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Comment Effort to Create vs Consume (Score 1) 189

I've had this conversation with a number of content creators who are switching to video (and audio podcasts.) The most common complaint I hear from people about text content switching to video is that it takes more effort and more time to consume video; the equivalent of a 20-minute video takes maybe 5-minutes to read as text, and it's easier to read an article piecemeal around other activity (work). The video tends to consume 20 minutes straight. On the other hand, the most common reason I'm given by creators for switching to video is that it takes less effort to create. There's an overhead, of course, while you first get your technology sorted out, and _professional_ quality video requires editing, etc., but _amateur_ video takes essentially as long to create as it does to watch. Writing takes effort, and proofreading, and thought to distil your ideas down to coherent sentences.

(I am certain that there are exceptions to this - people who write text in a single pass as fast as they can type, and/or people who agonise over the scripts of their amateur video for hours. I'm not saying this is _always_ true, I'm describing a general trend only among those half a dozen or so authors I've spoken to, and spoken to their audiences. I'd be interested to hear about others' experiences.)

So what I'm saying is, video is the lazier option - less effort for me to create, more effort for you to consume. That being the case, it's almost certainly the wave of the future for "creators" on Facebook.

Comment Oh hell yes (Score 1) 291

Job security in IT isn't terrible as it is, but if you make it so everyone writes their own code, instead of hiring professionals? I'll be getting paid to fix people's bugs for forever and a day, and the people I'll be rescuing will be genuinely happy with contract negotiations along the lines of "sure, yeah, take whatever you want; just don't make me go back in there again."

There is a reason I quite happily pay an expert to do my plumbing. Take whatever you want man; just don't make me go back in there again.

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