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Comment Re:How can they stop this (Score 1) 117

guys thing that supper and a few drinks entitles them to sex

I suspect most guys don't think that at all.

Of course, women that let a man buy them dinner and a few drinks because they wants a free dinner and some drinks and have every intention of telling him to fuck off are nothing to admire either.

Women that refuse to sleep with a man because he invited them to share the costs of dating deserve to die lonely too.

Yeah, I can understand a man expecting women to be a little more honest and sharing. Luckily these days that's more frequently the case.

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 1) 491

There's a bunch of us in those (and other states) that don't buy into being extorted by corporations, the acceptance of hate crimes against minorities, the total destruction of our natural resources, and endless wars that accomplish nothing.

And yet you passed over Bernie Sanders for a bellicose corporate whore who was pro-torture, pro-war and who spent a good deal of her campaign assuring Wall Street that she would be friendly towards them if they would donate to her campaign. Great choice!

Comment Re:Hillary Lost Because of Her (Score 2, Insightful) 491

Democrats still can't accept that there are apparently a bunch of states located between California and New England where people don't buy into the idea that all white people are evil racists and that 3-year-olds should be able to create their own genders. They just assumed that all that land that they only see from their plane windows must be empty or something.

Comment Re:Now make it a requirement that it's US-owned (Score 1) 322

I said there is no such thing as "European" culture. Because America has deviated to a large degree from all of those individual cultures. We have our own culture

Oh yes, because let's pretend that the U.S., Canada, and Australia don't share 99.9% of the same culture as Great Britain, including the same language and almost exact same legal/political systems, personal customs, etc. (Canada partially excluded, because of that damned Quebec). There is WAY more variation in culture and language in China than there ever has been between the UK and its English-speaking colonies, but that doesn't stop people from referencing "Chinese culture" or even "Asian culture."

Comment Re:Now make it a requirement that it's US-owned (Score 2) 322

Also, there is no such mentality in the progressive community to exclude whites in any way shape or form.


The vitriol of anti-white hatred (especially white MALES) coming from the SJW left these days is fucking palpable. The level of white guilt and white self-hatred in particular would be funny if it weren't so dangerous. It's gotten to the point where I strongly suspect that we would already be seeing "Whites need not apply" addendums to many job postings if that weren't still technically illegal. Oh wait, in the UK at least, we already are.

Submission + - Shed a tear for the dying gasp of the First Amendment. ( 2

flopwich writes: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and probably others have met in agreement to bar any content they deem "extremist". Of course, only the "wrong" content will be banned, and they wouldn't use Politically Correct standards to evaluate "extremism". We can probably use the founding fathers of the US as generators at this point, given their rapid spinning in their graves.

Submission + - EU Announces Censorship of US Sites (

walterbyrd writes: A review conducted by EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova found that Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft failed to flag and remove offensive content within 24 hours, with less than half of cases being responded to in that timeframe. If they don't improve their response times, new legislation could be introduced to force them to do so.

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