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Comment Got this once, got my laptop back (Score 3, Interesting) 168

Going through security, I forgot my laptop only to find out in the plane at cruising. I immediately informed the attendant who contacted ground. A person was then sent to the TSA lost&found to pick it up with my name. The funny parts: I had a sticker on my notebook with all my details, including phone no. It was never used. Instead, when picking it up they only opened the lid to see the login name on the lock screen (only my first name), and the combination of laptop description was then used to give the laptop to the airline guy. For me to actually get it back, I had to contact and find the guy on Facebook (only had a name and non-working telno from TSA) no less ! But, I got it back :) And I guess TSA did something good, like not allowing a stranger to sticker my laptop with their details.

Comment I saw that too (Score 1) 2

I wanted to add more ads-removals to my subscription also.
Before it was removed it has credit card and paypal.
Then only paypal.
Now nothing.
Of course I wasn't going to use paypal so even if it came back I might not subscibe.

I keep it on "allow ads" to prevent it from running out but allow a "plum" of more friends, unless that'sn't done.

Comment A menace until they have transponders (Score 1) 32

Until they have transponders, they are a menace to sport aircraft, which often fly at low altitude when landing or taking off from a field, for amphibian aircraft, a lake. Given that striking a drone will usually destroy an airplane and kill the passengers, it seems reckless that they can be allowed over public land above 100 ft. They have been declared to be aircraft: they should have transponders.

Comment Fails to acknowledge what is different now (Score 1) 540

It is also true that for centuries people did not go to the moon. And then, in 1969, they did.

History is not always a guide. In fact, due to technology, history never repeats - only human behavior patterns repeat.

What is different how is that it is very likely that AI will attain human level thinking ability within the next decade. And that _is_ a game changer.


Firefox 49 For Linux Will Ship With Plug-in Free Netflix, Amazon Prime Video Support (mozilla.org) 134

Reader LichtSpektren writes: Widevine, the media protocol that allows users to watch videos on Netflix, is supported in Firefox for Windows and macOS. But until now, its users on Linux were required to use a plug-in. That changes with v49, which offers out-of-the-box support for Netflix.Mozilla plans to offer plug-in streaming for Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video and other similar services. The v49 will be available on Linux in September. Mozilla adds that it will be removing support for NPAPI plugins from its browser in the near future, plugins that some video streaming sites rely on for playback. "Mozilla plan to support the Widevine CDM on Linux, letting users watch Netflix without plugins," the company said.

Comment Actually it is allowed by EU regulation (Score 1) 230

which states (3.2 https://ec.europa.eu/energy/si...) : "a simple indication of the mode (e.g. a LED) is not considered as being a function. Therefore in "off-mode" as defined in the Regulation, a LED could be on."
So as it is not functional, clearly there can be no LED. The TV is therefore OFF :)

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