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Comment Re:Asshole (Score 1) 54

How exactly is Amazon making low margins?

Amazon is a public company. They are required to publish their financial statements. Their margins are public information, and are very low. Amazon has pursued a strategy of low prices and low margins in order to build market share. That strategy seems to be working well, leading to a high stock price.

Comment Re: Look for a vast increase in donations to Clint (Score 1) 179

Apple didn't design a product overseas. They designed it here.

You are missing the point. It doesn't matter where the work was done. The tax due to America is the same.

(and all of their staff uses the USA's infrastructure).

That is irrelevant. The tax is the same.

Stop assuming that the tax laws make sense.

Comment Re:Why not cash out? (Score 1) 54

Because nearly all of that "net worth" is tied up in his company stock. He's only rich on paper.

He can sell the stock anytime he wants. He has already sold plenty, and has billions in diversified assets.

He doesn't cash out because he finds pleasure in DOING STUFF rather than sitting on a beach. I once took a two week vacation to Hawaii, and after the first week I was already bored, and thinking about potential new projects, and I have way less than $63B.

Comment Re:What's with all the cheap video cards? (Score 1) 41

Seriously, this is a nerd site, and nerds care about performance.

True nerds don't care about graphics performance, they only care how fast their GPU can do matrix multiplications in OpenCL/CUDA for their neural network training cycles.

Has anyone benchmarked these cards for, say, a three layer denoising autoencoder ANN on MNIST digit recognition?

Comment Re: Look for a vast increase in donations to Clint (Score 0) 179

The reason they pay American income tax is because the USA provides the infrastructure that allows them to exist in the first place.

No. This is wrong. If an American company designs a product in France, manufactures it in China, and sells it in Germany, they pay tax on that sale, despite using no American infrastructure. If they re-incorporate in Ireland, they avoid the tax, despite no change in infrastructure use. If they manufacture in America but pay an "IP license fee" to their Cayman Island subsidiary, then they can pay no tax despite using American infrastructure. Corporate income tax is in no way correlated with infrastructure use.

Comment Re:Look for a vast increase in donations to Clinto (Score 2) 179

Apple, Google, Microsoft etc won't let this heinous idea get loose.

Actually, all these companies, and many others, are strong advocates of corporate tax reform, even though they would almost certainly pay more tax. Our current system is idiotic. We incentivise companies to keep profits outside America, and to move jobs overseas. We need to stop the extraterritorial taxation (which no other country demands), and we need to align taxes on domestic profits with other countries so companies invest here.

But there is too much pandering and populism from both parties for these problems to be fixed. My company has offices in San Jose, California, and Shanghai, China. We are adding several employees this year, and whether Donald or Hillary wins, I think you can guess where those jobs will be created (hint: not in California).

Comment Re:Big Mac (Score 5, Interesting) 356

Not to mention things like Blu Tac, Sellotape, a lot of brands of condoms, Bic Pens, most brands of cigarettes.

Those are consumables. If you only look at durable goods, and you multiply the number manufactured by the useful lifetime, then I nominate the AK-47. Over 100 million have been manufactured, and many are still in use after more than 60 years.

Comment Re: Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 2) 399

Sex without consent is rape. Period. No exceptions.

That is an idealistic fantasy. In real life, it is complicated, "no" often means "yes", and that is especially true the first time a couple has sex. Women have been conditioned to appear chaste, and not too willing. Many women expect the man to take the initiative, and may be offended if he asks them for explicit consent. The first time I had sex with my last girlfriend, she was saying "no, no, no" while giggling and helping me unbutton her clothes. We are now happily married with two kids.

Comment Re:Not tech crisis - it's a general crisis (Score 1) 118

What is lacking is critical thinking

What do you mean by "critical thinking"? How does it differ from "normal" thinking?

According to Wikipedia, critical thinking is "the commitment to the social and political practice of participatory democracy". Do you really think that is what is missing in tech employees?

Comment Re: Translation (Score 2) 118

The government shouldn't artificially restrict the number of tech people but neither should it artificially increase it via the H1B program.

The H1B program does not "artificially increase" the supply. It artificially restricts it. There are a limited number of H1B quotas. The "free market" solution would be unrestricted movement of labor, which would almost certainly result in far more techie immigrants.

Comment Re:365 = You pay for it 365 days of the year (Score 4, Funny) 98

I could argue (at least up to a point) that WordStar 5.5 had everything you need for, you know, writing.

Not at all. By far the hardest part of writing is thinking of something to say. Wordstar didn't help with that. But Bing-enhanced Word-365 can actually help you create the content. This is especially useful when you have no opinion or knowledge about the subject, such as writing a school term paper.

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