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Comment Re:Awesome! (Score 4, Interesting) 99

Actually, another approach to this is to activate the particles is by way of low-level and non-invasive radio frequency energy.

This man was the one that started a lot of the research into this kind of stuff:

As a cancer survivor myself, and somebody that has undergone Chemo, I am very intrigued and hopeful about this type of research. Lets hope it all pans out as we all hope.


Submission + - Physics Fun with Scalding Hot Water

Dan Olive writes: "The students in the Advanced Physics Lab at Illinois Institute of Technology built a geyser as one of their experiments this semester. Powering the 6 foot tall creation is nothing more than an electric roasting oven; a copper fire pit provides the basin, and a copper pipe joins the two (along with a generous helping of epoxy.) Throw in some sensors to measure temperature and pressure and you have the makings of a science experiment that not only affords a study in heat, pressure, and hydrodynamics, but chaos as well. The unpredictable (read: highly sensitive to initial conditions) nature of the eruptions, which vary from several feet high to not much more than a trickle, led to the affectionate nickname "Old Yeller," a takeoff of its geologic cousin Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park.

A video of the geyser in action, entitled "Physics Fun with Scalding Hot Water" has been posted on YouTube."

Submission + - 2 major security bugs found in Vista

joetheprogrammer writes: "After a mind-numbing wait as Vista is beta-tested, the recently released version to corporations is found to have 2 major flaws that Microsoft needs to fix, thanks to a Russian programmer who discovered them.

The flaw is a symbolic blow to Microsoft, which has spent five and a half years developing Vista. The software, which was launched two years later than originally planned, is the biggest upgrade to the operating system since the release of Windows 95 and Microsoft focused heavily on improving security.

Submission + - Geeky Wedding Proposals

stewartj writes: "I'm about to get married, and I proposed to my fiancee in a fairly normal fashion — romantic dinner, flowers, chocolate strawberries, on one knee and pop the question. I remember reading that Jerry Kaplan (pioneer of pen computing) proposed to his girlfriend using one of the early prototypes of the PDA, and I wondered what other super geeky ways Slashdot readers had proposed to their spouses?"

Submission + - PayPal launches Virtual Debit Card

IpSo_ writes: "You can use PayPal Virtual Debit Card when making online purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Basically it generates a virtual card number each time you make a transaction online so you don't have to use your personal debit or credit card number. Will people be more comfortable making online purchases with this, or will it flop because its too much of an inconvenience?"

Submission + - Asterisk 1.4.0 released!

Russell Bryant writes: "The Asterisk dev team has released Asterisk 1.4.0, the first in the 1.4 series. The Asterisk project releases a major version about once a year. This series includes T.38 Fax over IP passthrough support, HTML manager, a new version of AEL (Asterisk Extension Language), IMAP storage of voicemail, Jabber/GoogleTalk integration, a jitterbuffer for RTP, whisper paging, and many more other new features."

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