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17-Year-Old Corrects NASA Mistake In Data From The ISS ( 79

"A British teenager has contacted scientists at NASA to point out an error in a set of their own data," writes the BBC. An anonymous reader quotes their report. A-level student Miles Soloman found that radiation sensors on the International Space Station (ISS) were recording false data... The correction was said to be "appreciated" by NASA, which invited him to help analyse the problem... The research was part of the TimPix project from the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS), which gives students across the UK the chance to work on data from the space station, looking for anomalies and patterns that might lead to further discoveries. What Miles had noticed was that when nothing hit the detector, a negative reading was being recorded. But you cannot get negative energy... It turned out that Miles had noticed something no-one else had -- including the NASA experts. NASA said it was aware of the error, but believed it was only happening once or twice a year. Miles had found it was actually happening multiple times a day.
There's a video of the student -- and his teacher -- describing the discovery, a story which Miles says his friends at high school listen to with "a mixture of jealousy and boredom"

Comment in other words... (Score 1) 382

In other words we will take the Warren Report, change the name from Kennedy to Swartz, feed it back throught the MIT Paper Generator, and provide it everyone. Proving, that our lack of action in the previous year provided us with the ability to have an annual discourse on our probable deniability, fully exonerating us of apathy, poor judgement and a full disclosure of our tenacious mendacity. Thank you, I'll have my tea now.

Comment Re:Nothing (Score 1) 340

I did this too for my daughter in her second year of college. After bringing the Winxp laptop home fully infested with spyware. At the time I was using mepis. Quickly showed her around and sent her back to school. She had a few issues, but her school's computers had OpenOffice on them so no issues there. She was virus free for 3 years, playing her mp3s and sharing photos etc. and the techs at the school loved it that someone other than they used linux. Her senior year she got a mac - so instead of saying "I have a Linux Box", where she would get looked at by others saying "WTF???", she could now say "I have a mac", and they would give her a sympathetic look and pat her on the head and say "We understand".

The point is she understood what she wanted to do and figuring out how to do it whether or not it is Windowsx, Linux or MacOS is not that difficult anymore.

Comment Not to beat a dead... (Score 1) 84

Operating system... just kidding, I am fully aware it is alive and well and doing great things...
HOWEVER, it would make more sense and get them MORE DONATIONS if the giant "Donate" button on the top of the page ACTUALLY took you to the place/page you can make a donation instead of some monotonous page about their good works and why you should donate.

Just sayin', but the obligitory dead os thing was funny.

Comment Vortexbox (Score 1) 330

Perhaps you should give Vortexbox a look. I took a customer's throw away computer ( a dell dimenison 4300) and tested vortexbox so I could rip my family's various cd collections into 1 big collection to back and store for safe keeping. A little tweaking of the configuration had me ripping in no time. With 7min being the average for audio cds. It is very nice and had I not just been using to rip cds for storage, I would have used the server aspects Vortexbox. Just keep swapping the cds out until you have run through them all :D

I tested 1 movie, and it worked fine as well. I was very impressed. Give it a shot.

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