lost their jobs in the US, and - I've never met anyone who's actually called them and gotten something solved, I heard they lost every contract I used to manage (because why pay for support if nothing is getting solved).

One of the problems while we were working on the transition was in India - we not only had to train them on how to use some of this complex software, but we had to train them how to type (this was when Windows XP was still king, and Vista had just been released), and how to use computers in general - really basic stuff like this is files/folders/icons etc.

Management wanted support trees for everything, but it was really clear they had never answered a single call on any of these apps or tools - or even listened to the typical call - you had to be haflway decent at troubleshooting a computer to fix these issues in some cases.

Mind you this is basically call center work - so outsourcing developers is probably easier.

Comment Re:I.T. in colleges .... (Score 1) 391

Agreed :). I actually used to work in a community college - now I work in higher ed. I left because no raises for the last 5-6 years (other than a paltry cost of living increase) - plus I felt the place was draining my intelligence. When I started work at a 4 year uni I get those benefits as well, but I still get raises and I made 4x what I did at a CC. I did find at the community college - people seemed to be stuck in the 90s with a lot of technology that we had in place.

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