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Journal Journal: Learning path and wich BSD for a Developer?

I'm a software developer with 7 years experience, i've used various languages, ides and tools in my career and also have used many operating systems starting with windows 3.11(for workgroups) to windows 7, hp-ux and linux(mandrake, suse, redhat, ubuntu, debian and currently mint), all of this OS usage has been as a hobby and work. Right now i'm tempted to the BSD side, with this i want to know this OS, know the differences, the better and worse thing compared to linux and maybe ditch linux to something totally different, i'm by no means a linux power user but i know how to install software, search the net for the tricky parts(compiling some source, edit random config files, troubleshoot some weird error in the OS, etc) and i'm making this change so i can learn something new and add some new skills to my belt.I'm planning to run the version you could sugest me on a virtualbox vm and from there make the gradual switch at home(there's dual booting on *BSD ala linux+windows?).

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Journal Journal: How do you protect against job takers?

Actually i'm working as a support engineer in a manufacturing plant, here we make some security documents(cheques, bonuses, credit cards and the like), my job is support some legacy applications, develop new applications as needed by the staff of the plant or the customers, some basic hardware support and a mix of IT and Developing duties.
Approximately in a month my wife will give birth to our daughter and therefore i'll have my paternity license which summed with some old vacation period will left me almost one and a half month out of the work, I'm the only one doing the stuff i do and we need some replacement while i'm out, there have been a wide range of people who might could be brought to replace me: freshly graduated engineers, students of what we call here "intermediate careers", support engineers of the other manufacturing plant we have, which it is in another city in the country, and so on.
In the middle of this searching for my replace the bosses notice some auxiliary guy who is studying the same carrer i studied, this guy has showed some "hungry" to take my job and i don't want this kid to take my job and kick me out of here.
What could i possibly do given the bosses liked the idea of him be my replace and with this they just avoid the hassle of interview and contract some outside guy? How could i save my job while i'm out in my license?

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