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Comment Re: Comment Deleted (Score 1) 93

It's not elitist to choose what you want to see and what you don't. Can't be arsed to log in or take credit for what you say, then why should I be arsed to read it? That is the exact opposite of elitist, since ANYONE can have an account, so quit trying to reframe the question to something totally bogus.

Are all AC comments worthless? Maybe not - but there's too much NOISE and not enough SIGNAL. The option to hide AC comments would be a huge improvement just in eliminating troll scripts.

Comment Re:Most advertising is geared towards idiots (Score 1) 9

Don't forget to fry the bread in bacon grease too - or the hamburger bun in hamburger grease. Cholesterol doesn't magically pass directly from the stomach contents into the bloodstream. I had 2 fried eggs for breakfast 6 days a week for a couple of decades, and my cholesterol was (and is) just fine.

Comment Re:How would anyone be able to tell? (Score 1) 188

I've made homemade bread with only a small quantity of salt - still tastes great fresh out of the oven. Smells awesome too. Now if you want to make something with a longer shelf life, throw in more salt. But lets face it - homemade bread don't need shelf life because it's all gone the same day,

Comment Re: Waste of effort (Score 1) 90

The last big thing was iMac. 3D would have been big in the '60's. Now it's just too late to excite people

we saw from the failure of 3d to be a real selling point for TVs (3d or a larger screen for the same price - bigger wins)..

if you want a better more immersive experience, spend the money on better audio.

Comment Re: they need to work the other end (Score 3, Insightful) 120

Won't do any good until they also ban number spoofing and throttle the number of calls per hour from any one overseas source. Ditto for VoIP packets. Let them post a bond for more access, and if there are too many complaints, the complainers get the money. Too many complaints coming from a single carrier - block all calls from that carrier's network. Gives them motivation to not just sell the $-%%)#@ boiler rooms another block of numbers to call from.

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