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Comment Re:There are no Facts (Score 1) 1469

pretending that a foetus without a single neuron is a person is as daft as pretending a corpse's fingernail is a person

Left alone inside its mother, the fetus with a single neuron will mature into a "full-fledged" baby. The same is not true for a fingernail.

I think potential is an important metric -- left in the natural state it was found, what would/could x turn into? An acorn would be a tree, a fetus would be a human.

Comment Re:Rich people don't like to go slow? (Score 1) 650

It's not tinfoil, it's actually a thing.

Federal law in the US governs the error to no more than 5%, but of course that's from the factory. If you've got under/overinflated tires, new non-factory-spec tires, even simple wear and tear -- they can vastly affect the accuracy of your speedo.

That your GPS, phone and speedo all agree is simple coincidence.

When traveling at a true 70 mph, as indicated by our highly precise Datron optical fifth-wheel equipment, the average speedometer (based on more than 200 road-tested vehicles) reads 71.37 mph.

Comment Re:Conversely (Score 0) 269

how do you know that good CEOs are rare?

By retrospect, with the understanding that past performance isn't a guarantee of future performance. Thus, you can look back and objectively say "he was a good CEO", but it's much harder to predict how good he'll be at the next gig.

My suspicion is that, once you eliminate the most obvious ways to run a company badly, it's all a big crap shoot.

The CEO takes the Obvious Ways Global Playbook and translates that into policy, vision, and action. Then he socializes it and gets buy-in -- that's the hard part, and why there's infighting at any level.

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