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Comment Probably a Flashbang instead of concussion grenade (Score 1) 147

Flashbangs can indeed injure people, and they are regularly used against protesters.
I'm guessing the protesters called them concussion grenades because that is a good description, though it means something else.
The video from the snopes article on the subject shows flashbangs being used against the crowd at about 1:13.

(The article doesn't indicate whether or not the accusations or rebuttals are true)

Comment 1080p? Numpad? No. (Score 1) 535

I'm disappointed as well. Like many others, I switched to a Macbook Pro after running Linux for years, with something not quite working, whether wireless or hibernation.

But I looked at System76 15" laptops... 1080p screens, and a numpad. I wouldn't care about numpads, except it means that the trackpad and keyboard are offset from center. Won't ever do it.

I looked. A Dell XPS 15 is the most likely replacement, but for now I'll stay on my 15" 2012 MBP Retina, hoping that Apple will update the older form factor with Kaby Lake, DDR4 with at least 32GB Ram. Would update in a heartbeat.

Comment Not a chance (Score 1) 268

There is just about 0 chance that either Apple or Microsoft will produce even mostly open source operating systems.
I think the concept is so stupid that I'm more likely to ignore anything else he says, other than to respond:

"Use the best tool for the job. There is value added if you can read, modify, and fix tools that are open source, as is the great value of not being required to pay for it. If there is a closed source tool that is free, there is value in that as well. And if there is an expensive closed source tool that is a better value than others because it is much closer to what you need/want: Use that."

See? Easy.

Comment All but the last 15 minutes (Score 3, Insightful) 242

I really enjoyed the movie adaptation of the book.
For me, the cut the right bits, had a wink and a nod for those that had read the book. They kept the movie manageable and enjoyable...

Except that I didn't like their choices in the last 15 minutes. Without spoilers, an idea dismissed as ludicrous in the book was nonetheless implemented in the movie, and it annoyed me a bit.

That said, read the book. See the movie. And if you are in to that sort of thing, the audiobook is really quite enjoyable as well.

Comment Really? A Paper for this? Saw it in 2000 (Score 1) 258

Some company was doing this in the Bay area in 2000.
Hotplug is expensive. Cases are expensive. Making room for human access is expensive.
Design for nothing but airflow and drive density, keeping pieces as absolutely cheap as possible. Gigabit instead of 10G.
At exabyte scale, why do you care about the loss of 4TB? Using Super Micro boxes w/4TB Drives, you can have over 6 petabytes of raw storage in a 72u rack / cabinet

Metadata servers keep track of where the copies of blocks are.
Put copies of the blocks on completely disparate systems. If there is heavy read usage of a block, make more copies.
Head servers scale and have some beef to them. They are all about getting info from the commodity stuff and packaging it for (subscribers, clients, whatever).

If a drive dies or has issues - mark it bad and leave it at that. Ignore it.
If a server dies, mark it as bad. Leave it.
In 4 years you are forklifting the equipment and replacing it with new storage.

There is no "RAID", other than there are multiple copies of blocks throughout the system.

I met with a company in the bay area doing this in 2000 (I don't remember which one). It was dealing with Filesystems and not block, but with NFS, VMDKs, VHD, etc, who cares. I don't see anything new here at all.

Comment Where is the "Apple iPhone sized"? (Score 5, Funny) 258

I mean, isn't that the gold standard to indicate the best phone size?

Until the iPhone 5 came out, under 4 inches was the most that was comfortable to operate one handed
After the 5 came out, 4 was OK, but anything bigger than that was a phablet.

Now, of course, 4.7 inches is just right, but if you want a REALLY HUGE phone, then try out 5.5 inches.

Full disclaimer : I use an iPhone 6+

Comment Site for illegal activities, just load this... (Score 5, Funny) 251

So let me get this straight:
There is this site. A site designed for illegal activities...
And all I need to do is load their software onto my computer? Gosh, where do I sign up.

I mean, I always trust software from shady characters. That sounds totally safe.

Comment Can't recreate issue (Score 2) 266

I've tried to recreate the issue, and so far I can't.
iPhone 5 iOS 6.1, Exchange 2010
I created an appointment - no abnormal increase in logs
I invited someone internal - no abnormal increase in logs
I was invited from an internal account, rejected one, accepted another - no abnormal increase in logs
I was invited from an external account, rejected one, accepted another, also declined after accepting - no abnormal increase in logs

For each of these, there was the expected 20 or so packets associated with the changes, and no ongoing network traffic.

On the other hand, we had a client that had the runaway log issue last week - I'll be following up with him to find the iOS versions involved

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