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Comment Re:Because "bad" taxes (Score 2, Insightful) 82

The bad thing about this is that apple is allowed to invest its money abroad while evading taxes in the first place.

They are not "evading" taxes. What they are doing is perfectly legal. What is idiotic is that the US government thinks it should have the right to tax income made by selling products manufactured in China to Chinese consumers. No other country on earth tries to collect taxes on extraterritorial transactions. America needs to fix its tax laws.

Comment Re:They could always work elsewhere. (Score 5, Insightful) 262

Yes, we should thank Amazon for allowing workers to sleep in tents.

Once an employee leaves Amazon's premises it is none of Amazon's damn business what they do or don't do. They have no right to "allow" or "prohibit" their employees from using, or not using, any sleeping arrangement.

Disclaimer: When I first moved to Silicon Valley, I lived in a van for two years.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 414

If he's been working double the recommended hours a week, like an Uber driver, ...

For most Uber drivers, driving is not their main job. They do it part time for 3-4 hours per day to earn extra money. Taxi drivers are under greater pressure to work more hours because many of them went deep in debt to buy their medallion, or took out loans using the medallion as collateral back when medallions were worth far more than they are today.

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 2) 414

I'd rather protect a corrupt industry

False dilemma. Neither should be "protected". Both should be allowed to compete.

employs thousands of people

Many people use Uber regularly that rarely or never used taxis. So total employment goes up with Uber-like services.

rather then protect a single corrupt company

It is not a "single company". There is Uber, but also Lyft, and a few other smaller companies competing. There is little to stop additional companies from entering the market. I am mostly a Lyft user, but would be happy to switch to save $1 on a ride.

cares about benefiting no one but themselves.

How is that any different from any other company?

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 414

And unregulated taxis weren't safe

Can you provide a citation for evidence that the medallion racket made taxis safer?

If regulation wasn't required then it wouldn't be there.

So all regulations are obviously required? Do you really believe that there has never been an unnecessary regulation, imposed for, say, rent-seeking cronyism, rather than the public interest?

Comment Re:"Feel forced?" (Score 1) 414

Would you eat at an unregulated restaurant if it meant you had a chance of getting food poisoning every time you ate there?

False analogy. We regulate restaurants because unregulated restaurants had a track record of making people sick. Health inspections of restaurants are designed to insure they are clean and healthy. The are NOT designed to restrict entry and limit competition. Comparing restaurant health inspections to the taxi medallion racket is absurd.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 266

Generally the corporations lobby, often with hard cash, for these laws that they've written.

Not in this case. There is pretty much universal agreement from business and economists that our current corporate tax laws are stupid and need to be reformed, especially the extraterritorial taxation that no other country does.

The problem is that many politician do not want to be seen as "giving in" to corporations, so they just keep the rates high, and then hand out plenty of loopholes to their donors.

Donald says he wants to fix this, but Donald says a lot of things.

Comment Re:I'm ok with that (Score 1) 73

most teachers still want hard copy versions of student work, because it is faster and easier to grade 30 assignments on paper than it is to do so on digital

This seems backwards to me. Digital docs can be automatically scanned for spelling, grammar errors, run-on sentences, and even poor paragraph structure. Then the human grader can just focus on the quality of the points being made.

Comment Re:Why notSimultaneous release toTheaters and iTun (Score 2) 51

There is a word for such behavior: Price Gouging.

"Price gouging" is just the free market at work. Movie rentals are far from a necessity, so if you don't want to pay what the market will bear, then don't rent it. Government intervention to prevent "price gouging" is only justified in emergency situations, such as the aftermath of natural disasters, and even then it often does more harm than good. Gasoline shortages after Hurricane Sandy lasted several days longer than necessary because government imposed price controls disincentivized fuel deliveries. Low prices don't help when the storage tank is empty.

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