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Comment The Twelve Factor App... (Score 2) 101

The Twelve Factor App provides a more thorough treatment of elastic systems design, but generally agrees with the thesis of this document. Perhaps if that document were interactive in some way (open to signature, modification, comment, DVCS citation, etc.), we might have a better measure of its influence in the real world.

Comment Re:Hey bigmouth (Score 2) 118

Congratulations, your writing instantly caused me to recollect a theorem that I haven't thought about in over 15 years: "The Earth has 4 days in one 24 hr cycle". Check it out, you might appreciate this work and learn a thing or two about effective argumentation style. #timecube

Comment If only Prime were a premium service... (Score 5, Insightful) 298

As a Prime member, for every non-prime eligible item I find, I look for a Prime eligible counterpart. The price for the counterpart is _always_ about $3-5 more expensive, usually by the same amount as the quoted shipping price on the non-Prime eligible item. So what we are getting here is the 2-day upgrade for free, not the entire cost of shipping. Most of the time, 2-day vs. 4-day shipping makes no difference to me.

We do occasionally stream Prime content, but the vast majority of titles on Prime are also on Netflix. If I could cancel my Netflix subscription and replace with Prime, the $120 pricepoint might not look so steep, but alas, it often seems Amazon's library is only about 25% the size of Netflix, so that's not an option.

So as it stands, I feel I am not really getting $80 in value from Prime as it stands. $120 with no improvement to the service is out of the question. I like the idea of a premium Amazon service, it just needs to actually _be_ premium.

Comment Re:Big deal. (Score 1) 449

Exactly. Remember the opportunity cost for BG to stop and pick up a $100 bill on the sidewalk (http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/03/us/forum-in-new-york-diary-is-it-worth-bending-to-pick-up-just-100.html). This entire appearance on this show was likely a money-losing endeavor. Dragging it out would not only have cost more in terms of dollars but likely prestige if the munificent captain-of-industry began to show any sort of optimism or frustration in the fated match.

Comment Re:I remember (Score 3) 150

Three more reasons for Jeff to buy any newspaper:

  - Augment the Prime program with new premium content.
  - New (free or free w/Prime) content for Kindle
  - Show NYT and WSJ how to properly model a digital subscription program as they have clearly not yet figured out just how overpriced they are for a nearly zero-overhead distribution medium.

Comment Re:Philly Flash Mob != Flash Mob (Score 1) 377

So when a kid trying to be good is asked by his thug friend to go out, he goes and does whatever he can to fit in. Otherwise he will be called a pussy and get his ass beaten (or even killed) on a daily basis.

This is nature problem, not nurture. Good people choose right over wrong, regardless of personal cost. Blaming others, the family, community or system is merely a convenient, and unfortunately effective way of dealing with the ensuing personal guilt, which ultimately destroys the only natural corrective force available to combat the problem: ones sense of personal responsibility.

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