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Comment Re:Never worked before, will never work now (Score 1) 71

I am not all that superstitious. But I'm told it works even if you don't believe in it. So yeah, make sure a cat does not cross your path, nor a lone Brahmin come in the opposite direction when you set out. Seeing a flower girl, or a woman wearing turmeric and flowers or full pot or milk cow are all good omens.

Comment Re:Venezuela is a 1 commodity market (Score 1) 650

'socialist' is a meaningless word, because everyone has their own definition. Is Norway more of a command economy than Venezuela? No, and 'command economy' is the topic here. tbh though I can't figure out what definition of 'socialist' you are using that has Norway more socialist than Venezuela.

Comment Re:Depends who pays (Score 1) 282

Solar, wind, hydro, even nuclear ... all work for offices, factories and homes. But when it comes to transportation sector, we are too dependent on fossil fuels. Except for electric trains, that is. Cars and trucks run on diesel or gasoline. Ships on furnace oil or low grade diesel. Airplanes run on kerosene.

Just to given an example. Iceland has the world's largest geothermal sources currently being exploited. Electricity is so cheap 15% of world's Aluminum is produced there. Aluminum can be only produced with electricity. They ship boxite from around the world there to make Aluminum. And it has pollution and smog due to its diesel and gasoline burning vehicles.

Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 1) 142

Your solution of turning it off before a possible event is a step in the right direction, but it's not reliable enough. It works ok when you get pulled over ... you have lots of time between the lights flashing and officer at your window. But for a lot of situations you don't have that luxury. For example, if it is lost or stolen it'll still be turned on, or if you are arrested just walking down the street...

Or if you are grabbed when your phone is open, like dread pirate robert's.........

Comment Re:"They" don't have to understand anything (Score 1) 650

I'm gonna force Uber to pay a living wage or go out of business. .

So.......that's what Venezuela did. And companies responded by actually going out of business (sometimes by choice, sometimes not). The economy has gotten worse and worse until now there are food shortages. Your plan hasn't ever worked in real life.

Comment Re:BASIC (Score 1) 79

Have you ever even used HyperCard? Because I have, and the web is better in every way, and HyperTalk was buggy crap compared to JavaScript.

Oh hell no, just getting something centered on the page is a pain on the web. And don't even talk about lining stuff up vertically. The web is the C++ of the page-layout world: it gives us jobs.

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