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Comment Re:"Of course it can," says government (Score 1) 54

Faraday cages are really good for RF, and I was writing about HAARP. The X rays that you get from a radiologist don't have the same energy level as cosmic rays. The best we can do about energetic cosmic rays is to make our equipment less susceptible, because you can never have enough shielding.

Comment ECC (Score 3, Insightful) 54

This is why ECC is used to protect memory and data busses. At least on the good stuff :-) . One of the issues is die shrink. As the minimum detail slze of the IC process gets smaller, the potential for radiation to flip a bit gets higher.

Silicon-on-sapphire is the main way to implement silicon-on-insulator, which is more protective of radiation bit flips and less likely to latch-up. But since these have historically been required only for space satellites, they have been horribly expensive. Imagine running an entire IC fabrication just to make a few chips. As there are more applications for rad-hard chips, the price could fall.

Comment Re:Missing theory (Score 1) 49

A view Russian probes got lost while flying over HAARP, I think Phobos Grunt was the most recent one. The theory is that their electronics was grilled by these high-power transmitters. This one actually makes sense though.

This was obfuscation on the part of the Russians. According to the failure report issued by Roscosmos there were other reasons, including use of non-space-qualified components that were susceptible to radiation damage, and insufficient ground testing.

Comment Re:Ways around this (Score 1) 404

And yet.. he owns a loss making golf course in Scotland.

Do you? I'm not certain but I'm fairly sure that I don't.

You're also missing the point that it makes a loss because it's doing things like buying helicopters from other parts of his business empire, almost certainly for tax purposes.

It is quite possible that his wealth is less than he claims but that isn't evidence that he isn't far wealthier than most people even aspire to, let alone have any hope of achieving.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 470

The resistance movement is based on empirical and historical evidence that trump is a demagogue. Trump is an illiterate person

Apparently the resistance movement is based on ignorance and stupidity.

The is the duty we have towards history

Does this egoistic hyperbole work with your friends? It's not really winning me over, sorry.

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