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Comment Re:Did Google do this right? (Score 1) 129

That's very true. Newsletters that I've read regularly for years, as soon as I delete two or three of them without opening the message first start getting sent to the spam folder.

Somehow despite being fairly promiscuous with my gmail address I only get six or seven spams a day (often from/for Christian Mingle, which is hilarious for multiple reasons). Maybe I've just been extraordinarily but I have not personally experienced this 'unsubscribe from one list and get added to seventeen more' phenomenon.

Comment Re:I am reminded of pigs and engineers here (Score 1) 593

one easy answer is that species prefer different habitats. For example using contemporary species, yaks are probably never or only rarely going to fossilize - their environment is too dry and there are lots of scavengers. There may well be tons of water buffalo fossils however, just because they get washed away and buried in flood sediment on a regular basis. Similarly rare species will automatically form fewer fossils just because you're starting with a lower number of corpses. And a third possibility is that animals which have strong social bonds are more likely to form mass bone beds, because they won't leave their social group members to save themselves from a threat. As you mentioned, there's more possibilities but I wanted to spell a handful of them out.

Comment Re:They aren't being excluded (Score 1) 545

Starting at 'you suck' is a great way to turn women off tech. Why should anyone (of any gender) put up with that? Women in general seem to have the self respect to go somewhere they aren't being denigrated for having done nothing wrong. The fact that more men are willing to put up with hazing bullshit is not necessarily a plus on their side of the book.

Comment Re: If there's one role model I want for my daught (Score 2) 545

I thought that was a very self-aware and considerate comment, actually, and showed an appropriate response by saying that he would remove himself from the situation instead of trying to drag her down. I thought that's how adults are supposed to function - be aware of and accommodate your own weaknesses.

Comment Re:The blue tits of death. (Score 5, Informative) 299

Polar actually sells a sports bra version of their heart rate monitor strap. It's a brilliant idea, because wearing the strap under a sports bra isn't really all that pleasant. Lots of us do it, but it sort of sucks. You still have to attach the actual monitor with the transmitter and battery to the bra, but the electrodes and wiring are built in.

Comment Re:Something has to give, buddy (Score 1) 466

Turbines are stopped and the blades fully cleaned at least once a year anyway - bug residue and airborne particulates (mostly carbon based - hmm) adds a surprising amount of drag and reduces efficiency. It's a popular gig with rock climbers since the skills aren't that common, the work is seasonal, and the money is great.

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